Land Registry Property Alert, England/Wales

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    Did you know if your identity is stolen and the details of house ownership is changed on the Land Register you no longer own your house. That’s hard to believe but true. A thief can steel your identity, sell your house to someone else and you will no longer own your own house.

    The Land Registry had set up an alert that will contact you if there is any activity on your account ensuring this won’t happen to you.

    Fill in the details on this Link and protect yourself.

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    Guys this is not a joke thread, if you own your home set up this alert. There have instances of people having this done to them.

    Please have a look at this.

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    I’ve logged in just in case you thought it was an imposter and the link I posted was a scam.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Isn’t that what the government are doing to pay for your health care in old age. 😁

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