Kwik fit confusion

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    Well today my rear left tyre was flat and managed to get the car to kwik fit.

    After inspection they informed me i needed to replace 3 tyre (2 front and the puntured rear left)

    Motorbility no problem authorised the 3 tyres to be changed.

    The workman asked “when is the MOT due ” well its near end of lease and mot /service due 19th nov.

    On signing the paperwork and keys being returned the workman then told me the rear brake discs need replacing and pads(still legal but on limit) .

    So on my way i went ,call me thick lol but am i right in thinking that kwik fit could of done the discs and pads too?why were they left for me to deal with mention at the mot/service dealer date?

    I class discs pads wear and tear,are they covered on scheme? and are kwik fit not authorised to do,or am i right in thinking i have been fobbed off .

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    Hi, the required attention to the brakes etc are covered at the Mot as part of the service or contact supplier to rectify prior to MOT better still, cheers Mike.

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    Thanks Mike

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    Leon G

    Hi Paul, very surprised KWIKFit even mentioned brakes and pads they are contracted for tyres only

    I think that the guy giving your keys back forgot you are motability all mechanical works are dealer only and they will be dealt with when it goes for mot which by the way can be done up to 3 months before its due , as mine was so you can get it done asap , giving you peace of mind.

    Good luck

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    My thinking on this is the disk brakes and pads come under the warranty of the car so it would be the dealer to sort out if indeed there is anything wrong with the brakes and I find that hard to believe if the car is under 3 years old, more so as its the rear disks as they ware at a slower rate than the front one unless your driving with the handbrake not fully released, something else I find hard to believe.

    From the days before disability and I paid for my own repairs every visit to KwikFit to fix a puncture would return remarks along the line of “your shock absorbers are on the way out” or “brake pads are low” and so on so those sorts of remarks are pre-programmed into the operative from their bosses to boost earnings though he overlooked there not allowed to work on Motability cars other than it’s tyres.

    Going back 15 years my son was a manager at a KF branch for a couple of years so I know exactly what they get up to and can’t imagine anything has changed in 15 years.

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    I was at Kwik fit yesterday to book in for 2 front tyres for next week before I take it for a service. As it happens even though it was nearly 5pm they did it there and then, I actually questioned at the time it seems silly that the vehicle is going in for a service and why the garage couldn’t but on the tyres, the managers response was a simple “costings and red tape” upon collection at 6pm I asked on the condition of the rear tyres and the manager produced a report from his draw “over 5mm so ok for a while” I said sorry is that the copy youve just gave me feeling silly for not looking, he then informed me no it’s only on their copy and they always keep a report of condition of tyres brakes etc even though they are only allowed to repair/replace tyres but in the same way a servicing Garage will comment on condition of tyres. Bit of a pain having to travel 20miles to have 2 tyres done when the cars going in for a service anyway but I must say Kwik fit Yeovil was very good and even got like for like Continental tyres.

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    Thankyou for replies.

    And clarification that discs/pads down to dealer.

    On one hand the positive is i can point out brake/pads to dealer on service mot date.


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    Must admit everytime i have been to kwik fit they always seem to suggest extra work needed and to find out elsewhere that this is not the case, or many miles before the issue they mentioned is the case.

    I guess profit margins really do outweigh everything else.

    Knowing it is a motorbility car and they pay asap,makes me wonder if the 2 front tyres maybe had more miles left in them and the rear puncture could of just been repaired.Also the tyres available happened to be the more expensive ones due to what was in stock at time.

    Well ,according to them.

    will never know

    But it has crossed my mind




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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>We had cause to complain to Motability about KwikFit claiming to replace a tyre when in fact they repaired it.</p>
    As I recall, Motability said they have a fixed price contract with Kwikfit and are not charged per job, so they weren’t interested.

    Kwikfit head office were, though as the fitter had charged back for a tyre which no doubt walked out of the door..

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    I jokenly said do you need me to sign for extras. Ha ha it makes no difference was the reply, the was no doubt our front tyre’s needed replacing 11000 miles, you got the full use of those was the first comment upon inspection. Still after the service next week and new tyres it’s great peace of mind for the Winter.

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    Chris, I’m sure brake discs and pads are wear items so not covered by warranty. Also since asbestos has been removed from pads they now seem to wear out a lot quicker than they used to.

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    Disks and pads are not warranty items but since Motability cover all maintenance costs then they replace them as needed at your local dealers either during a service or if needed you can book in and have them done if urgent, still covered with the cost of the lease.

    Do not let Krap Fit touch the brakes(or anything except tyres) as firstly you would be charged and secondly Motability would insist the dealer swapped them out(even if new fitted) and refuse to reimburse Klap Fat for the work and lastly, I wouldn’t trust them to take a piss without getting it on their shoes!

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