Kia Sportage Waiting times.

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    Hi all.

    Just trying to see what most people have been told what there waiting times are at the moment. Mine was ordered on the 1st of April (I had been waiting for the Sportage as it had been rumoured to be in this quarter) I was told September for the gtline s hybrid FWD by the dealer but I’m not sure to believe that!

    What have others been told?

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    The dealer said if I’d have ordered a GTLS I would be waiting a whole lot longer

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    Nick we were told September when we ordered gtls mhev on 24th April , he put Oct on the paperwork just in case. Had no further info from salesman since but hope to get it still in September. Must admit be nice to have a build date or anything to cling to ,also on the kia forums it seems people who ordered in feb/mar are now getting there cars.

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    David E

    Ordered the GT Line S on 11 th May with a possible delivery date Sept/Oct which seemed reasonable when you hear about some manufactures having actually close there order books due to delivery times in excess of 12 months. Just had an e-mail from our dealership stating that they are hopeful for a delivery date of August/September. Motability have been great in extending my original lease by 6 months and if necessary will extend again if necessary even though I have done in excess of 58000 miles to date.

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    Coral Winship

    Is yours the full hybrid version please I ordered mine on the 11 of April in blue gt line s I can’t wait

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    Ordered my GTLine s MHEV 4WD on 2nd April and was told Sept on order form, spoke to salesman last month and he checked and date had moved to early Aug but not heard anything yet.

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    Mine was (will be hopefully) just the standard 1.6 TGDi 4WD GT Line S.

    I’d previously ordered a Volvo XC40 hybrid in October, was one week from delivery when I was told Volvo cancelled our car order and wouldn’t be replacing it, so ordered the Sportage.

    Current car (Golf) is more or less indefinitely extended at this point.

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    David E

    Mine is the mild hybrid. At the time of ordering the full hybrid was not available.

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    David E

    Hi everyone

    Just received an e-mail from our dealership stating that Kia have confirmed a delivery date of August/September. The last sentence states ‘subject to change’. Just wondering if anyone else has received any similar updates.

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    Still heard nothing about our delivery from the dealer but Motability have told us our current lease has been extended by one month and our paperwork says payment to start from 05th October 🤷‍♂️

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    Hi, this currently  no build date – from a supply update we have received ,all  ‘HEV’ vehicles ordered between Feb 2022 and Jul 2022 have a delivery date between August 2022 and November 22 until t a build date, we are unable to be any more accurate .

    The feb march orders are coming through.So would presume that motorbility orders in early april (before being removed)be sept to nov.

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    W rogan

    Ordered my new sportage in February and was told end of April delivery. Still waiting 🙄

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    I thought the sportage didn’t join the scheme till april 22

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    Andy S

    My father ordered a Sportage 1.6 MHEV (non ‘hybrid’) Petrol Auto GT Line S on the 4th April.

    He spoke to the dealer today who informed him the build date online from Kia is the 15th August, but could be sooner depending on how their schedule pans out.

    Was quoted a July-Sept delivery time at point of order, so this still rings true for the petrol models.

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    Will be interesting to see how that goes Andy, exact same spec as I’m waiting on

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    Andy S

    Will keep you posted Nick. If you have also ordered in Blue Flame, it’s a full house!
    From what I can make out, and from what our dealer said, Kia seem to do things differently to other manufacturers (Land Rover and Mazda by experience) where all model derivatives are made on the line at the same time.

    Kia seem to produce in batches of model derivative (2s one week, 3s the next and so on) so based on this logic, any similar models ordered at the start of April shouldn’t be too far away in build dates if the spec matches.

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    Same spec and colour ordered on the 24th april , still not heard owt but fingers crossed after your update. Thinking September at best now ,but that’ll do nicely .

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    Andy S

    That’s what my father thinks now too. (September delivery) – He is adding a private plate so isn’t too fussed when it’s registered, but from an aesthetic point of view a 72 in Sept would look better than a 22 at the end of August.

    If (And it’s a big if) the build goes ahead on the 15th, once post manufacture testing is complete (Kia test all their cars built in the Slovakia plant on the track at the factory before issue – there is a YouTube video somewhere about it, it’s an impressive facility), the vehicle travels by rail from Slovakia to Germany, then across on a ship to Lincolnshire (24 hr crossing roughly), hits the Kia recieving pound there, usually about 2 weeks to get to dealers it’s looking like a September Reg.

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    Mine is the exact same spec, and colour. Obviously good taste around here 😀

    Ordered May 5th so a month later, but I’m very much looking forward to having it after my extended wait thanks to Volvo cutting us off on May 4th a week from delivery.

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    I was approved application for a MHEV auto GT-line S in flame blue 27th April as per online account info the date then changed to 20th May.Not heard a thing from dealer and he is not replying to emails, I have a sneaking suspicion he did not place order untill 20th May when Sportage came off motability.

    Would I be able to get information from Kia themselves?


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    If they are ignoring your emails. Go visit the dealership and ask for the information you seek. If that fails,then you could reach out to Kia UK customer service for assistance.

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    This may be something or nothing but regards to e-mailing the dealer do you use the published contact email address on the dealers web sites or the one that’s on your Motability accounts page.

    I say this because I’ve always used general email address that countless others used and never get reply.

    About 2 months ago I thought I would try the one listed in my Motability account under supplying dealer as its not a published address and low and behold they replied the next day. Don’t know if the Motability one is a direct contact with the Motability specialistic at the dealership but it seemed to work.

    Could of just been lucky and might not work again as I haven’t tried but worth a go.

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    Thanks for the replies, it is the sales consultant’s own email address it goes straight to him, I would imagine I would receive an out-of-office reply if he wasn’t available.

    My motability account shows a different email address and a different persons name but the same dealership, not sure if details have been changed since first contact late April. Maybe I should email the contact email on motability site and see what happens?

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    I email the address on the Motability site for any updates, it’s the sales manager at my dealership and he’s extremely informative and quick to reply.

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    An update on my Sportage, ordered 28th April with a lead time of 12 weeks, it’s week 15 now. It’s a 1.6 petrol, trim level 3, auto, penta gray.At 12 weeks I was told to expect a date with in the next week or so. Because the previous 2 Sportage’s had a production date with delivery on the 8th August, and they had ordered a few days before me.Fast forward to last week, I called the dealer all week and finally got through on Friday afternoon, he said no news yet. And the production and delivery dates for the previous 2 Sportage’s have been deleted from the system, so frustrating for him too, but it still means that I’m 3rd in line with the level 3 trim. He also said that the lead time for new orders is 16 weeks, which is unrealistic, as it’s 16 weeks for me next week and there’s no sign of the car anytime soon. What’s deeply frustrating is that my current non mobility car is due it’s insurance next week, so I’ve had to pay monthly for the insurance in the vain hope that it arrives before the new year, but it’s going to cost about £60 in cancellation fees.  Hopefully it’s tempting fate and will arrive before the insurance starts!!

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    Debbie Clarkson

    I ordered the 1.6 T-GDi GT-Line S AWD on 1st April and I’ve just had a call from my dealer to say it’s on the ship, due to arrive in the country 16th August. He said it should be ready by the end of the month. Not knowing how it works with the registration, but it’s so close to the change, I’m hoping it’s in September. I know it’s shallow, but heh! I’ve waited this long!

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