Kia Sportage Waiting times.

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    Hi all.

    Just trying to see what most people have been told what there waiting times are at the moment. Mine was ordered on the 1st of April (I had been waiting for the Sportage as it had been rumoured to be in this quarter) I was told September for the gtline s hybrid FWD by the dealer but I’m not sure to believe that!

    What have others been told?

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    I to ordered on 2nd April, a GT Line -S Mhev and spoke to my salesman last week, he still maintained delivery July/Aug but hadn’t yet had confirmation of build. Think it depends on the model rather than Motability, mine isn’t the full hybrid and therefore not as desirable at the moment which is why I ordered it in April. Would be a big mistake for them bearing in mind the number of Motability customers they have if they do decide to prioritise other buyers.

    Good luck and fingers crossed.

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    It’s the same in the VW forums about the delays and the countless excuses with the manufacturers saying nothing and telling you to go to your dealer for information and the dealer telling us there not getting any information from the manufactures. As things stand I believe the dealer more than the manufacturer.

    I’ve not seen anything to suggest that private leasers or buyers are getting any faster deliveries or queue jumping ahead of Motability customers and I keep a very keen eye on that subject. The only time you will see queue jumping is a private punter walks into the dealer just at the right time and gets a quick delivery from a cancelled order but that is rare.




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    We too missed the hybrid by just a couple of days so went ahead with an order for the mild hybrid despite a couple of misgivings, one of which has already been mentioned viz the DCT gearbox and the long-standing issue of hesitation with these   twin clutch devices  Indeed we opted for our manual VW Tiguan four years ago for this very reason.   Anyway, hoping for the best and that’s the worst you can always knock it into sport mode which should help things.  On questioning, the salesman said he actually preferred that transmission to the hybrid six speed but not sure how much credence should be given to that…

    The other disadvantage is that it is only available in AWD.   Despite living in the Scottish highlands this is hardly ever needed these days and adds about 3 to 5 mpg I believe and plants performance a little.  Unfortunately KIA Don’t give you the slightly more powerful version of the Engine with this drivetrain as they do in Europe and which the Hyundai Tucson has.   Still can’t wait for it to arrive though…


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    I ordered a Kia Sportage 28th April,1.6 petrol, 3, and was told 12 weeks delivery. I called the dealer Tuesday to see if there was any news, Week 7, and there was no update and as far as he knew and no extension of those 12 weeks. But he did say I placed the order in the nick of time, as the all the sportages were taken off  Mb.
    One question I forgot to ask, I ordered the penta grey paint, do we have to pay the £600 + for the paint on top of the AP.?


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    One question I forgot to ask, I ordered the penta grey paint, do we have to pay the £600 + for the paint on top of the AP.?


    We ordered the 1.6 GT line S 48v MHEV AWD in Fusion Orange with the two tone (black roof and mirrors) and only had to pay the £150 for the two tone. So on that basis you should be able to pick any colour and it be included in the AP. Apart from the two tone of course.

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    Just noticed a comment on a KIA forum about 3 zone air-con now only available on HEVs and PHEVs, checked Kia’s website and it’s correct. I’ve kept a specs sheet from when I ordered it (MHEV) and if more items drop off, I want to know how much of the AP will be refunded.

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    Electric passenger seat in 3 and 4 as well as the 3 zome climate will be missing .But wont effect HEV /PHEV..for now.we shall see..So you wait patiently a long time and then find out what you ordered isn’t exactly what you get.frustrating…If drivers electric seat gets effected i will have to cancel.So every week wll have to check order remains same with  dealer .what a nightmare.

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    It sounds harsh but I honestly believe this is par for the course and should have been expected when ordering. Anybody who expected it to arrive in less than 9 months with all the parts was kinda in dreamworld.

    You could say it was irresponsible of motability to allow it on the scheme, but I think it was better there than not.

    Hope you guys all get suitable cars before 2023.

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    David Painter

    We ordered Kia SPRTG1.6TGD48VISGGT-LnS5dATAWD on 5th April, just been in touch with the dealer and the reply was, Looking on the Kia system we have no dates just yet, the latest built in Kia have said Ordered Dec – Jun / delivery between Jul to Oct. So possibly worse case is October. Until we recieve info on the kia system we can’t be 100%.

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    If it’s not yet on the system, it’s not yet been built. Absolute best case is September. Before late august is physically impossible. (2 months shipping)

    They arent being realistic.

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    Had a very unexpected call from dealer today informing me,i have a build date of  26th July and car should be with dealer by end of august at latest.So if goes to plan thats around 4 months,.BUT until keys are in hand then i’ll believe it.

    HEV ‘4’ trim 2wd experience green

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    Hi. Just to add info. I ordered a GT-Line S HEV on 15th April and was told a delivery time of October but on the paperwork said the end of Dec “just in case”

    Ive rang the dealer (who said that they would keep in touch every two weeks) and theres no build date yet.

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    I had ordered my Kia Sportage 4 HEV in January 2022 and still waiting, dates were changed twice and I recently spoke to the Manager and I was advised definitely before January 2023. I need to check again in August and see if any update…

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    @Savio you should get it soon if you ordered in January, many on Kia Owners Club forum have received theirs. The “Manager” is probably just being lazy and to prevent you from calling them again, has told you a very long expected delivery date.

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