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    Today i spent some time looking online for information about the Kia Sportage, I see the “Kia Sportage 2.0CRDi GT-Line S 4WD 5dr Auto” on the Motability website and read a few reviews, it seems a nice car, but the AP is very high £3749 (at least it can’t go any higher) maybe it will come down next quarter who knows!

    So does anyone have this model of Sportage? what are your opinions of it? what fuel economy are you getting?



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    I really do not know where to start in relation to my three plus years with a sportage , (its plus as i am waiting on delivery of a new car ) i got the sportage K4 which is the highest spec model when it was released, it has every thing available at the time including front parking sensors which wer a must for us and the gt line didnt offer them , i also didnt like the gt line wheels which look a bit halfords to me , it has had in 3 years the following problems

    1/ Drivers seat base cover replaced three times as the so called leather splits mit is on its fourth cover and its started again ( i am 14 stone )common fault on Kia  forum

    2/been starnded at the roadside twice , once when a wheel air valve/sensor split and the tyre deflated and i had to wait on it being changed and the other time when on the motorway at 65 in cruise, the cruise control started to switch on and off randomley and then smoke appeared from the bonnet ,i pulled into the side and got piggy backed home or sorry back to the garage who didnt have a courtesy car (never did in eight appearances) i was going to my girlfriends 60th birthday and didnt make it ,thanks Kia

    3/the sat nav is the worst ever despite several so called upgrades , i live in scotland and it doesnt know where bellshill on the m8 is despite iot being there for eight hundred years m it doesnt know where the old or new forth bridge is ,it took me to birmingham in the night instead of lincoln ,yes i know but my partner had never been further south than carlisle ,it was in the night and i was having a snooze, we pulled intpo a service area , i checked the head unit and she had followed it to the letter , i put in lincoln again and it took us to manchester so i use my phone now

    4/ it has several (4) sensors ov various kinds go and tell me to either stop or go to a dealer

    5/it is very gutsy on fuel , i am glad i didnt get the auto for i struggle to better 29-32 average and i am old and do not thrash a vehicle

    6/ it needed a clutch at less than 20.000 ,miles , i am in my late sixties , driven for fifty years and have never !!! put a clutch in a car and i always kept them five years and some were secondhand with high mileages ,

    7/the finish inside isnt great , it scratches easily and the dash top is very ugly with fake stitching embossed in a difficult to keep clean material,at 25,000 miles there are several rattles inside driving me crazy

    8/the dealer is awful,they forot too service the car once , they never have a courtesy car,they treat you differently from normal paying customers thats a definite as i have seen and heard it ,the car is given back dirty and i always have it kept spotless , awful service

    9/ finally the car has been a nightmare , it is not a good car , it is cheap for a reason , its cheaply built and the rattles show this ,the paint scratches very easily and the only good things were the gearchange and the handling ,the ride is stiff and you feel every bump,the boot is large but not huge and the seats are comfortable ,just as an aside , i look after my cars , i keep them clean and very tidy,the car is lightly used as i have a campervan and a soft top , it has only been driven by me and very occasionally my partner ,it has done less than 30k in 39 months,the back seats have never been sat in and it has never towed or had a roof rack ,i wouldnt and in good concience couldnt recommend one of these cars


    Current Car Kia Sportage KX4 (worst car i have ever owned) waiting on a new Citroen C5 Aircross Flair plus

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    I have had numerous issues with my Sportage , perhaps and i hope others have been better ,its a 2016 k4 2.0 l tdi ….

    Current Car Kia Sportage KX4 (worst car i have ever owned) waiting on a new Citroen C5 Aircross Flair plus

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    Ouch, that is a s***e experience for sure. A classic friday afternoon car but clearly been unfortunate enough to get lumbered with a lousy dealership too.

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    Thing is the dealers were arrogant, its a market town and they sell a lot of cars, plus I was a mobility customer and they made damn sure everyone knew it, there is a sign above the service desk saying all cars will be valeted before return, it should read except for mobility cars as mine was only done once eleven visits and when it broke down on the motorway it had just been valeted at my home professionally in and out and it was a beautiful dry day, my car was returned four yes four weeks later filthy inside and out, I questioned this to be told it was snowing,??? , at this point I was so angry I emailed Kia to get a nothing response despite sending a photos, they also wouldn’t tell me what caused the cars clutch to jam on cause smoke to come out of the bonnet and leave my car off the road for four weeks, I had cause to email them again a few weeks later and got a nothing response saying the usual highest service and product crap, depreately dissapointed in car, dealer and manufacturer

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    I sympathise with you regarding the issues with your K4. I on the otherhand ran a K4 for two years without any problems at all albeit not as a mobility user. Regarding

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    Carrying on from above. Regarding the Kia dealership, as a private buyer I couldn’t fault them however when I went back to discuss a Motability deal it was a different kettle of fish. The Motability specialist at first told me the K5 was not available on Motability, I then opened up the Motability site on my phone and showed him it was, he then said the dealership (Arnold Clark) didn’t do the K5 on Motability. Throughout all the time he was pushing the GT Line probably as there were four sitting in the showroom. Eventually I walked out but a few weeks later I had it confirmed from two separate sources the K5 was available on Motability.

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    I was also being pushed into the GT Line but it had a smaller screens and no front sensors or sunroof so for me my choice was the 4 or 5 but I felt the 4 suited all my needs, it was a decent car to begin but after 15k it went downhill, I put this on the kia owners forum to be told it was I who was the problem as everyone else had perfect service from their vehicles despite all of my issues and more being seen as common problems on line… strange how a skinny wee person like me can go through three seat bases huh…. I really took it to heart till I looked it up…..

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    Douglas Brimson

    I have the 2.0 CDRI K3 AWD auto and have never had a single issue. It’s a brilliant car.

    Can’t understand complaints about the SatNav, I use it all over the place, including central London, and never had a problem with it.

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