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    At 315 litres it’s not going to accommodate much in the way of mobility gear.

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    Been getting really amazing reviews! Great for those who are ready to go electric!

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    If anyone wants an EV and is able to afford the Soul & be in a position to order right now, this is the car if you can get what you need in that boot.

    Just a warning though about a feature of this car, it’s easy to spin up the front wheels as it’s got more torque than the tyres have grip to cope with in many conditions, so, easy does it on the power.

    Good range, good trim level, put it up against my Peugeot e2008 & it wins every time. Enjoy.


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    I’d have thought the MG ZS EV has a more practical boot? The Soul is a very nice looking car though.

    For those wanting more space the MG5 estate EV has been priced at £23k so should be available on the scheme probably for similar money as the ZS.

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    I’d have thought the MG ZS EV has a more practical boot? The Soul is a very nice looking car though. For those wanting more space the MG5 estate EV has been priced at £23k so should be available on the scheme probably for similar money as the ZS.

    I think you’re right, Rich, as EVs become available we’ll see more practical cars arriving. The Soul has the same drivetrain as the eNiro & that has more boot space & would be a much more practical car that likely costs exactly the same amount for Kia to manufacture, but the market expects a lot more for a couple of kilos of very cheap pressed steel.

    The MG5 estate EV has a 52.5kWh battery pack, WLTP 214 miles

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    That would tempt me from my Tiguan int o an EV any day. Looks lovely in that blue colour, if only i could upgrade now and not in 6 months i would sign up today.

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    Going for a test drive on Tuesday. Has a fantastic range. Varying views on YouTube re boot size. I think there is more space underneath and that floor can be lowered. But will have a look on Tuesday.


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    Enjoy your drive, Ellie. Please report back on how you get on.

    I know what @js means re it having shades of Yeti about it as well. And I know the boot size is not huge but at least the boxy shape lends itself to a more effective use of space than many. Methinks it will be a popular choice if it stays here.

    And I have to say, Kia are making some big strides in the US at the moment and taking on some more expensive marques. Hopefully the company continues and passes more on here. A friend had a Stinger when they came out here and hated it but I absolutely loved it. It was a beautiful car. I just put it down to a serious case of badge snobbery.


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Hi Ellie hope you enjoy your test drive and look forward to your conclusions. Like you the only potential problem I see is the boot. Be interested to see what you think.


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Daf and BionicRusty, I have a manual wheelchair which does fold down, which I hope we can get in the boot. And I’ve been looking at roof boxes which might be an option for when we go on holiday. We usually go self catering and take lots of stuff with us, along with the dog and all her stuff.</p>
    Currently have a Touran so are spoilt for space but don’t really need it now, as we’ve decided it’s not worth having such a big car as I rarely go out in my powerchair now.

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    Looking forward to hearing the results of the test drive. The boot is not an issue for me just hoping its still around in January when i can place an order and the price has not gone through the roof as it ticks all my requirement boxes and more.

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    I rang motability yesterday to see if they anticipated any more electric cars coming onto the scheme.

    The answer was basically that they didn’t know. She did say that they do get details of some cars coming onto the scheme, but it is not made clear if they are electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel.

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    So we did our test drive today. I did say to the car salesman that I was surprised to see the Soul on the scheme, and he said so were they.

    The boot is big enough to get my manual wheelchair in, folded up of course. But not a lot of space for much else, partly because wheelchairs are a bit of an awkward shape.

    It was a comfortable ride with excellent acceleration (well compared to our 11-year old Touran anyway!). Took it down the dual carriageway it wasn’t noticeably noisy despite the boxy shape. Very nippy, and held the road very well along the country lanes. We live in a rural area, so a vehicle like this is good on the narrower roads we have.

    My husband loved driving it, he said it would be a pleasure to drive it on a long journey. He felt that it was nicer to drive than either the MG ZS  or the e-2008.

    The top level of the regenerative braking is quite strong, probably only practical for city driving.

    The lane assist thing does bong when you change lanes which is a bit irritating but I expected it can be turned off.

    Rear reversing camera is clear with good guide boxes. Little light in the charge port so you can see where you are plugging in if it is dark.

    We stopped in a lay-by to discuss what we were going to do and then couldn’t work out how to get it started again. Doh. Good job the manual was in the glove box! Not as intuitive to start as the MG or the e-2008.

    Nice sound system and touch screen for the dab radio, sat nav, various menu’s. Not laggy when choosing options.

    The big plus though, is the the range of about 260 to 280 miles. After some discussion we felt that the range outweighed the disadvantage of the smaller boot.

    The car will be suitable for us about 95% of the time. The only time when it probably won’t be big enough is when our nephew’s come to visit and we all want to go out for the day. But they only come 2 or 3 times a year, so we will probably explore a roof box for those occasions.

    We have been talking about changing cars for about 9 months. The Touran is 11 years old now and we wanted to go electric.

    Also we factored in the uncertainties regarding Brexit and coronavirus both of which have the potential to result in disruption of supply. Had it not been for these two 2 factors we probably would have hung on to see what comes on the scheme next year.

    But taking everything into account, including that there is no guarantee how long the Soul will stay on the scheme, we decided to go for it.

    We were told we could have the one that we took for a test drive. Only 34 miles on the clock including the ones that we did today. Current lead time only about a month though.

    Motability will need to do their paperwork and sort out a charge point with BP chargemaster.

    I suspect BP chargemaster will be the point of delay. But hopefully I can update you in a few weeks and let you know how smooth the process has been.

    Oh and it’s the blue one. 🙂

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    Just a couple of other points – vehicle is a good height so I found it easy to get in and out of and the door was light and easy to open and close. With the boot floor lowered there was a substantial lip to lift the wheelchair or any luggage over and out again.

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    Thanks Ellie for your informative and detailed report. Will be getting in touch with my local Kia dealers to get a much closer look, probably this weekend. I am torn between going for the Soul and accepting the limited room in the boot or going for a Skoda Superb iv PHEV. About 90% of my journeys are 30 miles and lower so the only time I would use the ICE engine is for holidays etc. On the other hand I am so worried about the climate crisis I am willing to compromise to reduce my climate footprint. Good point about using a roof box as a way of ameliorating the lack of boot space.

    Again Ellie many thanks and pleased for you that you have found a car you both enjoy that will save you money and help the climate.

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    Daf, yes the climate crisis was a big factor in my initial interest in EV’s. Saw a little video earlier today with David Attenborough which gave me an extra push.

    We seriously considered a PHEV as most of our journeys are short too. It has taken me quite a few months (since Christmas really) to convince my husband of the benefits of EVs and a PHEV would have been a compromise. But the more we looked into it, the more we realised that the range on a PHEV wasn’t quite enough.

    There are a few YouTube videos on the 2020 Soul which are worth a look if you haven’t already come across them.

    Roof boxes are quite expensive, but I saw on Amazon today collapsible roof “bags” for about £70 which are fixed to the roof rails with straps. They are waterproof and I think would be good for occasional use.

    As this vehicle is on motability it will be going back after 3 years. And by then I expect technology will have come on a great deal and there will be a lot more choice which will include both a decent range and a decent sized boot! in the meantime we have decided it is worth the compromise, but of course, it is not a compromise suitable for everyone.

    Very glad you found my my comments above helpful, and if you decide to go and have a look at a Soul I’d certainly be interested to hear your thoughts.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Oh and one final point, the other reason we decided to go for the Soul now is the warnings that Motability have been giving about price rises in Q4.</p>

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    1. Glad to read you are happy with your choice Ellie. I am also leaning towards the Soul as well. The range is really a gamechanger and as you say hopefully we will have more choice in the coming years. Still can’t see any good reason why we don’t have the choice of the e-Niro as well, given there’s little difference in the price.
      Enjoy the new car Ellie and thanks again for all the information you’ve provided.
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    Great review and In site, thank you ellie, we look forward to your updates and experiences as it progresses.

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    The car will be suitable for us about 95% of the time. The only time when it probably won’t be big enough is when our nephew’s come to visit and we all want to go out for the day. But they only come 2 or 3 times a year, so we will probably explore a roof box for those occasions.

    Is it just me or did anyone else think you were going to put the nephew in the roof box?  LOL

    Sounds like a very nice car and good that they are starting to appear on the Motability scheme.  The electric Vauxhall Corsa is available as well now.

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    That made me laugh. 🙂  Yes we planned to pack them in the roof box like sardines!

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    Ellie, I think a fine choice at this time, well done you.

    Now the wait & working out where all the charge points are & which RFID cards are worth having, which charge networks are good, which are not so good. Where you are in the country will matter if you’re choosing charge networks to an extent. may be useful for info on your Kia, and for charging info generally. for where the chargers are & if they’re working. again for chargers, not updated as much but shows where the new chargers are about to be installed.

    Young Brydo occasionally posts a summary of which domestic electricity tariffs to look at.

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    I noticed one of these for the first time  in a car park of the hospital today i was a little surprised at how small it looked I thought it was an SUV for some reason.
    Shame as the rear shape could have meant a very practical boot space for many with scooters etc.
    the wait for a large enough EV continues…….

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    Thanks for the links Julie. We are in a rural area and there’s not a lot in the way of public chargers. Hoping that BP chargemaster aren’t too slow with the installation.

    Will probably be collecting the car the week after next.

    For anybody considering getting an electric car I would advise doing a great deal of research beforehand on the particular vehicle you are interested in.  Be prepared to be given incorrect or misleading information from the sales people at the dealerships. Then if you find one who is knowledgeable it will be a bonus!

    I’m hoping that specialist EV dealerships will spring up. It will make it easier to make comparisons between vehicles.

    Phil – the 2020 Soul is a bit bigger than the previous editions, but I agree the boot isn’t very big. It is a compromise.

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    I do need to think about energy tariffs. We haven’t yet got a smart meter and our current provider igloo, don’t have a date for an install.  So we can’t take advantage of the low night-time rates at the moment.

    Octopus energy seem to be quite popular at the moment with EV owners, but they seem swamped with requests for smart meter installations.

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