Kia niro PHEV on scheme £699

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    Has this come on today?

    36miles on electric

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    Real world electric range 20miles and that is on a 30hp motor. 30hp? What must that be like? ?

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    Good spot!

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    If  you  had  looked on //// cars on scheme  today\\\\   thread    4  Kia  Nero  ?   Why  do i  bother !

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    James, like me the original poster probably looked at your thread first, then looked on motability car search to see if there was anything of interest, noticed Niro above the word Kia on the list (which is an indication its newly added) I too was unsure if its New or just readded. Asking the question on your thread would result in a bombardment of replies, messing up the flow of the informative thread so a new thread asking the question was always going to happen as we are a curios bunch and with over 600 motability users gettig a new car Everyday 7 days a week I’m sure you don’t want them all potentially directing questions at yourself lol.

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    Exactly that J.S.

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    Ah, the Niro is back, I test drove the outgoing Niro & my primary criticism was the foot operated handbrake…. the incoming model has an electronic handbrake.

    If the APs are similar when it comes to ordering next April, I’ll very likely have a Niro.

    Not sure if I’d go for the HEV or the PHEV, having only driven the HEV I’d be happy enough but I fancy the PHEV for when I drive into London (currently I spew diesel fumes in London with the Alhambra).

    If the full eV Niro became available on the scheme I think we’d all be looking at one.


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    Real world electric range 20miles and that is on a 30hp motor. 30hp? What must that be like? ?

    The PHEV Niro has a 60hp motor

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    A full 60bhp, the G-forces must be incredible.

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    My wife’s Suzuki Celerio only has 63hp. 🙂

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    60 bhp But the torque will be high so it’s still probably surprisingly spritely off the lights.


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    125 lb.-ft. of torque from the electric motor alone, which isn’t a silly amount

    Niro PHEV total max torque from the motor & engine 195 lb.-ft.  and 139hp

    in comparison though my Cortina Mk1 1500 had 81 lb.ft @ 4600 rpm and 59hp

    my current Alhambra has 251lb/ft. and 148hp from its 2.0tdi

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    Had a look at one yesterday, such a shame that the boot is so small – it’s 3cm too short for my chair.

    Didn’t think to check if the rear seats move forwards like the Venga though, but I haven’t seen anything to say they do.

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