Kia EV6 GT Line AWD Owners review

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      2 month anniversary – our 1st EV. Test drive impressions have been exceeded with ownership. The instant light throttle response took a little getting used to, comfort and handling are impressive as it the quietness, hardly and road noise. Flush Door handles are easy to use as is opening / closing the boot by hand. Rear window keeps clean, rain spills off.  Car is loaded with tech, cruise control, lane assist, automatic distance montoring, the car is capable of driving itself on roads with clearly marked lines. Can disable it all off the steering wheel which I do most times. Music on Amazon Prime off the phone is very good, like the self charging pad. Love the one pedal driving, cold weather range – 250+ miles, rising up now as it is getting into the spring. 271 miles indicated now. Charging straight forward on our Ohme home charger, linked to Octopus Intelligent Go. £3.08p for 41.1kw overnight. Build quality is high, no rattles, as good as our previous BMW X1 but much less noise. Looking forward to longer days for longer trips out. Can do 100 mile plus and get home again to charge. AP of £4995 slightly higher than the Ioniq 5’s £4795. Very few seen driving about so has an exclusive feel to it. Pearly White paint finish was a good choice. My wife loves it as well.

      2024 - KIA EV6 GT Line AWD
      2019 - 2024 BMW X1 2.0d X Drive Sport Auto
      2017 -2019 Audi Q3 2.0d Quattro Sport Line Plus
      2005 - 2017 Honda CRV Exec 2.0d

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        Sounds very good, kia have some exellent cars

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