Grant Application for hoist after placing car order

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      I put in a new car order on 18th March, and added a boot hoist onto my application yesterday as it would help massively. At the time I was under the impression the cost was free, but that was a genuine mistake as the dealer added a transfer kit – and not the hoist (but the motability system didn’t make this clear)

      After speaking to the installer today, the hoist is £500, which exceeds my budget.

      1 hour on the phone later, and I’m talking to the grants department to make a new grant claim. They inform me that In order to claim a grant for a hoist, I need to cancel my car application (and £99 deposit) so the grants department can find a suitable vehicle along with adaptation.

      So I need to cancel my £1499 AP Honda ZRV advance which is suitable for me, Ignore the fact that the AP has increased by £1000 and then pick a car from a selection chosen for me.

      The big “cluck you” cherry on the cake from Motability comes when i’m told that the grants are offered based on money saving and ignore the users fuel needs. So there’s every chance that I’m given a list of BEVs only, and nowhere suitable to charge at home.

      In short, Motability would grant me (with little/no money) a choice of BEVs which I can’t charge at home, take my “benefits” for 3 years, and then laugh whilst I pay through the roof at a public charger regardless of the fact that I applied for the grant because I have little to no money.

      I’m sorry, but i’m struggling to find the benefit of having a car on Motability.

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        Motability won’t force an EV on you if you can’t charge at home.


          The website clearly states;

          They cannot award a grant if you’ve already ordered your vehicle.

          When you apply for a grant, a Case Manager will consider your circumstances and confirm which vehicles the foundation will fund based on your mobility needs, not wants.

          They will not consider the manufacturer or fuel type you prefer, and cannot increase the grant to accommodate adult family members, friends or pets.

          Your grant award letter will have a list of vehicles or categories the foundation is prepared to fund.

          Grants are awarded in line with the foundation’s policies, after a Case Manager thoroughly considers the information you submit.

          All grant awards are final unless you give extra, compelling information.

          If an application does not meet Motability Foundation‘s funding priorities, you will not get a grant”


          This doesn’t in any way suggest that they are going to give you a list of BEV’s to choose from. It is also the case that if an EV is not for you, they won’t push it on you. There is a good chance the Honda will be on the list if it is able to have a hoist fitted. Their cost saving method is so that they are not paying grants for cars that have large ap’s when there are cars that are just as suitable for your needs that may be cheaper. Unfortunately this is how it works and they are usually as accommodating as possible.



              Perhaps its good to have a look at the MG range of cars as they are of a similar size boot wise to the ZRV so the hoist should work and their AP is really good value on the scheme at the moment.

              I have to agree that my dealings with grants has been very helpful and they definitely pay attention to your needs but as already mentioned they will just make an offer of help based on needs and not wants. I am sure that you will find something to suit 🙂



                Make a note on the grant application, that under no circumstances will you except a BEV, as you have no means of charging one at home.

                Failing that visit your MP or email Motability CEO.

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