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    Having just picked up my new motability Car yesterday. The BMW X2 Sport 2.0i S drive Auto Petrol. I thought I would do a topic on the car.

    So I have chosen the The BMW X2 Sport 2.0i S drive Auto Petrol. Plus Extras. The Sport pack. In Mineral White metallic.

    I first ordered the car February 2019 and picked it on the 22nd of June 2019. Yes it took a little longer than expected. This was mainly due to a shortage of Engines. ( BMW are a Just in time car maker. ) as such there is no stock pile of cars sat waiting to ship. This is not a bad thing IMHO, as it means your car has not been sat in a muddy field for months waiting to be ordered.


    The dealership was Stratstones BMW Doncaster. The hand over of my previous motability car and paper work for the BMW went very smoothly. In all, it took less than an hour before I drove away.

    I was quite surprised when the staff took me to my new car. It was not outside in the car park, but inside the showroom. It was all covered up and then revealed with a swish of the black cover. Hey presto! one beautiful white BMW X 2.

    It was all a bit surreal. All that was missing was Procol Harum’s a White shade of pale playing in the back ground.

    We skipped the light fandango. Turned cartwheels ‘cross the floor ( I wish) I was feeling kind a seasick
    But the crowd called out for more. You get the picture by now, Right?
    So once the cartwheels were done I sat in the car. Wow!  wait. This nothing like the X2 I test drove. It was so much more. Full digital dash and display. Ambient lighting. The sports steering wheel and centre consol were all so much better looking than the test car.  I was well chuffed to say the least.
    So there she stood on her 19 inch stilettos oops Alloys. Truly a site to behold. So select drive and off I go with a rather silly grin on my face.







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    Current car BMW X2 2.0i Sport sDrive Auto 2019 with Sport pack
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    Lovely car the x2 I currently have the X1 It’s great ::::but I do agree that I think the dash could do with a bit of modernism like a full digital instrument Display

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    I agree Matthew, it’s a nice car to drive but in desperate need of bringing up to date.

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    I have an X1 as well and love it.

    And absolutely agree re the need for a digital dash. It’s standard on the MSport cars but not even an option on the Sport model.

    It’s called ‘BMW Live Cockpit Professional’ and features the latest iDrive system (id7) The Sport has ‘BMW Live Cockpit’ which has the older id6 system.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I have the head up display fitted to my X1 which is brill and will really miss when the car goes back, all the info you need is in your eye line so I rarely look at the dashboard.

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    Never tried one in a car @Landyman. 😁

    I can see how they’d be a real safety plus. 👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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