Job vacancy at motability

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    ITSC Team Leader Bristol
    Business Systems

    As a Motability Operations Ltd team member you can expect:

    Competitive salary
    Private healthcare
    15% non-contributory pension
    Generous holiday allowance
    Life assurance
    Voluntary benefits such as discounted car hire, roadside recovery membership, travel insurance and gym membership

    Nice work if you can get it.

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    does the Competitive salary mean it is just above the living wage ?

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    Who on earth gets that kind of deal, its bigger than Linford Christie`s  package lol.

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    Its charity

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    ITSC ?

    Is that posh for answer the phones?

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    Surprised they have an IT Service Center from the state of their website.

    15% non-contributory pension – that’s bank level perks… along with private healthcare, that’s quite outrageous, knowing it’s the motability customers paying for this – and this is a non-managerial position!!!

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    Glos Guy

    I have no problems with competitive salaries and a sensible degree of benefits, but a 15% non-contributory pension is just unheard of these days in the private sector. Even in the public sector, where pensions remain significantly more generous than in the private sector, a degree of contribution is now the norm.

    Private sector organisations started shutting down defined benefit pension schemes around 15 years ago when it became obvious that they were no longer affordable (the reality was that they never were affordable). There has been a steady stream ever since and they are now as rare as hens teeth anywhere other than the public sector. Even the public sector is trying to scale back from them but has made far less progress as they have trade unions and political sensitivities to deal with, which seems to outweigh the fact that the burden on the tax payer is unsustainable.

    For an organisation that relies solely on the benefits given to disabled people for its income to provide a Rolls Royce level of benefits to its employees is nothing short of disgraceful. It is no wonder that so many of us feel that the Motability scheme could offer much better value through such things as lower AP’s, free upgrades to autos for those who cannot drive manuals, removal of all price cap restrictions, discounts on optional extras etc etc

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    I say this with respect, when I worked at admiral insurance which owns, admiral , diamond insurance, bell insurance, and we had a great basic pay, free stock options which you can cash in after 4 years, free gym, great pension , and discounted hire car and insurance too name a few. some company’s do really look after their staff every 3 months the team was taken out on a fun day you get to choose what you want to do, paintballing, bowling, meal, whatever, and they paid for it. great job. just a shame you had to deal with so many pratt’s and sorry to say deaths. last I heard their was close to 200 jobs going with them, they are crying out for staff because of new call centers opening in uk.

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    Glos Guy

    That’s good to hear Nick and with all of those being commercial organisations they have every right to be competitive and provide great perks as they are competing in an open market and have to fight for business. If they do well, it’s great that the staff are rewarded well, although I suspect that some of those benefits, particularly the pension, might have been revised downwards in recent years.

    As we know, Motability Operations is a monopoly, entirely funded by a charity whose income comes from the benefits of disabled people. I just cannot see any way that they can justify 15% pension contributions when the norm for many companies now would be significantly less, probably around 5%.

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    I agree with you Glos Guy, this is motability customers money that is funding these absurd pension plans.

    Like you Nick, I worked for a while in an insurance business and they treated their staff like no other company i have since or previous worked for.. generous target driven bonuses, breakfast and lunches paid for, massages at our work stations, funding for team night outs…. all very good and a terrific atmosphere to work in. But we got a 5% non-contributory pension plan… i say ‘but’ only in terms of this 15%, i thought 5% was more than reasonable and most appreciated.

    We’ve discussed in previous threads about the hidden costs within motability, where they say they are not for profit, and that our money is ploughed back in to the business….. well the £million’s refit, and salaries, and now the incentives that are also coming to light, it appears to me the allocation of our benefit monies is not being distributed fairly enough in that more should be allocated in to giving us a wider choice of vehicle at more competitive rates.

    Perhaps a reporter from the daily fail will get a job with motability and report back how our money is being spent, there certainly seems to be a fair few positions waiting to be filled –

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    Is this controlled by Motability, the charity, or Motability Operations, a private business?

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    Glos Guy

    Motability Operations, which is funded by the charity with your money!

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    I forgot about the sport massage lol. We was all gutted when the head chef left us to go and run the DVLA restraunt around the corner in swansea lol. Nevermind. I know when I left the annual yearly profit was just under 8o0 million after they paid everything so that’s good and I remember asking the question why can’t car insurance be cheaper and I was told every policy has about a 15k reserve placed onto it. Even if the car is only worth 500 pounds they look at what they might have to pay out to 3rd party’s cars and injury and costs ect. If their was not so many fake claims insurance would be cheaper. I could tell you some stories but no doubt I’ll get in serious trouble for data protection lol

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    lol i bet Nick, if they were anything like Norwich Union, aka Aviva – one thing they were really tight about was data security.

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    Yeah I can understand why. From what I’ve heard it’s gone down hill a bit and with a 2 new centres opened in Newport and swansea again the staff turn over is high. Such a shame. Best time I had was being lent to the fraud team omg so interesting and with that knowage I took back to claims it really made me doubt every claim i was given. The best one and I can say this as it was in all the papers a well know Welsh singer was involved in a crash with one of our policy holders and she was claiming mega money for time off work ect the crash was very minor just rear bumper damage anyways 2 days before the crash she gave an interview and said she finished all her work and as het baby is dew in a few weeks will be staying at home and no more work until after the baby is born and yet she claimed loss of earnings . Let’s say the whole claim was chucked out .

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    Nick, when you are a privately owned company you can do what you like with your profit, shareholders will more than likely want a dividend and workers will want a decent wage and conditions. You will only be able to achieve this if you keep your customers happy, if you don’t they will move onto one of your competitors.

    Motability have no competition but they do make profit, with this profit they keep the banks happy and, as we have seen, they certainly keep their staff happy. What about customers?  I am happy to get a car to enable us to get around, I am happy with the other benefits that come with the car. I am not happy about the very high APs, I am not happy that I don’t know which car will be available to me in any given quarter, I am not happy that the profit made and “ploughed back into the company” is not making its way down to us.

    But there is no alternative for us other than to withdraw from the scheme.

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    I agree and think we do need at least 1 other company to be able to offer motabiity cars, even enterprise are well placed, ( enterprise motability car) as they have fleet insurance and breakdown cover in place, and car hire , and they have a massive fleet buying power, so I think they would be a really good company to offer cars. maybe we should email Richard branson and ask him.

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