JLR and Motability scheme

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    As I gave Dr Seth’s email, I contacted JLR about them rejoining the Motability scheme.

    the answer is disappointing, but seems to lay the problem on Motability.

    the response from JLR was this:

    “Thank you for your letter addressed to Dr Speth dated 1st May 2018, in reference to request for Jaguar Land Rover to revisit joining the Mobility scheme.

    Given my responsibilities within the Executive Office, Dr Speth has asked me to respond on his behalf.

    Jaguar Land Rover were informed by the charity Mobility, that contracts to Motability Operations, who manage the scheme, that the eligibility parameters around the cars on the scheme would be changed. The new guidelines on vehicles now exclude Jaguar Land Rover products, unfortunately we have not received any further information to this.

    Please allow me to confirm that Jaguar Land Rover can only apologise for the disappointment caused by the decision taken by Mobility. As you can appreciate such decisions are outside of the control of Jaguar Land Rover and it is with regret we are unable to influence any further changes.”

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    Menorca Mike

    Well said young phil

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    The scheme isn’t for people that aren’t able to do anything.

    A lot of disabled people live very full lives with full time jobs.

    Its for people who need help with mobility, which is a very wide spectrum of people.

    You can have a car on the scheme and not even be able to drive, someone else is nominated on your behalf to drive to drive for your benefit.


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    Thank you mike

    Christ you must be old to call me young. ?

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    The scheme is for disabled people . Meaning people who are not able to do anything .

    I find your definition of disabled quite reprehensible and offensive.

    Many disabled people, myself included, struggle every day to try to live as ‘normal’ a life as is possible within the limits of one’s disabilities. Is it easy? Definitely not. Is it a daily fight? Yes.

    Would I rather just give up and ‘not do anything’? Never!

    I can appreciate there will be certain disabled people who cannot do as much as I struggle and strive to do, but to blithely state that the Motability scheme is only for those who are ‘not able to do anything’ is frankly an insult to the many disabled people who do struggle daily to ‘do something’.

    May I ask, as you hold such a narrow view of the term ‘disabled people’ are you a former Secretary of State for Work & Pensions?

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    BigDave, I was avin a drink then!

    Tea has gone everywhere ?

    You are right tho, that’s their mentality towards the less fortunate in life, I wonder if they were asked for that same opinion when they’re in their twilight years if it would have changed?

    Never mind the plebs, it’s up to the individual as to what they choose as a mode of transport, if someone wants to splash out on a car that looks nice with a posh shiney badge but is utterly useless as a vehicle that helps the disabled then let them, personally I look for a suitable vehicle that helps with my mobility needs and try to choose a looker out of the one’s that meet the criteria.

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    We stress over are we going to being believed by the DWP even though in some cases we have struggled for years either ourselves or looking after sick loved ones.

    The last thing we need is being judged on a forum set up to help us.

    I think the Daily mail effect has really rubbed off on a lot of people. I’ve owned a fair few nice cars privately while still having a blue badge.

    That probably confused some folk who were wondering how he got such a nice motability car. I wonder how many of them were thinking he must have worked hard to pay for it?

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    I’ve had a couple of comments about my car from ignorant people in the past couple of years. It really throws them when I say it’s not a Motability car and that I pay for it myself. Of course I hopefully won’t have that excuse next year.

    As far as “prestige” goes, I might drive a BMW but it really is a lowly model compared to the rest of the range, it’s also very practical compared to many cars out there including JLR.

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    When I 1st became disabled I owned 4 cars(it’s a bloke thing I’m sure) and 2 of them were very definitely not what you’d get on the scheme, the amount of black looks and snide comments I used to get when I parked in a disabled bay was shocking, I gave up telling them it was my own car and to mind their own business and just ignored them instead.

    Strangely though once I joined the scheme and had a brand new car parked outside I started getting back stabbing comments from people on the street, even though the cars were way less costly than my previous one’s the fact it had the latest plate on it somehow made them turn into righteous A******s, I even heard from a friend who live a few doors down that it had been discussed about me the fact that “I got £500 a week from the government and a free bloody car”.

    Uneducated imbeciles the lot of them, read something once in the daily fail and they know everything about nothing!

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    God I’d take all the back stabbing comments going if we got 500 beans a week and a free car lol

    This type of behaviour is very common these days and not just for “us lot” I think we are easy targets though

    Im in my early 40s ( just ) but I still remember a time without social media and all the reality shows like Geordie Shore, Big Brother, Towie, Love Island etc that have brainwashed and labotamised a generation and people in general seemed to be a good bit kinder and more focused on their own lives compared to how things are now

    How many times do you see on the news something serious happening and the first thing the morons do is pull out their phone and not to call for help but to video it rather than trying to help the situation. Someone falls, car crash, police in trouble, terror attack… Let’s video it for snap chat

    It’s really really sad

    Same as concerts, there isn’t a phone on the market that can handle the volume of gigs PA system yet they spent the majority of their time trying to video it rather than just enjoying the moment like I did back in the day at gigs

    Anyways I’m going of on a tangent here lol

    But yeah people cannot help themselves from having something to say about someone else’s business and now with social media they have multiple platforms to air it


    Bad times ?

    Give me a lighthouse with modern appliances inside and ill happily lock myself in forver ???

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    It’s now Sept 2019 ,come on JLR & MOTABILITY get together AND GET JAGUAR E PACE ON TO MITOBILITY SCGEME.

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    Ha ha everybody loves a comedian.

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    Micky that would be nice but i dont think they would be reading this forum

    do car dealers or even motability read this forum

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    That would imply that dealers gave enough of a s**t about the disabled that they bothered to search for the forum in the first place, or NO would be the simple answer, as for Motability, I’m sure they have someone checking on it just to get ahead of any possible legal action and not to try and help the disabled, if they were trying to help us then they would do things like making auto’s cheaper etc but they are only interested in the next billion in the bank.

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    I was sat in the reception area at my local Kwikfit yesterday having two Pirelli Zero performance tyres fitted to my lease car. 300 pounds worth of tyres and a cup of coffee without paying a penny more than my usual monthly lease payment.

    Thanks Motability.

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    Hi POPS, don’t know much about tyre brands but it made me chuckle when I read “zero performance”? Does that mean there no good. ?

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    Hi POPS, don’t know much about tyre brands but it made me chuckle when I read “zero performance”? Does that mean there no good. ?

    I hadn’t realised the hidden meaning, well spotted. The tyres have transformed the ride comfort, road noise and stability, so the name is a complete misnomer.

    Strange name choice by Pirelli.

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    seems good Tires BMW Approved too certainly not the cheapest. For the tyre anoraks.


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    I personally think in the economic environment and future forecast, we should be supporting our British built vehicles, such as land rover jaguar as it puts the money back into the economy and creates sustainability and stability for those fortunate to be able to work, if anything else not just for disabled people to have access but the emergency services should only be using British as Well, it’s what happens in the majority of other country’s, further more I firmly believe disabled people shouldn’t have any restrictions on what vehicles they choose, the funds which they receive are to help them get mobile and out more, a land rover can give you more freedom through the countryside to go camping ectra with the family, rather than been excluded back in the house because you can’t walk from the road to the campsite or picnic area and the other cars struggle to make it, or don’t make it at all, I think it’s in the best interest of equality and diversity to make them accessible, and I also believe pickups should be as Well there a lot easier to adapt for wheelchairs than most over vehicles, and same again support whoever’s British made and keep it I the country.

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    I do remember when Land Rover where in the scheme several years ago & the Range Rover was a whopping £10k advance payment – way out of my means then and less so now – but if I could afford such an AP for such a premium product, I would. Motsbility operations and the charity need more oversight, governance and a complete refresh and fit for purpose business plan & operational strategy – that is inclusive of the needs of Motability customers. They should have a Motability Customer Advsory panel to redesign / coproduction of policy, strategy and practice from planning , to contract commission through to ‘mystery shopper’ type functions.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    I’m very new to Motability and had no idea LR were on previously. That mosslike creature from the daily mail really does have a lot to answer for.


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I remember the BMW X3 M Sport being on many moons ago too, a pocket shattering £10k AP like, but it was on.

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    VW California – especially the ‘Ocean’ (Powered ‘pop-up’ roof, Privacy glass, Park assist, Front and rear Parking Sensors + Rear view camera as well as the usual toys).  Now THAT would be true freedom.

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    What would be interesting to know is how many vehicles with a £10k (or >£10k) AP Motability actually leased per year before the Daily Mail lobbed its grenade at the scheme.

    My thoughts are that it would be < 0.5% of the total cars leased per year, probably even <0.2%.

    The years of recession which coincided roughly with the DM story certainly put the kybosh on Motability putting £10k AP cars back onto the scheme. However, if ever there was a good time to re-introduce them, particularly for UK manufactured vehicles (JLR etc), then now is the time with all the Brexit uncertainty.

    If they correctly market it as ‘supporting UK car manufacturing’, then it would make the Daily Mail etc appear very churlish should they wish to have another pop at the scheme for listing high AP vehicles (yes, I know Motability are crap at marketing, but they could get some professionals to do it this time).

    As was discussed on another thread, the option for extended Motability leases upto 5 years seems to be becoming more feasible, so it makes leasing vehicles with the higher AP’s more realistic. For example a £10k AP amortised over 5 years is much more attractive that the same AP amortised over 3 years.


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    george i asked about camper-vans years ago  was told not it was cars not campervans

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