JLR and Motability scheme

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    As I gave Dr Seth’s email, I contacted JLR about them rejoining the Motability scheme.

    the answer is disappointing, but seems to lay the problem on Motability.

    the response from JLR was this:

    “Thank you for your letter addressed to Dr Speth dated 1st May 2018, in reference to request for Jaguar Land Rover to revisit joining the Mobility scheme.

    Given my responsibilities within the Executive Office, Dr Speth has asked me to respond on his behalf.

    Jaguar Land Rover were informed by the charity Mobility, that contracts to Motability Operations, who manage the scheme, that the eligibility parameters around the cars on the scheme would be changed. The new guidelines on vehicles now exclude Jaguar Land Rover products, unfortunately we have not received any further information to this.

    Please allow me to confirm that Jaguar Land Rover can only apologise for the disappointment caused by the decision taken by Mobility. As you can appreciate such decisions are outside of the control of Jaguar Land Rover and it is with regret we are unable to influence any further changes.”

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    JLR want to have cars on the scheme, I was told that by Ralf Speth, Tge issue is Motability Operations won’t put Tge cars on the scheme. JLR were ready to roll, but Motability Operations pulled out

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    Glos Guy

    Heaven forbid that Motabilty drivers should be allowed a free choice. As you should know by now, you can’t have what you want, only what you are allowed. So, add brand discrimination to the unwarranted price caps!

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    as long as the price cap is in place i cant see how either can make it on to the scheme, i need an automatic and either the evoque or epace start at 35k for the auto base version and heaven forbid you want leather etc as the price to upgrade is horrendous. so unless your going to allow people to pay a huge ap i cant see how it can happen.

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    Glos Guy

    Saw another new disguised car on test this morning. Looked like a mini Velar. Seemed smaller than an Evoque and the new model pics have been released of that, so I doubt it would be disguised 

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    Wait till 1stApril I think there may be some exciting news both on JLR and electric vehicles. I have this on good authority from within someone high up within Motability. We shall wait wth bated breath.

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    Hope your right tony

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I think there is about as much chance as that Gemma Collins winning a gold medal at the next Winter Olympics than them joining the scheme lol</p>
    Hoping to be proved wrong though 🤣

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    John Cooper

    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Getting ready for  April fools day already lol</p>

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    Glos Guy

    I would love to see JLR products available through Motability but, unless the scheme rules change or they are ignored, only the base model E Pace could appear. Every other Jaguar car and the entire product range from Land Rover are above the price caps. Whilst there are other cars up to £35k on the scheme, the rules state that, in order for them to appear, a ‘qualifying model’ below (from memory) £29k manual and £30.5k has to exist. The E pace is the ONLY model in the entire JLR stable that meets this criteria.

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    That is the rules   but as you say unless they are ignored    Alfa  Giulia   from £ 33865   200 Bhp   petrol  Auto so who knows  the Alfa was on scheme twice in the not to distant past

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