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    Hi All


    Does anyone have a jeep compass. I was looking because it was cheapest auto, 4WD that would fit my hand cranked bike in.


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    We looked at the Jeep Compass auto petrol and actually test drove one.


    It handled lovely, great height, smooth 9 speed box and great spec on the Limited trim.

    However, the 1.4 engine has been cranked up to output huge bhp as the car is so heavy and in case 4 wd is needed making it very noisy, the gearbox is continually changing looking for right gear and, according to Jeep Compass forum….25 mpg is all you’ll get due to bad engine.

    Jeep know this is a weakness and are developing a new 1.6 petrol engine to replace 1.4 for late 2020 release and hopefully shake the bad reviews it gets.




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    My brother-in-law has a Compass Trailhawk 4×4 auto which I have driven a couple of times and I actually quite like it.

    Sure, inside the cabin some of the trim is a bit flimsy and cheap looking. Plus, one of the panels constantly rattles. The boot is big though, albeit not as big as on the Mitsubishi Outlander, or even the Hyundai Tucson.

    The diesel engine is a bit ‘boomy’ under load, but it has loads of torque and power. It holds the road tightly and with the 4WD on it is excellent both on-road and off-road, as well as in the February snow we had up here. This is no doubt helped by the cross-climate tyres that are fitted as standard. The 4WD system is a proper 4WD, not one of those that cuts out at circa 20mph. It can be selected to remain on at any speed and adjusted for the various surfaces. However, on the road in dry weather it can be selected to ‘auto’ to only cut in if it thinks it needs it, which helps with economy and tyre wear.

    It has all the gizmos and electronic toys if that floats your boat.

    I actually took it in for its service last December and had a poke around the showroom whilst I was waiting. I had a nose into a ‘Limited’ trim petrol 4×4 auto variant but the sales chap was quite dismissive of the petrol engine – talk of becoming personally acquainted with your local petrol station if you go for one of those was the consensus. However if you don’t do many miles its £378 AP is very cheap for a big-ish 4×4.

    Personally, if I can get over the somewhat flimsy trim, I think the diesel Trailhawk automatic in 4×4 guise is the one to go for, mainly for its ‘go anywhere’ characteristics and the economy of the diesel engine. Infact the Trailhawk is now the only diesel auto available with the 4WD system and it isn’t cheap on the scheme (AP £2628). The cheaper ‘Limited’ diesel 4×4 auto listed on Motability’s website at £1378 is the 2019 model and may be difficult to source now as it is no longer produced – only the petrol variant is now manufactured in 4wd auto Limited trim.

    Personally, at my next car change I wouldn’t rule out the Compass Trailhawk, as I like its ‘go anywhere’ characteristics but it is a bit pricey on the scheme.

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    Mines a 1.4 manual I love it to be honest, get a very steady 37 mpg which is about what I was getting from the old astra I had, plenty of room in front and back though boot is fine and its height does help me in and out.


    Like I say I love mine it does everything I ask of it and more yes its got bad reviews but take no notice of them and try one out it may just surprise you.

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