It’s on it’s way!!

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    Just been told that my Tarraco FR Sport has now been built and in transit to Emden.  Hopefully won’t be there for as long as the Kodiaq was 3 years ago, 13 very long days!

    Happy days!!

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    That’s great news. Lets hope it arrives very soon.

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    These little vehicle carriers are as long as 2 football pitches,with 13 decks and can carry 5000 vehicles,so hopefully it wont take to long to arrive to the uk, as the cars in the port car park should go down very quickly

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    Yeah, and nearly all of them end in,  “Highway”.

    Sheerness has had 4 deliveries in from Emden this week so I’m hoping there’s no back log on the dock!!!

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    John Morris

    Yeah I am hoping my ateca FR sport was on one of those ships. Had a 1st march collection date up until about 10 days ago. Now that say by the end of this week so fingers crossed for both of us.

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    Chris (Chester)

    Also waiting on our Atexa Excellence Lux in Dark Camouflage, due for delivery end of March, Azar at Euro Seat-Crawley is back and he said that there are no delays on Ateca, as soon as it arrives in the UK, he will let me know so i can go down to pick it up (travelling from Chester!), not long to wait now, exciting!

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    Sounds like the Skoda factory are producing the Ateca without any problems or delays.  Looks like we’ll be happy Seat owners by the end of the month, which given all the troubles with Covid and worldwide part shortages is a minor miracle if you ask me.

    Chris, be joining you on a trip down to Euro Seat at Crawley, although not as long as yours my friend.  Enjoy your Ateca when you get it, and don’t forget the pictures, and you to John.

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    John Morris

    Mate I just had a call from my dealer about our Ateca FR Sport. Car is in UK and will be with them by Wednesday. We are booked to pick up on Saturday morning. 😊

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    That’s fantastic news, lovely looking car with plenty of techy things to play with.  Bet you won’t get much sleep Friday night LOL!!!!

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    Chris (Chester)

    thanks Markymate, I can”t wait…

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    John Morris

    So I just received another call from Peter at snows portsmouth (he has been brilliant with us – 2nd ateca in 10 months so he would be 😊) saying the car had arrived early but it takes 4 days to process with motobility so still Saturday morning. But we have picked our reg so it’s only the pin and AP which with the £199 discount is only £900. He has said it will all be done contactless so should be easy enough from here. I tried to order the 2.0tsi but was informed of the issues regarding engine update and reading other people posts on this forum it looks like a good decision. I will post some pics Saturday if I can work out how to!!

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    Look forward to see them, John.  Mines still at Emden so a little longer for me.

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    John Morris

    Yes they come from different factories I think. I know the Ateca is built in Czech Republic. I would have loved the Tarraco and so would our 3 kids but just couldn’t afford it. I am sure yours is definitely worth the wait!!

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    Yes, the Ateca is built at Kvasiny where my Kodiaq was built 3 years ago, with the Tarraco being built at Wolfsburg. All of these leave through the port at Emden in Germany.

    John, I did have a good look look at the Ateca and really liked what I saw, but it was just a bit too small for my needs, even with the Tarraco I’m losing 230 litres over my Kodiaq, but have tested if out and it all fits, so really looking forward to getting it soon.  Have a great day Saturday, only 3 more sleeps!!

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