It’s great how the forum has changed!

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    I joined the forum a couple of years ago and brought the EV debate with me. I think its fair to say I was in a group of one for almost all the discussions. Gradually members doing their own research came round to the many benefits of EV’s.

    I think its fair to say we now have a majority of EV v ICE contributor’s which is great to see.

    The scheme is getting there, slowly, so let’s hope the trend continues and our topics continue to provide great info for all who visit the forum.

    PS some of the anti EV members are still with us, you know who you are lol.

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    Well then, wmcforum instead of criticising a humourous post, why not enlighten the readers here how a stranded EV gets charged in 2021?  I ask because there may be many of them around Bournemouth this summer and if I come across someone in this situation I would want to help.

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    Perhaps, wmcforum, instead of criticising a humorous post, you could enlighten me about how a stranded EV is dealt with in 2021. I ask because there are likely to be many of them around Bournemouth this summer given the dearth of charging stations, and if I come across someone in such a situation, I’d like to help.


    Still no clue about Alanis Morrisette!

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    Times are changing folks and yes we will see EV’s run out juice every now and then but what you won’t see is one breaking down due to a burst cylinder head gasket, broken timing belt, engine overheating, wrong fuel in the car etc etc etc.

    Exactly…and the dreaded DPF blockage. Got stranded in the Scottish Highlands once with that dreaded curse of a failure.

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    Sorry for the double post.

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    Planning is key. The golden  rule.

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    I have to admit even being a die hard EV fan, in the back of my mind range anxiety is still a problem, problem is a lot of us are frightened of change.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Running out of charge is the last great worry of electric cars, we are no longer worried about being electrocuted driving through standing water or the batteries suddenly catching fire.  In the same way as running out of fuel in a ICE car, it only happens due to driver error. I’ve done it a couple of times pushing it too far knowing that i could just get a can from the garage after a bit of a walk or calling for roadside assistance. As it is more terminal (excuse the pun) in an EV, I am certain that I would never let it happen due to my error.

    This is a good piece, excuse the website.

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    Thanks for the article wmcforum. So it seems the only option is to use a recovery vehicle to take the car to a charging point.  I recognise you’d need to be very negligent to let the battery run out, but I suppose the same goes for people to run out of petrol and they do.  The consequences though are very different.

    My point was led by the comment about holidaymakers and if increasing numbers of the population with EVs drive to the coast they’ll find the charging situation very different here to say London or Birmingham where many of our visitors come from.  And casting caution to the wind seems a part of holidaymaking for some…


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    Cheers for the article @wmcforum.  I had seen a review awhile ago where they ran an iD3 until it ran out of battery power, they then called the RAC and they came out in a van which was fitted with a system to recharge your car with enough charge to get you to a chargepoint.  Below is a link to a RAC YouTube video.

    I still wouldn’t want to be silly enough to let my battery get that low.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Yes, the AA (not relevant to Motability) have a system where a battery pack is on the van which is charged up from the general running the patrol van which does the same job.

    It’s encouraging that these systems are being rolled out.


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    A very good recent video from Carwow who ran lots of different EV’s until they ran out of juice!

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