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    I will start from the beginning.

    I had a Renault Clio Motability Car for 8 months, I got permission from Motability to cancel because of worsening health and needing a car that was bigger and higher up so I wasn’t climbing out of it.


    I’ve just got a Renault Captur Iconic.

    I’m very unhappy with the service I have had, even though the car is ok, I did not get the car that was 100% suitable for me and should have had because firstly at first they were not honest with me and didn’t tell me that they had a Renault Captur GT Line in stock at Renault Aldershot SMC even though they supposedly checked on their system.

    On Monday 1st April 2019, I ordered a Renault Captur Iconic at My local Renault SMC, it was apparently a car that had already been cancelled and was on the forecourt, I ordered it because they informed me that they did not have a GT Line Captur in stock which is the one that met my requirements and the one I wanted.

    However, they were not honest with me and I found out that the other local Renault SMC had one in stock at their branch in the showroom which I could have.

    So on Thursday 4th April, I went to the other local Renault and I viewed and sat in the Captur GT Line and made sure it was suitable.

    Me and Renault agreed I would have it, Even though I already had a Iconic Renault Captur on order from the other local Renault branch, they were happy to change this, so it was all agreed for me to have the Renault GT Line model.

    This met my requirements because of the height of the seats and the heated seats which would be beneficial for my pain issues.

    So it was all agreed but then suddenly when I got home Renault wanted to charge me £215 on top of the £595 advance payment of the car because it had a dashcam installed, I have the emails to prove this also.

    I spoke to someone from Motability on Friday 5th April regarding this and was told by Motability that if I wanted the car without the dashcam then I could do that and Renault would have to take it off.

    However, Renault refused and I couldn’t have the car I wanted and which was more suitable and I had to have the Iconic Renault Captur which I really didn’t want. I felt pressured into having it because they wouldn’t let me have the other one unless I paid £215 for the dashcam, making it over £830 in total with the advance payment on top of the dashcam fee.

    The GT Line version was more suitable for me and that is what I wanted and what me and Renault agreed I was going to have.

    Then I felt I couldn’t back out for the order of the Iconic Renault Captur so I picked it up on Monday, however the other one is what was more suitable.

    I’m really not happy with this because I haven’t got the model I wanted to have and not only felt pressured but Renault made it extremely hard for me and went against what I was told by Motability.

    It’s been a stressful experience and after having the opportunity to change my car I’m disappointed that I haven’t got the car that met all of my requirements.

    As I say I have all emails confirming I wanted the GT Line version and it was all agreed and all emails from both local Renault dealers stating they would go ahead and arrange for me to collect the Renault Captur GT Line model.

    Plus the emails stating they would charge me £215 for the dashcam and also then refusing to remove the dashcam therefore leaving me with no choice but to have the other car and going against what I was told by Motability.

    I have several emails that will show all of what I have said.

    I will also add that I wasn’t given the chance to inspect the car when I collected it and just had to enter the PIN and it had 12 miles on the clock.

    Also I ordered a Desert Orange/Black car and it’s more Brown/Black and I hate the colour and it wasn’t what I was expecting and to me isn’t as described either.

    I have put in a complaint to Motability but don’t expect anything to happen unfortunately.

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    Well this is news to me i had a letter today from motability they tell me in my request for letters in writing under freedom of information they do not have to do this as the foi does not apply to motability ltd now thats downright not fair even though they are part of goverment so as i have said its all on there side and we the people who pay them have no say holy moly.

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    as a Forum I can confirm Motability has No say over our contend, that they have not contacted us in anyway and none of our Moderators or site owner have any other connection with Motability other than are either on the scheme or family members are. We are whichMOBIlITYcar NOT Motability.

    your Thread was removed for the continuation of the Forum and to avoid any further upset by our users or yourself, we are all different and have different opinions  and strengths, advice was given to you and as Moderators We felt the thread was going nowhere and the decision was made to shut it.

    we wish you luck with your situation but there maybe better or more appropriate platforms for your grievances.





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    Hi Daveblue

    Have a look around in this forum that I’ve used their community forum for in the past to help others who have found themselves in the same situation I was in in the past.

    I do believe they have, but never used it myself, advisors you can ask advise you on anything that troubles you so and is more suitable than this site

    Wish you luck.

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    daveblue, your assertion that the Motability legal team has got at this forum (in connection with your complaints) is both incorrect and insulting to the integrity of WMC Forum. The moderators are fully independent and will not tolerate outside interference.

    Making potentially damaging unsubstantiated statements is unacceptable on this forum, and I would remind you that we except posters to post respectfully if they wish to share their views and opinions on here.


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    Hi justsaying i appreciate its difficult and this forum is very helpful on motability cars and information as this is what the ombudsman is for and i will see what happens i have had many happy years with motability an d long may it continue.

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    Dave I fully understand you feel a little grieved, I believe you had a Fiat car, not a good idea. Due too my head injuries I suffer mental health problems, but you must understand these are everyday people how do you expect to understand your mental health problems, they are just normal people trying to help.

    Just sit back and look at the situation, take a deep breath and look at the positives, free car, no tax or insurance, free tyres and servicing what’s not to like. Sound like you have some negative people around you fuelling you problems. I only associated with positive people, I ignore the negative ones, life is too short.

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    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

    Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 PHEV

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    Dave I fully understand how you feel when there are problems, not with motability in this instance, but with things in general. My wife has mental health issues which exaserbate most problems but certainly the ones where she feel she is  in the right but the other side doesn’t agree.

    It can feel that no one is listening even though you are explaining it perfectly, but try not to get too upset, remember when these guys go home at night its unlikely they will give you a second thought, whereas its ALL you can think about.

    In spite of my comments above there is an old saying ” just because you are paranoid it doesn’t mean they aren’t all out to get you”. So keep fighting the good fight and keep calm as when you lose your temper you lose the argument.

    Best of luck.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Many thanks Brydo have you sorted a folding scooter.


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    I  have been in contact with the work and pensions committee and they are already looking at motability operations conduct i have relayed everything to them so with the ombudsman as well i will wait and see.

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    Hi Dave, the one bit of advise I can give from experience with an aunt who has mental issues is to try and have a friend help you with the phone communications where possible as it will serve to help with understanding and their interpretation of meanings that may be conveyed.

    I had to do this for my aunt who was having the most awful time appyling for PIP, she tended to hear an argument in every sentence, luckily I was able to be a go between and get it sorted for her.

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    Dave carrying out due diligence I.e she can’t make up her mind, woman can’t live with them can’t live with them lol

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Back on topic.

    I ordered a Nissan Qashqai 1.5 Diesel Acenta Premium a while back, due to collect it within the next 10-12 days or so.

    Has nice features like front and back sensors, electronic handbrake, android auto/CarPlay, auto forward collision braking, rear camera and more.

    It’s a good height seat wise and high driving position and has heated seats.

    Got a much more suitable car this time round.

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    Are motability seeing you through every stage now.

    You don’t want things to go wrong at the last minute like colour a long test drive etc. ??

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    I’ve seen the colour in person and had a test drive, thankfully this dealership has done everything right, and motability have been constantly keeping an eye on things to make sure it all goes smoothly ?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>How it should be, btw what co.our have you chosen in the end?</p>

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    Nice one SurreyGuy, really pleased for you

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    I’ve ordered the new ice blue collie which looks great.

    And thank you Trev ?

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    Ice Blue colour even, stupid phone haha.

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    lol you’ll have to post some pics when you get her, would love to see them.

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    Ice blue sounds nice I’ve not seen one in the flesh.

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    Sorry I meant the vivid blue, keep getting confused with ice blue it’s because I almost ordered the ink blue which is like a blue purple.

    But I went for the vivid blue which looks really good.

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    Unlike you to get your colours mixed up SurreyGuy!……. sorry only jesting… but i take it you like the colour blue 🙂

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    Good luck this time surrey guy blue is nice not sure though about diesel unless you do a fare amount of miles as you may know short journeys are not liked by the particulate filters but im sure you know what you want.

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    Got my car today ??Car

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    Fantastic SG,

    The photo isn’t showing for me, don’t know about anyone else?

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