is the new list an April fools joke?

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    I know this may pre-empt the release of the official motobility list, but looking at the prices that have appeared on this site It appears to be a joke. Not very palatable. It is bad enough the government screwing disabled people, but motobility? You would think with the car buying/acquiring power they have they have they would have negotiated better deals with the manufacturers. Brexit negotiations could be blamed for the price of the £ versus the euro impacting on the retail price of the or even the pittance of an increase to the rate of DLA or PIP payments or just the fact that the Government does not give a rats arse about people with a disability. This is clear to see when they left it too late to vote for the motion regarding disability payments for the 160,000 people who are effected with MH conditions. So I hope they manage to have a good Easter knowing they have screwed disabled people over (not). Oh and by the way, how many Tory MP’s/ministers are still patrons of motobility?

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    Joe London

    It would seem either they dont use their buying power, or they dont have any, motobility would be perfect for manufacturers to clear stocks of cars or looking to gain a presence on the road, or for dealers to get bonus points from the manufacturers by shifting models, especially near year end, all for and to the benefit of the people on the scheme , and this outdated quarterly farce needs to stop now.

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    It’s sad. Clearly it’s now about turning a sizeable profit rather than benefiting the user. I have a an xtrail £33k that had an ap of £2600. It’s great and had everything I would ever need. The shape hasn’t changed, but the new cap means that model is nowhere to be seen.

    This is a great disadvantage to us, as now for any options (that would probably come standard on the next trim up) are a cost to us.


    The new 3008 is a prime example. To spec the GT line model the same as the GT, would cost an extra whopping £4k and that doesn’t even give you half the toys.


    Come on Motability, work for the people on the scheme and not the tabloids ….

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    My Volvo has doubled the ap from 799 to 1399?!! Would have to think about it now, so glad I ordered last quarter!

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    I think we all need to get behind Alisha’s post (about 5 threads down) and all write a paragraph as to why this had consequently hit the Motability users directly

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    the 3008 model that I was looking at went up by £400 overnight. Its time for an X1 that comes in at £1400ish for the manual. I will not pay that amount for a non-premium brand. Call me a badge snob, but the rise is just excessive.

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    The trend continues.

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    I wonder what implication the April benefits rise of, 35p was it, has had on AP prices this year.

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    the 3008 model that I was looking at went up by £400 overnight. Its time for an X1 that comes in at £1400ish for the manual. I will not pay that amount for a non-premium brand. Call me a badge snob, but the rise is just excessive.


    The 2008 hasnt gone up(petrol ) but the ev did increase but that was a month or so ago. When i looked at it it was something like 1600, but now its nearer 2k. might have been to do with the grant being reduced.

    The petrol one is currently my cheapest likely as ive sat in it and i fit. The kamiq ive still to try,

    If the 30o8 has gone up only then it may just be costs or it was at an artificial low to sell

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    Bear in mind their are many huge companies looking for cars at the minute. Hire companies at airports are trying to source thousands of cars, lease companies are also trying to get new cars. The MOD for example has thousands of vehicles out on lease. So manufacturers can do as they like with so many people looking for cars. Second hand cars at the minute are selling for thousands above the cap price all over the UK.

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    I’ve made the point before Belfast that second-hand cars are selling at anything over 20% > 30% above normal resale prices and Motability should be quids in with 650,000 second-hand motors but unfortunately I think its the dealers making the killing and were the ones paying excessive AP’s because Motability take it at face value what a car is worth after 3 years from the same dealers who are making the killing.

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    Not so. Motability cars mostly go to auction and dealers a paying high prices for Motability cars as they are competing for stock.

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    Supply and Demand, as in most aspects of business, determines prices.

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    MR Mark Winter

    Motability should be more open and transparent  in how the AP is worked out. I find it worrying that one day a cars AP can be many £1000s of pounds and the next just over a £1000. Perhaps the relationship between Motability and the Manufactures is just a bit to  “Comfortable”.


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    Who oversees their procurement side? Is it open to scrutiny?

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    Not so. Motability cars mostly go to auction and dealers a paying high prices for Motability cars as they are competing for stock.

    Hi Wigwam

    I thought the dealer had first pick of a returning car and if there not interested it then goes to auction.
    The other thing, and quote me wrong as I’m not sure, no account is taken into consideration of the trim level of the car when disposed of because, we the customer, pay the higher AP to cover the extra cost of the trim level.

    If it goes to auction then the car by its higher trim level would get a higher price with all things being considered however if a dealer sees a car in very good condition and at the top of it’s ranged then they could snap it up paying what the value is of a basic trim level car.

    Can’t imagine that Motability negotiate price of every car they sell to dealers to get the best return as it us who pay the extra for higher trims.

    This is of course my thoughts on how it works but I’m sure there may well be a lot of abuse in the selling system when sold to dealers however not sure if there is if it goes to auction as the price returned is the price Mota get less a commission, I assume.

    Like MR Mark said “Motability should be more open and transparent in how the AP is worked out.

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    I just think people have no idea of economics and supply and demand.

    If you have a product that sells at full price and has a limited supply, then discounts won’t be found anywhere, but when the demand is low and stocks are high, so are discounts.

    Motability as a large volume purchaser will get good discounts, but only if they are offered the cars in the first place.

    I have no direct knowledge of the purchasing methods of Motability, but I would guess that the manufacturers offer Motability a car at X price, and from that list, Motability decides which cars to take on the scheme.  I highly doubt Motability ask for certain models to be offered.

    Often we find new models offered at good prices as the manufacturers want to get them on the road, likewise, older models, especially when an updated model has been announced, Motability get offered a great price to clear stock.

    The erroneous increases and decreases in price we seen on AP is I believe is a tool used by manufacturers to increase sales of slow moving stock, or to slow demand or vehicles that are really popular.

    Pricing is led by Manufacturers, NOT Motability.

    Well thats how I think it works, does anyone know better, or can offer a better explanation?

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    I don’t think any of us know how it works so we make up our own minds.🤔
    I agree when buying the cars we drive that Motability have to deal with manufactures on a 3 month basis, some months there up, other there down and the other thing is I would hope they iron out some of the peaks and troughs over a 3 or 5 year period or else some folk getting cars this year might pay more or less AP than someone getting a renewal next year or the year after simply because Motability got their sums wrong the previous year and the current customer has the make up the difference.

    It’s not just the cost of buying the new car that dictates what the AP is going to be, it’s also how much they think the 3 year old car fetches when its sold. Case being 5 years ago they thought all our diesel cars were going to be worthless so the AP for diesel cars was increased however diesel still reach a reasonable price on the second-hand market but we’ve already paid the AP many years ago.

    Same is happening again now with EV’s and Motability thinking that ICE will be worthless in 3 to 5 years time so increase the AP’s to allow for that yet what’s the betting they will still return a good price, then on the other hand maybe not.

    Anyway, anyone really know how it works.🤷‍♂️😁



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    It certainly was the case Chrisk, that the dealer had the option to buy, but that would only work if the old and new cars are the same make, or the dealer was part of a multifranchise. I recall hearing the dealer no longer has first dibs, but as the whole process is shrouded in mystery, who knows. I will try to remember to get some insight from my dealer when we swap cars over at the end of the month.

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    I agree Intranicity, it’s mostly in the hands of the manufacturers.

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    Glos Guy

    ChrisK – I’ve no idea how Motability calculate AP’s (well, I realise that it’s the net cost of the car over 3 years less the sacrificed benefits – but it still makes no sense 😂), however just to correct one thing in your post. Trim level is taken into account when determining a selling price. They have to in order to derive a price, as they will use trade guides as a reference point (although if we want to buy a car at end of lease they ask significantly more than that). It’s options added by the customer at their own cost that aren’t taken into account (or so they say). That being said, a car with optional extras will raise more at an auction than one without any, though at only a fraction of the options original cost.

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    Mark Holland

    Having spent 10 years auctioning Motability vehicles I can assure anyone that the disposal that Motability adopt is to ensure the best residual value is achieved as all ap are balanced against this value. not forgoing  the times when manufacturers need to get vehicles , particularly new models onto the used car market, as until then it has no true value. The current problem is I feel a foolish one created by the motor industry with the on time delivery of semi conductors being cancelled. Now huge effort to restart deliveries are being set back with major delays. This is causing many fleets adding up to 2 years to their costs but more importantly this is also depriving the used market of quality vehicles as the are now ageing that of course includes Motability for example our car has been delayed a further 6 months that means we won’t put our current  car on the used market and when we do it will be 9 months older than it was going to be unless further delays are applied. So I suspect the current list is a reflection that there is not much being built and dealers carry on convincing buyers of bogus delivery dates I can still phone today and get a 8 to 12 week lead time on our car that’s after waiting 14 weeks later with 20 weeks to go. I reckon we could start to see a better lists from January but I would warn all when collecting cars for the next couple of years check all you thought it would have is there as already there are signs that sat nav and heated seats are being left off.


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    Hi Mark

    That’s a danger I will be looking out for in October i.e. change of specification to the publish specs at the time of ordering.

    I got caught on my last handover with the car not being as specified by the dealer but at that time I was in a tight corner, this time I’m not so if the slightest change to specs comes up this time they won’t be getting my PIN because I can get by with my current car if need be this time around and with inflated AP’s that cover those little specified extras I think I’d be a fool to except such a car with missing items unless the dealer can convince me I don’t need them along with a little refund.😉

    All other points noted above, and Wigwam and Glos Guy your probably right but I just get the feeling somewhere along the line were not getting such good deals as we should be getting, whatever they are but end of the day I fall into the 96% of Motability customers who are happy with Motability with 4% reservation because there not perfect and I have one big issue, or is it two, with the system but overall I’m happy.




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