Is anyone driving Citroën C5 Aircross yet?

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    Mr P

    Hi All, we’re due to take collection of our C5 Aircross in 6 weeks 1.6 Auto . Just wondering if anyone else on here has ordered, received and driving one on a daily basis.

    I’ve seen 3 on the roads so far, which indicates to me orders are arriving.

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    Doesn’t matter what the reason for it going back early, I asked more than once about this and was told categorically that the GCB was only payable on completion of the full 3 years lease and no exceptions.

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    Vinalspin what car are you having next ?

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    I’m leaning more and more towards buying a car rather than another scheme one as I’m thoroughly underwhelmed with the overall service I’ve had from Motability this time round and the car I was looking at the AP jumped up £800 at the beginning of the year for no reason except they want to make more money so that’s putting me off as well.

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    I’m currently in the process of ordering the C5 aircross 1.2 turbo petrol. has anybody had any dealings with this car any information would be great ie fuel consumption, comfort, cornering,  etc

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    Hello Alfie,

    I have just ordered C5 Aicross 1,2 puretech in social edition Live. Lead time shall be 15 week (till may 2020).

    Then we can share the experiences 🙂

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    Is anybody driving the vw tiguan allspace 2.0 150 diesel dsg 4motion in match trim yet, is it good to drive, is there enough power when fully loaded?

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    Hi Mr P me again. Car is absolutely brilliant and still loving it. Only problem I’m having is updating the Navigation maps as my Citroen App tells me there is an update but I download the file but haven’t a clue on how to extract it to download onto a USB. Have you been able to do so and if yes, how?

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    Hi Mick.

    I have made some instructions on how to install your map update:

    1. Make your USB 2.0 pendrive ready:

    I recommend to use a 32GB USB 2.0 pendrive which must be formatted with the FAT32 file system. Here is how to format the pendrive:

    On a Microsoft Windows PC:

    ·      Connect your pendrive to the Computer.

    ·      Open Windows Explorer

    ·      Right-click on the external disk you want to format and then left-click “Format”

    ·      Choose file system FAT32 (standard)

    ·      Left-click OK.

    On a Apple PC:

    ·      Connect your pendrive to the Computer.

    ·      Open the program Disk Utilities i the Tools folder.

    ·      Select the USB pendrive under “External”

    ·      Select the format MS DOS (FAT) and Master Boot Record (MBR)

    ·      Left-click “Erase”.

    Warning! The System Files being installed by Apple on the pendrive first time you connect it to your Mac can lead to certain problems when you later are going to use it in your car.

    To avoid problems I recommend that you use the free program CleanMyDrive, which you will find in App Store.

    2. Downloading Map Update files (this you probably have done already):

    The Map Update file is in compressed .tar format (i.e. mine has this file name and it’s the latest version:)


    After downloading the file to your computer you’ll need to unpack it before you can copy the files to your pendrive.

    3. Unpacking the dowloaded file:

    On a Microsoft Windows PC:

    ·      Right-click on the file and select the unpacking program you want to use (i.e. 7 Zip or Win Zip).

    ·      Select “Unpack here”

    If your PC does not have an unpacking program installed I would recommend that you first install 7 Zip (

    On a Apple PC:

    ·      I recommend you use the free program “Unarchiver” which you will find in App Store.

    After unpacking the files you will find a folder named SWL and a file named “Updateinfo.xml”, which you will not need later.

    4. Copying files to the USB stick:

    ·      This is simple: Copy the whole SWL folder onto the USB stick’s root folder.

    Now you can do the update in your car.

    5. Updating the maps in your car:

    Preparations before you start the update:

    Motor must be running during the whole update.

    Turn off the “Start/Stop” function in order to prevent the motor to go into “Sleep Mode”.

    I recommend that you do not drive while doing the update. Park on the outside some place.

    ! GPS function will not be available during the update.

                ! Do not remove the USB stick until the update has finished.

                ! Do not turn off the motor until the update has finished.

    Put the USB stick into the USB port in the car.

    The screen will show a message that there’s no multimedia content on the USB stick. Ignore this message and DO NOT remove the USB stick! The message will dissappear after 10 sec.

    Follow the messages shown in the screen.


    If you need further assistance don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

    Regards, Grubasek

    Retired IT Consultant

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