Is anyone driving Citroën C5 Aircross yet?

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    Mr P

    Hi All, we’re due to take collection of our C5 Aircross in 6 weeks 1.6 Auto . Just wondering if anyone else on here has ordered, received and driving one on a daily basis.

    I’ve seen 3 on the roads so far, which indicates to me orders are arriving.

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    Menorca Mike

    Please put photos on here Mr P they do look nice I’ve saw a couple in pure white

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Test driving one of these tomorrow, definitely on the short list…think they look lovely. Not seen a single one on the roads round here, just hope they don’t have a huge wait after ordering.

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    Mr P

    Hi Feeney, we had a test drive of the C5 Aircross, 2.0l auto Flair plus, very , very happy with it. We ordered the 1.6 petrol auto flair plus and was given a 12 week delivery time. We are due to receive it on 14th June ??????

    @ Mike 11 it’s going to be this colour in the photo, however, silver anodised pack instead of red.C5 Aircross

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    Mark nicholls

    Yes picked it up 3 weeks ago. 1.6 petrol auto flair plus. Real head turner in blue, black roof, red inserts and black wheels. Lovely to drive and comfortable. Motorway driving is a joy. Just developed a problem with the cruise control so will be straight on the phone in the morning.

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    Mr P

    @mark thanks for your reply:

    1) did your car arrive on time?

    2) what is the issue with cruise control?

    All sounded great until I read the cruise control bit ???

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    Hi when did you order it as we ordered ours a week after Mr P same spec and colour but haven’t  heard anything yet or seen any on the road in or around Nottingham

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    Mark nicholls


    I was told by the dealer the delivery would be around 12 to 15 weeks due to the unusual colour combination I required, 4 weeks after order,  phone call from dealer saying due to Brexit, Citroen had increased the production to the UK. I was driving my new Aircross 5 weeks after order.

    As for the cruise control issue, took it into my Citroen dealer today. They found a wire across the scanner, tied it up and my car was back on the road within 4 hours. Still driving like a dream.

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    Mr P

    Thanks Mark, sounds all positive, can’t wait to receive ours, hopefully on time.

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    I saw my first one today it had demonstrator all over it, but ive not seen any others around.

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    How do you find the 1.6 for power and how is the mpg in the petrol?

    Seriously considering one of these, but feedback from someone driving it independent of showroom bias would be great. I know all the reviews say comfortable setup for suspension, but it’s not a boat is it? My father had early generation Clio, used it when he borrowed my bigger car for holiday travel, that thing made me seasick.

    Anyway happy motoring.

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    Mr P

    @mick , I sent an email asking our salesman if everything is on track. He said yes and if we weren’t returning a car , they could’ve brought delivery date forward to May. So looks like they are getting them out on time ????

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    I tested a 3008,C5 Aircross,Toyota CR-V,Skoda,Seat and Volkswagan same as models,and a Kuga , heres my thoughts , VAG all poorly equipped compared to others within my budget of £1500 max up front , they also felt the same and had similar dash and interiors with minor differences and the same light switches etc (Tiguan ,Kodiaq ,Ateca ) the Ateca came closest to matching my wishes which were Sunroof,auto boot,sat nav,camera,self parking,leather,latest safety and braking equipment,the Toyota although being available as a hybrid which i really liked had no sunroof option or autonomous braking and was way too small inside,The Kuga is away to be replaced in a few months so no point in buying an old model ,the Peugeot whilst being a fantastic car was too expensive by a thousand when loaded with a sunroof and auto boot , so i ordered an Aircross Flair Plus with everything and a whole lot more that drives fine (i am no Stirling Moss ) looks better than the others and much better than the awfully boring VAG cars , i do not bother about the badge so i am very pleased, its in the lighter of the two greys (cumulus) with red accents and a black roof ,all for under £1500 ufc ,delighted 12 weeks to go !!!




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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by  puma999.

    Current Car Kia Sportage KX4 (worst car i have ever owned) waiting on a new Citroen C5 Aircross Flair plus

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    Boy do I wish it had a big enough boot for my chair, one of the best looking suv’s around right now and the drive(2.0l hdi auto) is superb with the most comfortable seats this side of a lazy boy.

    In short, Would love one but can’t have one, I would jump up and down in a tantrum but I can’t! ?

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    As puma999, test drove loads of suvs this past few weeks. Jeep Compass, Peugeot 3008, BMW x2, Toyota Chr, Hyundai Touson, Kia Sportage, Vw Touran.

    Settled on a Citroen C5 Aircross, was extremely comfortable and relaxing to drive…was a close call with the Peugeot 3008 tho but the extra comfy seats swung it in favour of the C5.

    Ordering one in three weeks in white with red bits.

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    Mr P

    ….well done puma999 and Feeney69…I take delivery 3 weeks today (14th June). I have seen about 8 now locally, so appears they are getting them out on the roads.

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    Hi Mr P, had a phone call from dealer yesterday morning informing us our car is on its way and will be ready for us on 10th June.

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    Mr P

    ..@Mick, brilliant news, don’t forget the photos and review please ??????

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    Well picked ours up in May

    1.2 petrol manual flair plus

    Absolutely love it

    Downside, got a massive chip in the windscreen after just 3 days which then turned into a 10 inch crack in the glass,  it took autoglass five attempts to get the glass but my car is now in storage, motability state unsafe to drive with the huge crack in the screen.  The screen can’t be replaced due to £0.49 replacement clips  not available yet.

    Very unhappy



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    Mr P

    @Julie, sorry to hear that, hope you get it repaired soon and start enjoying again. We collect ours tomorrow, can’t wait ??

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    What a bummer about the fitting clip.

    I had some nightmares with windscreen replacement. Over the years. Definitely wasn’t expecting any problems.

    I had one guy changed my screen when I was at work. In the Rain with no cover up.

    mrs Philjb was home. She offered him a coffee.

    Went inside to make it came out with the cuppa and they guy had tried to save time removing the screen, grand Citroen c4, he’d damaged my dash and radio with his boots.

    Cut himself on a Stanley knife so bled all over the inside of the car, he’d cut into the paint both sides with his blade.

    Then drove off apologising and leaving my car to the elements.

    He shouted to here a manager would be in touch? Off he went.

    This was a Friday lunch time.  So from work I rang them. They  didn’t believe me how my car was damaged and left,  they’d not heard from the fitter yet.

    So would need to wait.  I’m home by now and can’t believe what I’m looking at.

    The screen obviously burst inside the car when he was trying to kick it out to save time?

    No idea why he never used his awning as he was parked next to it.

    Luckily we has a condition report before he started and there wasn’t a mark anywhere.

    In the end they had to pain the front of the car at a main dealers. I couldn’t see but he’s cut into my roof paint and inside the roof lining in a number of places and various other bits.

    I needed a complete new dash with New infotainment system which he had scratched the screen with his Stanley blade took ( which he had left on the floor of my car ) I had glass everywhere in all the vents.

    It cost them nearly £6k to repair and then after it was all done, valeted, new dash, new roof linings. Side fillets.  Painted and baked by Citroen.

    They sent an expert fitter down from Brighton to fit my screen and then had sent the wrong one. ??

    it took another week to get a correct screen  then I kid you not he fitted it wrong so you couldn’t read the chassis numbers through the screen?

    The new screen was sitting too high up to it had a ridge at the top.

    So they had to wait for my paint to dry a bit more just incase.

    Then a week later another guy came from a long way off and fitted the screen.  But the car has been left inside with the widows open. So everything was covered in dust inside so it had to be valeted again.



    Last time on my old touran the guy fitted the screen wrong and spread black gunk over both air bag cover both sides, so they sent a guy out who only deals with complaints etc

    He had another screen with him so changed it so it fitted correctly, then went off to vw and bought the two covers and fitted them.


    So now I dread having screens changed I still have nightmares


    I’m sure yours will be fine. ??



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    Mr P


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    Mick Hempshall

    Picked ours up yesterday, although I’ve only driven it for about an hour yesterday and same again today it’s a dream, brilliant and very comfortable drive, very quite and excellent suspension. after test driving most of the SUVs available on the scheme we are ( at the moment) very glad we went for this one. (1.6 Petrol Flair Plus same colour as Mr P). I will give a more detailed analysis once we have visited daughter up in Elgin

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    Phil, don’t ever offer me lottery numbers!

    WoW, I’d have lost my shit! You are one calm dude! ?

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    Mr P

    @ Mick, well done , so happy you got it on time. I can’t recall, did you get the automatic? How is it?

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    Mick Hempshall

    Yes, automatic and the gear changes are so smooth. Having a hearing problem it’s nice to be able to hear the back passenger talking with shouting as the cars that quite.

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