Insurance may be void

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    Celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman quoted as  saying if you use car for non-essential  travel ( ie other than medical reason or food shop) your insurance may be invalidated.

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    I’m sure as a “celebrity” lawyer he gets paid well for spouting tripe.

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    …….. but winning most of his cases!

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    Agreed there’s a lot of highly paid well educated, simple but nice experts about on TV at the moment and of course there all right.

    Also a lot of experts about papering over the cracks in their incompetences.

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    What a load of bull.

    Can’t recall reading anything in my policy document.

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    Our present allowable journeys are covered in law by “The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020”  so if we were to break the law …………..?

    Who knows, certainly won’t be putting it to the test. The less road use at the moment the better as emergency services don’t need to be diverted from the Coronavirus fight with motoring accidents etc.

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    I believe he is talking absolute tripe. Whilst we have been advised not to drive unnecessarily, no law has come into force Banning us from driving. Therefore we are not invalidating our insurance.

    I also own a private car my partner uses and her insurance company has written relaxing some of the rules , such as car sharing and commuting, so if there was a chance of voiding they would have let us know.

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    Celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman quoted as saying if you use car for non-essential travel ( ie other than medical reason or food shop) your insurance may be invalidated.

    Business must be slack, so a bit of scaremongering might help it.


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    What country is he talking about because it’s not here in the U.K.

    News and media even getting bored of posting about the coronavirus now, so are making stories out of nothing.

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    No country Philjb. His job is done. His name has been repeated a miriad times in blog posts and on twitter, and some who didn’t know who he was have googled him.  All good free publicity.

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    His statement I understand contains the word May, which indicates he is not certain, also where has he got his information from or is it pure conjecture?

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    72 dudes

    Ridiculous scare mongering.

    There’s not even a ban on driving out to a beauty spot for a walk, although the government are saying that we shouldn’t.

    A high court judge was saying this on Radio 2 a few days ago. The context was that the police have no powers of enforcement if they stop you while driving in the countryside, they can only advise.


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    i think the key word is essential  and every ones idea of essential  is different

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    Donkey Oatie

    If you follow his logic.. You are not insured if you break the speed limit, park on a double yellow, etc etc etc.

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    Why do people post such obvious garbage and then proceed to back up the wildly incorrect theory, SHEEP, the world is full of sheep! 🐑🐑🐑

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    Donkey Oatie

    I Like sheep especially lamb!!

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    Can’t beat a good slow cooked mutton stew.  Downturn in meat consumption by catering trade means many lambs are going to be left to grow another season which will hopefully mean more mutton in the butchers next year..

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    In this guys world he is known as masters of finding loop holes so I don’t doubt he could find some way to argue someone wasn’t insured if you payed him enough.

    buy it still doesn’t make it a fact.


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