Insurance for Under-25 Queries

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    Hi there everyone, first time poster but long time lurker,

    My girlfriend has been through the tribunal and got her higher mobility back! All it took was the best part of 8 months, but still, she’s happy and I’m happy.

    She is after a Mini hatch on the scheme, but she’s 24 at the moment (25 in December). To run you through the specs on the Mini, she is able to get the One spec, but not anything higher (Cooper and Cooper S). Since the One only comes in classic and Motability do not offer a package that includes any of the packs on the One spec. For example, a Mini Cooper Classic with the Comfort pack (which has the parking sensors which she will most likely need) and the Nav pack (she has an Android and Mini only offer phone pairing with iPhones) is £1149 right now, but to spec a Mini One (£499 AP) to that level adds another £1800 on top.

    What I’m looking for is if anyone can help answer if:

    – Motability will allow her the car that is outside the BHP limit if we offer to pay an premium on top or if it is worth contacting them about hearing us out

    – If it’s not the case, is the car able to be ordered before her 25th birthday and she then gets given it as a nice birthday present

    – Allowing us to take out a seperate insurance policy against the car until she is 25 and moving it back under RSA (A quote on a Cooper Classic is around £550 for her and her alone, so for the couple of months she would have that insurance policy it will be like £200)

    I know there are other cars available to her (except the Honda Jazz, she was really not that impressed with the Magic seats whereas I was playing with them for like 15 minutes!), but this is the car she has her heart set on and I would like to know our options her and just how feasible it is for her to put an order down and get it as soon as she can.

    Many thanks in advance, Liam

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    Unfortunately their doesn’t seem to be a work around you can order a vehicle and as long as handover date is either on or after the 25th birthday it is possible. If there is only a couple of months difference it might be an idea to hold off and use the allowance in the meantime to hire a vehicle. Some of the big hire companies do a reduced rate for a 3 month hire period within reach of the allowance amount. Then order a vehicle with a pick up date to coinsude with being classed qas over 25. And with motability unlike some insurances you are classed as over 25 upon I minute passed midnight on the day of your birthday, some 3 month hires can workout as little a £6 a day with a wide choice of vehicles available at £9 a day. May tide you over until your partner turns 25 and the choice widens.

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