inquiry to begin into dwp’s-treatment-of-ill and disabled people on benifits.

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      @kezo  Link not working

      This one is the article on The Guardian website, unfortunately they use a paywall and want people to register for free to use it.
      If you just click on “I’ll do it later” you should be able to read it.

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        Thanks @Phaedra your link is without paywall. It was also a Guardian link I posted of msn news feed and there were several other papers covering the same story 🙂


          Also this: Disabled claimant gets £50k compensation for work coach bullying.

          From Benefits & Work web site

          A claimant has received £50,000 in compensation because of “victimising”, “unlawful” and “oppressive” behaviour by a Jobcentre Disability Employment Adviser and work coaches.

          The profoundly deaf claimant was in receipt of JSA and spent 6 years trying to get proper support to move into work from his local jobcentre in Leeds.

          But staff there:

          repeatedly failed to provide the claimant with a BSL interpreter;
          sanctioned him, after providing a poorly qualified interpreter whose lack of skills prevented the claimant from providing evidence that he was looking for work;
          refused to give the claimant access to video conferencing calls during and after the pandemic;
          sent an internal email suggesting that the claimant had already used too many Jobcentre resources and needed ‘firm work coaching’ using directions and sanctions.

          Read more

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            Glad he got a result shame none of this will change a damn thing though. I just don’t get why the people act like it’s their money when as a employer they treat their staff so badly too


              I predict the inquiry will suggest that medical experts are allowed to add more weight to correct entitlement


              In other words back to how it was before


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