In car dash cameras

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    So in car dash cameras. Do you use one ? If so which one do you use and why?.

    Was it fitted by your car supplier or a third party or by yourself?

    Fitting a dashcam to your Motability Scheme car

    If you are a Motability Scheme customer and are considering fitting a dashcam to your Scheme car, here’s what you need to know:

    The dashcam must be plug in type and not hard wired into the vehicle
    It must be attached in such a way as to not cause damage to the vehicle (eg fixed by suckers and not permanently attached to the dashboard)
    Any associated costs must be covered by you (including the purchase of the dashcam and any fitting/removal costs)
    Your dealer may also be able to help advise you on purchasing and installing a dashcam.

    Well let me start this off. Yes I use a dashcam. The one I use after much research is the DOD-Tech LS470W

    Why do I use this. Because there are so many issues on our roads that we face every day. We all wish that at some point or other if i had a dashcam fitted, I would have caught that accident on camera or someone else’s accident on camera. The camera does not lie. The capture can be and is accepted as evidence in court and insurance claims, So could potentially save you money and prove your innocence as to who was at fault. With so many uninsured drives on our roads, I really do think that a good dashcam is worth having.

    The one I use is now 5 years old. It has worked faultlessly during that time. I posted a link above so you can view the camera and all its details. There are newer version available that you can view on the link. The software is easy to use on your laptop or PC to view the footed captured. Some cameras record to cloud base for storage and can be viewed on your phone.

    I shall keep my camera and install it as a rear view cam. I plan on getting a new DOD cam for the front that has cloud storage and full speed cam data base that will also detect the mobile road side units. were as my current cam only warns of static road side cams.


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    If the 12v socket isn’t suitable you can try an unused fuse space or a fuse jumper/bridge. These days you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a fuse/space that’s switched off when you switch off the ignition, most cars automatically switch everything off after a while that save battery. At least all the cars I’ve had in the past 10 years or so.

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    Up until recently I have had a dashcam installed. I got the one that “techmoan” reviewed years ago. 1080p was brilliant and lasted me about 3 years cost £30. It is actually a relief to drive without one now our level of swearing is unbound?

    EDIT: Found vid!

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    If the 12v socket isn’t suitable you can try an unused fuse space or a fuse jumper/bridge. These days you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a fuse/space that’s switched off when you switch off the ignition, most cars automatically switch everything off after a while that save battery. At least all the cars I’ve had in the past 10 years or so.

    You can get a piggyback fuse with a power takeoff . Though looking at the above I don’t think your supposed to use one.

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    I’m thinking of getting one of them that fit onto the rear view mirror, but have heard there may be issues with the ‘black box’ causing blind spots and also the angle of the camera is limited by the rear view mirror.

    Anyone had any experience of these?

    Thanks 🙂


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    Shawn, that is the same thing supplied in the Nextbase installation kit.

    In my previous vehicle i hardwired in a Nextbase 212 with the installation kit – Yes i know i shouldn’t have, but i knew the electrics would be sound, so no harm could be done.

    Never had an accident before i installed one, then a couple of month later someone rear-ended me in a car park – yep where the cam wasn’t pointing. LOL

    I didn’t take the cam out when i had the repairs done, and a service, nothing was said.

    I sold the cam, didn’t install it in the new car as the head trim sealed, unlike in the previous car where i could run the cable.

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    The one I had in my present car just plugs in the aux socket but I did once forget to unplug it and week later when I went to start my car the battery was stone dead? Did capture something interesting on my last MOT though,they did not check headlight alignment at all?

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    Had one fitted for years, present one, Mini0808 or 0809, cannot remember the last number, many people making clones of it. It has front and rear camera, that record onto one unit fitted in the windscreen, with wire to rear camera.

    Provides a good picture, plus having them both recording to same time, means the time stamp is the same for both feeds. Makes it easier to find what you are looking for if you need to check something, plus has separate little button to press to save a particular event, that you can stick to the dash or leave in cup holder like I do.

    Years ago had two separate cameras, one front one rear. Another driver did hit and run, when my car was parked on street. Took the video off camera, as had it set up to run until I unplugged the 12v socket, as well as some stills, provided to insurance, didn’t even have to pay excess, due to evidence from camera. The police traced the other driver, he tried to claim didn’t know he hit something.

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    I’m using a Nextbase 412GW which I’m very happy with. I’ve twice used it to check the speed I was going when I saw a mobile police speed camera, I was OK, and I’ve also used it to keep a record of beautiful drives through the countryside.

    I was going to have one fitted as an extra to the new car but they wanted too much, so I’ll do what I did last time – drape it over a sun visor, grab handle, and through stick on cable clips, under the passenger, and into the 12v socket between the front seats. Even I can do that.

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    I have had a few dash cams over the years, and done quite a bit of research and with my own experience I have noticed that the ones with a internal battery does effect the camera eventually not only with heat that it produces but with them dying quite quickly. the heat from them can cause issues with the Micro SD card for it to stop recording or damage it. so for the past 4 years I have used cameras that have had an internal   super capacitor to save what footage you have and to keep the settings i.e. date time ect… that’s all there for any way not for recording purposes.  next bit is aperture you need at least F8 or even better f6 for better night recording the higher the aperture the less light the lens lets in. be a wear there is some fake 4K cameras out there. what they claim to be, but there not. ive used SanDisk cards before they have last 3 months and died. now I use Samsung Evo pro and not had any issues.  cameras I would say to get from your basic £40 ones to around £100 is from Viofo. at the moment I am using two G1W-S cameras with 64gb cards in them for front an rear. had them around 3 years now but I will be up grading to the duo from Viofo.

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    It must be around 2010 that I saw dashcam clips on internet. One person recommended a free dashcam app. I had a spare smartphone. Downloaded the app. Got a mobile holder. A usb lead for power. Job done. Have been using this set up for 9 years now. The battery in the phone is not that good anymore as expected. I always remove the smartphone when I go home.

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    Here is my set up. The mirror above is for me to check on traffic behind when my offspring is driving.

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    Love it Wazza,

    I did the same with my Samsung Note 2, some 6/7 years ago now – it was by accident, phone was too big too fit in my pocket when driving so got a windscreen mount and soon realised i could video when it was mounted… i used to shoot ‘home in 60 seconds’ videos on youtube lol

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    Forgot to say in earlier post, some good reviews and advice on dashcams, on or look at his YouTube channel (Techmoan).

    Even if not interested in dashcams, he does a lot of classic electronics and gadgets, great for those nostalgic moments. For those of us who remember the stuff, or similar first time around.

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    Those who wish to install a dash cam to their private car should know the following. Some of it might apply to motability car.

    If it’s just a plug in system then no problem. If it is hard wired into fuse box etc then you need to notify your insurance. They regard this as a modification to the car and may increase your premium.  Insurance company might give you a discount as long as it is installed by an expert and a certificate is issued.

    If you say you have dashcam fitted and it is off when something happens will they honour your claim?

    Make sure the screen is not in your field of vision or that you can easily see the screen when driving. You might get stopped. That is why my heath Robinson effort is mounted on the passenger side.

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