I’m no fan of Boris but credit where credits due.

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    Anyone on the “off topic” forum will know I’m no fan of BJ but you’ve got to hand it to him and his government on the job they have done on bringing the vaccine to our people. Absolute forsite in ordering the doses required even before the had been approved, the vaccines not approved wouldn’t go to waste he would have sent them to Scotland lol.

    So here’s to BJ, well done young man, hopefully it won’t be the last time I say that.

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    I can absolutely assure you that Boris was advised that if the people were vaccinated as soon as possible then production would resume earlier than in other countries.

    But, sometimes these are the best policies whichever way you look at it & the Government moved faster than other governments.

    Boris having COVID was perhaps most useful at concentrating his priorities.



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    When BJ was our London mayor I thought he was a bumbling pr*t but since becoming PM when he was rather dropped in it at the deep end dealing with Brexit then the covid outbreak, he’s done as great job.
    Both Brexit and covid have no rule book to work from so him and his team have done the best job they can.


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    Yeah total different person since becoming the P M, let’s be fair, not an easy job to date.

    UK not the same place as years ago, seems everyone prefers to be awkward rather than pull together..

    A quality I think the UK has lost forever…😳🌻

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