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      When I’ve previously charged the car overnight for the last 3 months my IHD has always shown the wrong cost, it shows the cost based on the full daily rate (about 29p/kWh) so around £11 for 38kWh + standing charge.

      Got up this morning and it showed £3.46!, I immediately thought it’d only done a partial charge!.  When I checked it was fully charged and had used 37.5kWh which at the correct price (7.5p/kWh) comes to £2.81, add on the standing charge and it’s actually showing the correct cost!

      I don’t know if something has changed with the smart meter or the IHD but at least I can now see the real costs 🙂

      Please excuse spelling/typos. Apart from being a clot it turns out I had one on my cerebellum that's now causing various problems!

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        Ihd are useless as you’ve found in the past. The home mini does the job perfectly instead of the ihd though


          My Octopus IHD is about much use as a chocolate fireguard, we recent received an Octopus Mini which bluetooth to your iPhone very  informative and accurate.


            Got my second Mini about 10 days ago, first wouldn’t connect.

            This one is working 🙂

            6.93kWh so far today, currently using 226w, main PC, 55″ TV and a great big Rotel pre/power amp on 🙂

            Hold on!!
            According to my IHD I’ve used £1.20 today, that can’t be right?, 6.93kWh @ 25.84p should be £1.79 plus standing charge of 65.85p surely?  I used almost nothing from midnight to 05:30.

            Looks like the IHD is now showing all usage at the off peak 7.5p rate, 6.93 x .075p = 0.52, plus standing charge = £1.18 !!!

            Gas says 4.34kWh, Mini says 26.18p, IHD shows 55p which I assume includes the 26.16p standing charge.


            Please excuse spelling/typos. Apart from being a clot it turns out I had one on my cerebellum that's now causing various problems!


              Yay glad you got hold of another mini and this one’s working it’s a great device.

              The Octopus app itself plus Octopus Watch for Agile and Octopus compare are brilliant. Octopus compare is well worth a fiver. Year as oylt instantly shows you what a tariff change will do to your current data. For example Agile is still almost exactly 60% cheaper than anything else.

              Got my data for April thru as first month with more sunshine and no heating our bill was £72 for the month with £21 worth exported. Now that’s more like it.

              Currently sitting at a paltry 450w I love it.

              Just goes to show how energy efficient modern appliances are, the heat pump tumble dryer just sips electricity esp compared to a condenser


                Guys we really need a thread on the myriad of utility tariffs out there, it’s a bit of a minefield.

                Octopus have maybe half a dozen options available and new suppliers are starting to return to the market.

                There are options for most scenarios, with BEV, with solar, with battery storage, fixed deals etc.

                We could really help many on here who don’t know which tariff would suit them best and sometimes one tariff is not enough to make the most from their particular circumstances.

                Over the next few months, I will be installing an Air Source Heat Pump, more solar and battery storage. I’m looking at the various tariffs available and have still to settle on the best for me and as I said above it could be that I have a tariff for summer and one for winter, it hurts the brain 🧠

                The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
                Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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