If car is not all that’s promised

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    Christine Tate

    I have ordered another car today, there was only a two year old auto to try and not my model but gave a good idea of what it would be like,I asked if it came with dark tint on back of the car as I need it to leave my dog in her crate as I dint want anyone to see she’s in there and as she’s silent in the car I take her out a lot with me, I was told yes it’s dark and if I needed it any darker they know someone that could do the job £100/150,I said  should be fine if it’s dark, my worry is I cannot find anywhere in the write up that says it’s tinted, it says my model has heat resistant glass so I presume it’s both ,but what can I do if I pick it up and it’s not tinted ? I’m already paying £400 up front for this model because I need a reversing camera as cannot turn my head when reversing so this is easier than just use mirrors and safer because I find people have a habit of walking behind a car reversing which they would not do when going forward, can I refuse the car or insist they put it right by getting the glass tinted as this was made clear it’s needed .

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    Get it in writing.  Ask them for ‘paperwork’ (either on headed paper or as an email attachment) detailing the Model, Options, and all the things the car should come with.  Then you can check regarding the tinting, and should it arrive without you’ll have physical evidence to support your argument that you asked about the tinting right from the start.  (The ‘paperwork’ for my latest car came as an email attachment, but still had all the details.)

    And keep all email messages to and from them for the same reason – so you can quote dates, times and exact words should there be any issues.  Stick them in their own file so you can find them easily if you need to.

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