I want better MPG on next vehicle

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    Hi all,

    I’m changing vehicle in spring and want better MPG from my next choice, any advice appreciated.

    For nearly 3 years I have driven a 2.0 litre diesel Alhambra. I regularly get 31-33 mpg around town. I do most of my mileage around town so this is a concern.

    Trouble is, I need this size vehicle and they mostly have a 2.0 litre Diesel engine.

    Anyone drive a similar size vehicle and get better mpg  around town?

    Regards, wonky

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    We had a 2.0tdi ford galaxy auto that did about 35-37 mpg.
    If you go down in size a bit to a Vw touran you should see low 40 mpg around town.

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    Some of the offerings from Peugeot are CLAIMING serious MPG nowadays – might be worth a look. The 1.5 diesel is close to 70 officially and they’re not a small vehicle

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    Hi Wonky, I have the same 184dsg 2.0 diesel Alhambra and get the same shitty 30-32mpg.

    I ordered new car on 4th November.

    I went for the Peugeot RIFTER GT Line 1.5L BlueHDi 130 S&S EAT8 Long 7 Seat + Visio 1

    (the visio 1 pack is £500 extra if ordered after but if ordered on actual model VTN 710488 then it’s only £200 more) this is what it gets you: Visio Park 1: Parking sensors – front and rear, Blind spot monitoring system and 180° Colour Reversing camera
    Must be ordered together.

    + I added an extra pack for £200, the ZV80 Drive Assist Pack : Safety Plus Pack which gives the following:

    Adaptive cruise control with stop function (brakes until 20mph for manual gearboxes) – Not
    available on 1.5L BlueHDi 100 / Traffic sign recognition, Driver attention monitoring system, Low / High beam function.

    It’s the long version with 7 seats that actual adults can get into and sit in comfortably and the rear 2 can be fully removed leaving a totally flat floor 140cm long, it has all the toys a guy could want, keyless entry/start, 3D nav etc, 8 speed auto that is superb, very comfortable seats and ride, loads of cabin space and headroom, nippy enough(10 secs to 60) with loads of poke mid range and will return real world 50+mpg easily, 60+ if you hit the motorways often.

    I can’t wait to get rid of this bus and start enjoying driving again.

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    Around town driving – a hybrid may be your best bet, but none around at the size you are after. Diesel is best on long steady state journeys and not so good around town, but, given you don’t need serious power for town driving then the 1.5/1.6 diesels are the ones to go for: Grand Picasso, Touran, Grand C-Max for std MPV’s and the Rifter, Berlingo, Tourneo for van derived MPV’s, drive both, you may prefer one type over another. Look at the 5008 too, its not really an SUV, the rear end and interior fit out is nearly identical to the Grand Picasso, just not as high a roofline and less room for seats 6 and 7.

    Basically you’d see between 5-10mpg better overall for the drop from 2.0 to 1.5 without any real performance issue given your town driving. They aren’t that bad out of town either, and despite being slightly slower to 70, will give well into the 50’s mpg on a run.

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    Hi all, thanks for answers so far.
    I haven’t looked at the van based vehicles but the one Vinalspin mentions sounds impressive.

    I should be looking at petrol really as my diesel Alhambra chokes up around town and I have to take it for a run.
    I like many things about the Alhambra, particularly the comfy seats. I just dare not order the 1.4 petrol version incase it is underpowered. Finding one to test drive is impossible and it will most probably only give low 30s mpg.

    Why do DPFs cause such problems and why can’t vehicles achieve something like the advertised mpg. ?
    Whether you buy or lease you only find out the truth about a vehicle when you’ve run it for a while. Bit like Political parties!

    Thanks again for any advice, anyone want to know about running an Alhambra, just ask.
    Regards, wonky

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    I’ll just add that I have the 148HP version of the 2.0 litre diesel in my Alhambra & over the 2 1/2 years I’ve had it the average is 41 mpg, but I have done a fair bit of fast A road & motorway which pushes it up a bit compared to twon driving where it’s also in the 30-40 mpg range but a tiny bit better than the 184 HP.


    Previous to the Alhambra I had a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso that averaged 53 mpg over the 3 years on a 1.6 l diesel, but same driving type, distance on motorways, fast A road & only some town driving.

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    The thing to do is look at all the reviews you can for real world mpg

    car wow are quite good.

    The only thing that has put me off van derived people carriers is that the rear seats generally don’t fold flat. So need to be physically removed and stored somewhere when you need the space.
    some are really heavy if they seat adults comfortably.
    Thats something I can’t do myself.

    But they are usually great value and very practical otherwise.


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    You are right Phil, I have had a few that even the 2nd row remove completely just the same, now they do fold down on themselves so take up a lot less room but while I personally don’t think they are too heavy that might not be the case for others, on the flip side it does leave a totally flat floor that is huge and it also gives the option of having just 1 seat in the back and still space for mobility gear.

    I would say that if you need 7 seats on a regular basis but still need to stow the seats all the time then it might be a pain.

    Regarding the DPF on Peugeot/Citroen BlueHDi engines I have never had a problem with them and found that they only needed the occasional run down a dual carriageway to get hot enough to clear out, tbh if you were driving in this christmas traffic for more than 10 minutes then it would be enough to allow the regen process and searching for problems with these motors I can hardly find any results on google and I don’t remember hearing of it while I was still in the car game.

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    I did 195,000 miles in two 1.6 diesel C4 Grand Picasso auto’s and never had any DPF issues, funnily enough the newer 2015 one liked to do regens right after filling up, so it would often be mid-regen when I got home. I just used to switch off the car and leave it to it, fans whir for a bit then it stopped.

    The 1st one needed a new DPF at 110,000 miles, but that was the standard replacement as it was full, rather than any weird issue. Not cheap, but unlikely to be an issue for a Motability user.

    So I’d agree with Vinalspin, it just wasn’t an issue and my 2015 one did 75,000 miles and averaged 48mpg (2008 one averaged 53mpg – despite allegedly being less economical in the official figures).

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    We’ve had a number of diesel Renault Scenics/Grand Scenics and the final one we had averaged 51.8 MPG. We do very little ‘town’ driving on a day to day basis, a lot of our driving is on twisty single track driving and up and down hills. We changed to an Ateca petrol and now find our average is around 35 MPG as against the 51.5 we were led to expect. Given the price of fuel in very rural areas this is making the car unaffordable for us. We never had a problem with the DPF in any of our previous cars.

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