I test drove the ID3 today

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    James cheer

    So i can order my new car and decided that im gonna go for an ev ive test drove the Kona, Soul, Peugeot e2008 and today the id3 ideally wanted to test the id4 but they didn’t have any at my local dealer so took the id3 for a drive so far ive found the Kona to be the best so far IMO the id3 would have been ideal if it wasn’t for 1 thing the stupid armrest in the car i literally can’t fathom why they made them the way they did should have just put a normal arm rest like in any other car instead they put those airplane style armrest then drove 10 miles to sit in a id4 which has the exact same problem im hoping in q4 for some different evs but i very much doubt it may just extend my tiguan at this point 😞

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    I have a Tiguan which is now past it’s renewal and like you have decided to go EV.

    So far drove the Enyaq which was great but not on the Motobility scheme yet also had a test drive of the ID3 yesterday and also the ID4.

    There are no other EV cars on the scheme that I like the look of as they are not big enough for my needs. Trouble is there is nothing coming out soon enough as I want to order now or very soon as any car will be 20/30 weeks after ordering and I don’t want to keep the Tiguan more than that even though I still like the car very much.

    I did like the ID3 a lot and felt it was a good size inside and the seats were comfortable. I even like the armrests as you can raise and lower them and fix them where you want them rather than like a much lower armrest in most cars(even our Tiguan).The ID3 was very nippy and the drive was quite enjoyable, the Tour model with 77kw battery at £1349 AP would be our choice so you get the best range between charges.

    The ID4 was larger inside and has the bigger boot which is useful as we have a scooter to accommodate.The drive is different to the ID3 in that it is a bigger car so has more room and the performance is a little less peppy due to weight and size of car. However it was more a sedate ride and floated over any humps and bumps in the road better than the ID3. It is though at the moment £2900 AP so quite a premium over the ID3 and has a smaller battery to (52kw) so range is much less.

    Our conclusion though is we would go for the ID4 as it suits us better for size and ride and the seats are a bit more comfortable and the bigger boot is a plus. I am hoping the ID4’s AP comes down in October which would mirror what happened with the ID3 after it had been on the scheme a short while. I am hoping at least £1000 will come off the 52kw AP and that a 77kw version might even come on the scheme as we might go for that if the AP was under £3k.






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    Mike 700

    Agreed, I have tested both of the ID models, and the ID.4 is larger inside, and higher off the ground which suites me better, as well as having a tailgate with a low ish boot loading floor rather than the high ish lip of the ID.3 boot.

    Also, I use the roof rails on the Tiguan quite often to help me move to the back of the car after sliding off the front seat, and out of the two cars, only the ID.4 has them so even though I think that the ID.3 is a much better buy, due to my ‘personal’ needs, I have ordered an ID.4 in the Life Pure trim , with the lowest AP, however it is pretty basic compared to the ID. 3 Max spec., and that of my Tiguan SEL, but it has a little more room inside than the ID3, and is slightly easier to climb in and out of, but , just like other VW’s, is likely to take 5/6 months to arrive, so I have a promise that in the meantime if any ID.3 Max appear on the dealers factory pipeline , without a load of expensive extras onboard, I have the option of swopping to the ID.3, and up to this week I thought that I probably would if the delivery is much sooner than that of the 4, but having looked again at the boot and loading/ unloading etc., I am probably going to stick with an ID.4, and go up a grade if AP’s come down next month?

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    James cheer

    Yeah the id4 was my choice as well hoping for the price to drop q4 can’t stand the idea of it not having alloys wheels either especially on a £40+ car also the armrest still get me I think it cause I’m quite a big guy (6ft7) the armrest just seems dead weird may have to have another sit in it but I am going to wait now till start of q4 hopefully for some new cars or price reductions on others

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    The ID3 Tour has quite an increase in spec over the ID4 Life pure trim and also as you say comparing to some aspects of the Tiguan SEL we both have.

    Having said that even in the basic life spec it does have quite a few decent extras over what would be the Skoda Enyaq with comes with nothing really everything has to be added as extras which really tot up.

    Even the base ID4 has heated seats and steering wheel, 100kw charging, satnav, voice control, wireless charging,rear view camera + other driving aids. The strange thing is though steel wheels and drum brakes at rear, I thought drum brakes went out years ago. Strange they don’t offer alloys as an option on that model. I havent had steel wheels on a car for decades.

    I am probably ordering one in Kings Red in the next few days as my dealer has told me if the price comes down 1st October he will let me cancel and re-order at lower price or change to a different model if a higher spec one comes on board.

    Apparently the ID4’s are on a 20 week del and the ID3 27 weeks of course that may be subject to change.

    The dealer did give me an option of one of the ones their group has on order which would get delivery slightly quicker but they have extras on that I don’t want to pay for and in colours that I don’t fancy.

    Talking of colours the ID3 had 2 colours  Makena Turquoise a stone wash blue and the ID4 only has 1 colour, Kings Red that are of interest. All the other colours are black or white and various shades of grey, why can’t they offer some proper range of colours rather than the bland bunch that is mainly on offer.


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    I saw my first ID4 on the motorway yesterday and it looked quite big which is pretty good as it appears that a lot of the larger saloons have disappeared off the scheme. Just needs the AP to come down to make it affordable for most on the scheme.

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    Mike 700

    My front sensor is ‘impaired’ according to the display, and as a result I called in to the local VW dealer to arrange repair/replacement and there were a couple of ID.4’s in the yard, one in blue and one in Glacier White, both of which looked quite smart, but neither was Life Trim.

    Sitting alongside some Tiguans, they looked quite large , then I saw an ID.4 in a dull greyish colour with very dark wheels, and both the colour scheme and wheels spoiled what is otherwise a very nice car.

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    Jeff Schofield

    The reason for rear drum brakes is because 90% of braking will be done via regen of the electric motor. Because of this the rear brakes hardly get use so causes lots of issues. Drum brakes less so. I had a Nissan Leaf on the scheme, they had to replace the rear brakes after 3 years!

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    Thanks for that info Jeff, more happy now that I know that. I had forgot about the regen on the braking so it makes sense now.

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    I’m also going to test drive id3 & id4 and was going for a id3 Max Pro because it has top specs at reduced price £1399 but I would prefer id4Life but to convert it into top specs. It would have to be Pure Style £6779. It seems too big a jump. At present I have a Seat Ateca Experience Lux but it keeps having loads of electrical faults!

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