i need tesla 3 how I get one. new to all this I need to know.

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    i need tesla 3 how I get one. new to all this I need to know.

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    Which Mobility Car

    The Tesla is not on the motability scheme. If you want one you will have to lease or buy one privately.

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    How to get one?

    Go to a Tesla showroom and buy one,that’s it. No tesla’s on motability so if that’s what you “need” (not sure why you need a Tesla and nothing else but that’s your business). You’ll need the deposit, monthly payments, pass the credit check then need to budget for all the usual like insurance, servicing, tyres etc.

    If you want to use the scheme then you need to look at what’s actually available by searching, there are lots if low cost ev’s on there that are arguably better than the tesla in some aspects at least.

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    Buy one with Bitcoin 🚀

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    I seen a small review of the Tesla X by Clarkson the other day and apparently you can get a mobility scooter in the boot with the third row seats folded.

    Just what I need, Motability where do I sign.

    Supertramp, Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer. 😁

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    John Newton

    Tesla don’t need to sell cars to MB they just keep up with demand as it is. This question does raise a good point though , would a 3 or better still a Y be a good addition to the scheme? Taking into account the size of the Y and charge network not to mention the residual values would probably be better than anything on the scheme I would say it would work well. Tesla could afford a decent discount and if they threw in free supercharger access and a Tesla wall box the free publicity would be totally worth it. I’d have one I think, what about anyone else?

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    Aside from comms with the cars the home Superchargers are garbage all they are is essentially a cable to the car there’s not one shred if “intelligence” to them compared to chargers like Ohme, Zappi etc that have waaaay more features that are actually useful to have even stuff like load management so the charger can throttle down if you’re getting close to blowing your cutout fuse (ir boiling kettle, cooker, hob & electric shower at same time (not likely lol) timed charging, charging when variable unit price drops etc

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