Hyundai Tucson PHEV Ultimate AWD on Motability £5k AP

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    Nice to see the above car is on motability albeit at £4,999 – hopefully this is just due to the semi-conductor and production issues and the fact that it is a new model of the Tucson range.  (I noticed that Ford increased dramatically the price of the Kuga AP on motability due to semiconductor/supply issues).

    Anyone else expect the AP to drop in the New Year?


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    I don’t, personally.

    The shortage will last well into 2022, if not the entirety of it. If the AP is indeed due to the shortage, new years might be a good guess – but 2023.

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    At present car manufacturers have little incentive to offer discounts due to supply shortages. This could affect AP’s in the short and medium term however there are many other factors at play too.

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    a new issue seems to be a lack of magnesium , which is going to be worse if things dont change soon. china have slashed production due to power issues. no mag, no cars.

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    Thanks for your views and thoughts, guess it’s gonna have to be a “wait and see”, I’m just pleased that they have actually put it on motability … for now!

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    Expect the Kia Sportage equivalent of this (I.e: phev, top trim) to be priced similarly if it comes on the scheme.

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    @PraxxtorCruel – I do like the Sportage a lot, probably design wise just a little more than the Tucson.  I didn’t know there was a plug-in Sportage (PHEV)? The main issue for me though is AWD and I noticed that the Sportage HEV (non-plug in) only comes with 2 wheel drive.

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