Hyundai Kona EV 64kw Warmer weather

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    Hi everyone. I really hope you are well and handling the nightmare that is our modern life, at the moment.  I just wanted to upload some stats with regard to my Kona EV 64kw ultimate I’ve had since September 2021.  in particular how it is running in the warmer weather we’ve been having up in North Yorkshire. The car is showing 295 miles range. This is the highest I’ve see on on my car   Also I have included the monthly report that the Bluelink App produces at the end of the month showing average consumption being  4.82 miles per kWh  which is pretty efficient considering I’m not a slow coach

    anyway I thought it might be interesting to one or two and equally tedious goal of more


    best wishesMonthly report for APRIL 2022

    Screenshot of completed charging

    Cheers, all the very best


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    I never noticed to be honest.  Does it make a difference which driving mode you’re in. Wondering whether eco+ reduces how low you can set temperature.


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    got 7.76m/kwh today on motorway mostly over about 40 miles or so.  kept it about 60mph on motorway but was some 20/30 and 40 too.

    lovely day here; very sunny.

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