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    MR Mark Winter

    Both the Premium and Ultimate list AP as £499.

    Hope this is not a typo.

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    Slightly ginger

    I test drive a white 64kwh one the other day S G Petch on Darlington could not have been nicer. The car had 145 miles left when o picked it up.  The salesman Ross, said use what you want be as long as you want. So me and my mate went for a decent drive of motorway and town driving. My initial impressions were :-

    the interior is very adequate. The build quality is good , despite the design being a bit “meh”. Although as my mate pointed out it’s no worse than my current cx5 really.

    The seats were very comfortable and I found a lovely driving position quite quickly. Everything I touched and needed to touch felt just right ergonomically.

    the infotainment and screens without having the wow factor of a mini or bmw system were perfectly serviceable and easier to navigate than the newest VW system.

    as for specification, it is no coincidence that Hyundai don’t offer any extras in their online configurator.  The premium SE has everything one needs and more. The ultimate currently at the same AP is obviously the one to go for.

    The drive is soft and comfortable and the performance in sport mode especially  made us giggle. Ridiculous speed so instantly in the most innocuous looking vehicle is just so funny. In a good way.

    The regeneration paddles are an inspired function, so easy to use and get used to. And o guess others who own the car will attest to the fact you can end up with one pedal driving when you get used to it.

    as pointed out previously the colour options are errr interesting to say the least. Two blues , two reds, four greys. And a dark green. I am a fan of grey ( the non metallic) so I didn’t have much issue in choosing cyber grey. Which I haven’t seen on real life yet, but I’ve never been that sensitive to colours on cars ( except my Dad’s dirty orange Vauxhall chevette he purchased used on the mobility scheme over forty years ago).

    so after 40 minutes test drive I went straight back to the dealer and told him to go ahead and order a cyber grey ultimate so I can sign on the dotted line in June.

    I’ve heard from someone else on the industry that the AP will be £3499 next quarter. Unless of course motability can negotiate another cracking deal.


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    Nice review on the test drive @Slightly ginger, you expressed the feeling of the power button really well, it still brings me a grin to my face.

    How long did the dealer expect to take for delivery of the car?

    An increase of AP to £3499 will be a shame, but not a surprise, will still be good value even then!

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    I test drove the ultimate yesterday expecting to go for white or the brighter red colour. When we arrived there was a brand new ‘dive in jeju ‘ coloured one sitting out front and that was that. The colour looks so much better in the flesh compared to what I had seen online.
    So we asked on availability and that very car was ready to go, if ordering now it would be 4-6 months for delivery for that colour.  We pick it up next week.
    hopefully everything goes well in our first dive into electric cars.

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    Yes it’s a gorgeous colour, I thought the same in person. It’s the colour I would choose

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    I have a galactic grey one on order should be here middle of next month

    Some of you may find this video review useful

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    Ian Price

    going for a test drive this week. don’t really want to miss out on an EV for this price.  could wait until due to change in March 2022, but doubt the car it will replace will be able to match it. BMW X1

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    going for a test drive this week. don’t really want to miss out on an EV for this price. could wait until due to change in March 2022, but doubt the car it will replace will be able to match it. BMW X1

    Ian, like you I am due to change in March 2022 however we do not have the option of an early termination except in certain circumstances.

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    Ian Price

    Yes. you can order whenever you like during your extension. you are only contracted during the 3 years.

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    Ian Price

    Sorry misread your post. I thought you had extended your lease.

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    Kona looks a cracker at it’s current price.

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    We did an early termination on our current car (1 year left) so we could get one, the normal price is £250 but they only charged us £50 as we’ve never terminated early before.

    They were great about it we currently have a Mitsubishi outlander PHEV and its a little bit big for my partner to get in and out of.

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    Ian Price

    Spoke with local dealer. Delivery in july depending on colour.

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    Does anyone know if you can tow with the 64kw new model kona ?
    If yes  is there a weight limit.

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    Which Mobility Car

    There is no factory fit option for a tow bar and I believe officially Hyundai rate it not suitable for towing but if you are just intending to add a towbar for a bike rack you will be fine. For a caravan it’s a no.

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    Hyundai in Edinburgh have 6 in stock can collect on Friday when I enquired today 4 grey 1 white and 1 blue all ultimate spec.

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    only offered a 20 minute though which put me off. I’m going to think about it bit longer.

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    Dealer just confirmed the kona can’t tow other than possibly a bike rack at 100kg


    another quick question.
    Does anyone know which ev home charger manufacturer motability use in Northern Ireland?

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    Mike Cooper

    The Wilson’s Epsom £200 cash back is off the kona premium not the ultimate.

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    Ian Price

    Waiting for dealer call back. Was told cars are in stock at Tilbury depending on model/colour Just waiting to see if they have dive in jeju which is light blue. These cars all appear to be stock models sent over as a job lot. Don’t know if you can order one if not in stock. Will ask.

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    Just spoken to them not correct is in Ultimate

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    For people with dogs one can programme the aircon with the Bluelink app,  bit of a pain it only stays on for 15 min but the app reminds you so I just keep putting it back on.  I also had some signs made up to explain to the great british public that my new fangled electrickery car can have the air con on when I am not there,  I stopped short at putting now off off and mind your own.  Signs say ELECTRIC VEHICLE WITH AIRCON ON WHEN UNATTENDED FOR DOG WELFARE.  CCTV.  I had a chap playing holy hell as I sat outside a well known coffee shop on the only warm day we had last week,  I explained I had the aircon on and he shouted in my face Prove it.  New signs mean I don’t have to interact with these people.

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