How & When to Charge Your Electric Vehicle, and the Why

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    OK, so you go ahead & order an EV, either a PHEV or a BEV, so what about charging it?

    PHEV – Plug in Hybrid EV, typically charges at 3.7kW maximum, so you’ll want to plug into the following:

    1. Home socket with a granny charger, 10amp, pulls at around 2.3kW (10amp at 230V = 2.3kW, simple maths, you may get 2.4kW in many places as the voltage in your home could be 240V plus, mine is 242V.

    2. Type 2 socket or tethered cable on wallbox, you’ll pull that 3.7kW max, that’s about 16amp.

    3. Type 2 charging post at a destination, they do 7.4kW, but you’ll only pull the 3.7kW max for the car. Some of these posts are 3.7kW, if that’s all you can use then use that post.

    4. Type 2 socket on a Rapid charger. This is to block the Renault Zoe users, yes? they can pull 22kW, you’ll still only pull the 3.7kW max and stop them getting home anytime soon. They may get upset.


    BEV – Battery ONLY Electric Vehicle

    1. Home socket with the granny charger but it’ll take 24 hours on some models.

    2. Type 2 socket on the wallbox or tethered type 2, overnight charge at 7.4kW, cheap rate if you can.

    3. Type 2 charging post at a destination, you’ll want the 7.4kW post of it’s not being blocked by ICE or PHEV.

    4. Type 2 socket on a Rapid charger. You’ll only use this as an emergency measure if the DC side isn’t working, or, you have a Zoe without CCS. 7.4kW, 11kW, 22kW, potentially 43kW for the right cars, AC.

    5. CCS or CHAdeMO DC on a Rapid charger. This is for when you need a top-up part way through a journey, most cars slow their charge rate as the state of charge increases, so aim to reach however much you need to complete the journey or get you to the next stop. Waiting an hour for the last 20% at glacial pace is pointless, move on, use the next charger on your planned route when you’ve used more.

    Hogging the charger for the last 20% will take ages & gain you notoriety from other BEV users.



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    Which Mobility Car

    Brilliant. Thank you.
    Sadly it seems the uncertainty over resale values on Phevs has made them an unrealistic proposal to scheme users. At least they are starting to realise that we are going electric.

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    I love it when you talk EVs Julie, great info.

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    Yup, the decline in diesel engines and petrol and the rise in electric vehicles. The way Musk is going it wont make any sense in buying a car as on demand electric vehicles will be the cheapest option.


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    Ade i said this over a year ago, motability will need to change to stay relevant. Tesla partner CATL say they have a battery that will last for 1,000,000 miles this makes it ideal for atonomous taxis and with no driver and little maintenance they will be so cheap and, for many, it wont be worth having your own car

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    must be a way of connecting your exercise bike to charge it that would save me a bit, i have got to do 10 miles a day on mine according to the physio. hes got bob hope at the moment.

    it might make it a bit more interesting if all that effort was acheiving something useful lol.

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    Thankyou, I’m thinking of doing a few of them covering different aspects, the next one I hope to tackle is about the batteries, the BMS and why you don’t want to leave a BEV fully charged for too long yet you should charge it fully once a week if possible when you are using it. It will deal with the battery chemistry with a light humour rather than going technical.


    Perhaps Ian will continue with his excellent take from the BMW i3 side too.


    We know that BEVs won’t work for everyone right now, but if we all have an idea of why & what needs to improve, then we’ll have a better idea of what we need to prepare for in another 3 years.

    Also we can tackle a few of the reasons why people shy away from going BEV, such as the fire risk… you know, batteries exploding, causing chaos…. when the reality is that a BEV is 6 times LESS likely to go on fire than a fossil vehicle.


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    Look forward to it Julie ūüĎć

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    All you need to now about EV’s and clean electricity, have a look at Robert Lelwyns excellent channel on youtube.

    Robert was Kryten on Red Dwarf, and he is good at explaining the latest tech and how it works.
    Just google robert llewellyn fully charged …His channel is called fully ‘charged’


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    Menorca Mike

    Ian I saw a BMW i3 charging at a big shopping outlet yesterday just two questions how long would it be on charge at the shopping centre carpark and how many real miles could I travel on a full charge ? I understand it is £1399 advance payment

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    @MenorcaMike  Both models, i3 and i3S, are now the same advance payment starting at £1499 (PIP/DLA) or £371 (WPMS). The output of the charging points in shopping centres varies enormously from 3kW to over 50Kw. The free to use ones are generally 3kW or 7kW, so for each hour the car was parked, they would add approximately 3kWh or 7kWh to the 40kWh useable capacity of the i3 battery. The range quoted by BMW is 182-188 miles and may not reflect real life driving results which depend on a number of factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted (post registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. Users are quoting real world figures of 150-200 miles to a full charge. In essence the range is determined in similar way to a petrol or diesel car, it all depends on how it is driven.

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