How much of a ‘Bonus’ has a dealer given off the AP of a car?

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      How much of a ‘Bonus’ has a dealer given off the AP of a car…just asking for a friend…

      I am just trying to get a ball park figure for the current state of dealer bonus they have applied, given Motability has already contributed £750?


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        if you mean a dealer contribution to the ap i got £500 off from mini at chesterfield on each of the mini’s i had from them. i had a mini 3dr for almost 3yrs and then a countryman up to may.

        there was a short lived offer which i missed out on by 24hrs offered by a bmw dealer disconting the entire ap on bmw i3’s a while ago when they were first on the scheme. i think they had stock and needed to hit targets.

        the ap at the time on wpms was north of 2k.


          I once got £2200 off a Nissan Leaf, this was an offer specific to my dealership.

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            I got free mats “worth” £220 on my Volvo years ago and £500 off of my last one, a Tiguan as my local Lookers matched an offer available down country

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              I once got £400 off  a Rover. 75 2.0 Connoisseur SE auto, but it still left £4,000 to pay for the AP.

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              Ian M

                I got, I think, £750 off of our current Mercedes B200 from a particular dealership in Yorks. Made the double trip from Liverpool very worthwhile.
                Nearest dealership to me could only offer a £250 discount trying to match.

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