How much have you paid for an AP?

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    We have talked a lot about APs going up, but I was wondering what  is the most you have paid. Many years ago I paid around £4000 AP for a BMW on the scheme. I would not do it again.

    what about you how much have you paid in the past and what is the max you would pay now. I know this is subjective and a model may come on that is great value for money and you really want it,but if we make it “in general” what would be your max.

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    it would have to be something special for me to go over £1000 and i am on wpms so the ap is usually about £1000 less than for dwp.

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    Our history for Cars is:

    VW Touran £299

    Zafira Elite £249

    Mini Countryman Cooper SD £299

    Hyundai ix35 £199

    VW Golf Match Est £49

    Looking at Audi / BMW next so will need to spend about 400 to 600 reluctantly


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    We paid £95 for a Focus estate auto 6 years ago.

    £795 for a Zafira Tech Line auto 3 years ago +£145 for hoist.

    £2,345 + £170 hoist Kuga Vignale auto just ordered.

    The Vignale AP is about as high as we can currently afford to go. Although if the cap was raised enough to allow some of the bigger SUV types back on the scheme, we would push harder, as we had terrible trouble finding something with enough tailgate height.

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    Last car was a Nissan Qashqai we paid £450

    We ordered a Mitsubishi outlander PHEV last month for £1999 the next day it went up to £3749


    looking forward to getting it end of March

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    We paid £2500 for a BMW 1 series M Sport, then around £1300 for subsequent cars, Nissan Qashqai, Vauxhall Antara and Ford Kuga Titanium X.

    Most cars on my list for our next renewal, which is soon, are over £2000 with the VW Tiguan SEL the most expensive at £2999.

    Financially a new car outright purchase is not a problem but figure as we have never had my son’s allowance as we have always been in the scheme then we don’t miss that so might as well continue as we are.

    Our AP prices are on the high side but that’s because I want to get close to the nicest car I can, after all our allowance is used up anyway so figure may as well get a nice car if I can.

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    It would have to be something really outstanding and with a view to purchasing the vehicle at the contract end for me to go above say £2k. However, like Mitch (above) I receive WPMS so it would be about £3K in DLA equivalence.

    The most I have ever paid so far is £330 for my current Hyundai Tucson AWD Auto, which I have recently extended the lease on.


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    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    My current Toyota C-HR had an advance payment of £999.00 – by far the most AP I have ever paid for a Motability car. And that was with Snows Toyota knocking £400 off the AP! Prior to that – I have paid a few hundred pounds AP towards various cars over the years – depending on my financial position at the time of renewal.

    Having said that… if I could somehow have a Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man-style leg and hip overhaul & various electronic chips/circuit boards installed into my lower limbs to combat the discomfort – I would very happily indeed part with the £1999.00 it would take in order to lease the fabulous Mazda MX-5 RF automatic.  Man what a truly stunning car!

    We can dream… 😉

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    I always think we are pretty much guaranteed to get the £200 back, so that goes towards it and just try and get the nicest car I can providing it suits our needs. Normally an SUV type.

    Our monthly allowance gets taken up in full anyway so may as well pay that bit extra and get something nice, 3 years is a long time.

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    Didn’t the good condition bonus just go up to £500?

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    £295 is the largest AP we paid prior to our recent car, our last car was £0 AP and didn’t take our full benefit. The recent car was £1k AP – Mazda CX-5 Sport Nav+ – it had just appeared on the scheme when a week later we got a rate rebate cheque – so went for it, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to afford it.

    Hands down the best car we have had to date, which means we are implementing a savings plan so in 3 years we will have £1k saved in the hope that we can renew at that price to an equally good car, if not we will extend if scheme rules at the time permit. I know there is a grant scheme, but would prefer to forward plan and try and pay our own way – plus as i say before, who knows what scheme rules are in 3 years time.

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    Confusicated – did it? I don’t know about that.

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    That is correct – Good Condition Bonus on a 3 year lease is currently £500

    I'm running the Virgin London Marathon 2019 in support of MIND The Mental Health Charity

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    Can’t remember exact prices but around £2000 each for our previous cars, Vauxhall Zafira, Chevrolet Orlando and Mazda CX-5, but only £1099+£340 for keyless for our current Alhambra. Unfortunately, had to have a hoist fitted when we upgraded the scooter and that cost £1180. Thinking of extending to 5 years when renewal comes round next year.

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    I paid around £2700 ish for my wife’s Santa Fe. That was a haggled deal including some extras. The 3 years is up in October but we’re likely planning on a two year extension as the car hasn’t done 11000 miles yet and is so far unmarked. It ticks all the boxes and i don’t regret paying that at all.

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    The highest price I paid was £2995 for my Kodiaq SE L last March(should have been £3295, but the dealer forgot to add £300 for the leather seats!!). Before that it was £795 for a Vauxhall Insignia tourer Elite. Have always had a saving plan which includes the good condition bonus starting it off, then a bit each week in the AP savings account

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    I paid just below £1800 for a merc a class in September. Didn’t get a discount but the car was only a couple of weeks and the customer service was excellent.

    i would happily pay a lot higher advance for a nice big 4×4 like the xc60, q5 or discovery sport.

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    Paid £45 (after £250 cashback from

    dealer) for Skoda Karoq 1.6 TDi in SE L trim in sept 17 – collected Nov 17

    previous car was Renault Kadjar £500 AP after £300 discount from Renault fir 6 month build delay.

    I cant personally justify nor afford more than £500 AP at anytime due to personal financial situation (and that’s saving a few quid a month over the three years) towards next AP

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    The AP on my current car Audi Q3 S Line plus was £3k  which at the time was the max AP on the scheme, the price on the scheme  decreased by £500 just 2 days before I collected it, so I only paid the £2500, I spent just under £2k in options

    I’ve actually just extended it for another 2 years, but can now order a new car at any point during that time

    I know everyone has a budget, needs and taste but the car was perfect for me having already had a few Audi/VW cars before joining the scheme

    Really couldn’t fault the price as at the time it was just over £38k  and some leasing deals were around £600 per month, not to mention the free servicing  insurance, 20k annual mileage etc etc

    I would pay the same for the right car, but I do think a lot of the AP’s are somewhat inflated compared to what the car is actually worth

    For example mines is the 184bhp, auto, 4 wheel drive in the top trim S line plus and I paid £2500, look at the Tiguan R which was only available in Fwd, 150bhp, auto and that was £3250

    My car was 5/6k more but AP on the Tiguan was considerably higher

    I just wish it a bit more consistent and forumulated rather than the quarterly lottery we currently have

    ie cars in brackets

    So cars with a rrp of 25 to 28k have an AP of £2k

    Cars with a rrp of 28 to 31k have an AP of £2.5k and so on

    I think that transparency would be a lot fairer on us all and allow us to budget and plan for the future

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    we paid nothing and got 0ver £100 back as we pxd a vw touran. They bettered we buy any car by around £300 and it had a few dink’s and scratches from 8 years hard use with 4 kids and a dog , plus it had an esp fault (light on) I told them about, they never bothered look around my old car much, but it was 1 owner and had mostly vw service history, bar the odd repair I had done by our local indeendant garage because of vw being too busy to help?

    Plus the dealer offered £350 cash back.

    Vw Tiguan SEL DSG 150 2.0 tdi 2wd

    with over a £1000 of free extras (cancelled order had just come in that month so was ready to go almost straight away.

    The Ap would have been £2499 which I happily would have paid for such a nice comfortable car, which is nippy too, especially in sport mode.

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    Micra – £500

    Golf mv5 – £733

    Polo – £0

    Golf  mk6 hatchback – £1.049

    Golf Estate – £750

    Touran 1.4tsi – £1.599 plus extras

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    Not a long list:

    Vauxhall GTC Sport, black, diesel manual, 165 psi – £49 (first car ever)

    Vauxhall GTC SRi, green, petrol manual, 140 psi – £00 (better)

    VW GT, indium grey, petrol manual, 150 psi – £499 (due in March, paid for by Good Condition Bonus)

    The new Good Condition Bonus really helps!


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    I’ll be looking at a AP of around 6 Thousand this time around (its a Van Type Vehicle) including the cost of the hoist and adaptions As this is a substantial outlay it will no doubt be the last scheme vehicle i have

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    £4k but that was for a 231 bhp BMW X1 X line X drive 25D, including all the extras I loaded it up with. An absolutely fantastic car that given the latest rubbish on the list, I will probably keep for another year.

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    the car we have now is the most AP I have spent and that is for the ST focus Estate 2.0 tdci and with the added colour sat nav we had to pay for including rear tints. it was around £1,750.  I have not intention of paying any more than £1,500 AP on my renewal in June. I would love the 508 SW or the 5008 but its all silly money to spend that we have not got.

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