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    How many of you have had a full tank of free fuel when you collected you cars as i have had some dealers do this and some the tank was on red i think that motability should really let us have that as it seems a wee bit mean.

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    Not getting a full tank of fuel with a new car is really cheap behaviour, imho.  Especially if they’re expecting to get the annual Servicing work.

    I’ve mentioned before that my first car was on fumes when I drove it away, having been assured I’d get it with a full tank, and it was only because I took it across the road for a quick refresher drive first that I didn’t end up stuck on the ring-road.  If I’d had the confidence I would have gone back to the showroom and kicked up a very public stink.

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    I don’t expect a full tank – the cost of fuel combined with the relatively low amount a dealer makes on a motability sale combine to make it reasonable in my opinion, but there’s no excuse for not having enough in it to get 2 miles to a petrol station. The car is advertised as getting 43 mpg in city driving, to fail to do 2 miles, mathematically it needs less than about 200ml of Diesel in it. At today’s prices that’s about 25/30p – if it hasn’t got that…

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    When I collected mine on Saturday I got 130 miles which tbh I was thinking where’s the rest lol but the dealer did say I would get fuel but didn’t say how much, either way I was grateful still went to the local Costco and filled up as my partner was with me so thought make use of him lol 😂

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    Salesman has offered to put the fuel in at his own expense. I’ve thanked him and told him just to stick a fiver in – I’m not a greedy man and as long as I can get to the Petrol Station, I’m happy 🙂

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    Why would he have to do it at his own expense when I test drove the Tiguan the sales man had a business card and filled up  and then let me drive which I presume was the same on collection. I know what u mean though Colin aslong as u can make it to a station all is good right 😊 tomorrow is the big day right? Hope ur as happy as I am with mine once u get it.

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    Mine had 180 miles range when I picked it up (just over 1/4 tank) more than enough to get me the 30 miles back to my local fuel station to fill up and having the “My Peugeot” connected app is really useful as it records all your journeys with mpg and cost and knows when you’ve filled up, can give you estimated range and keeps track of vehicle location which is handy with it being “keyless” just in case.

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    I’ve had full tank twice,but only because I asked for and said another dealer had offered me that ,so if you match I will order with you ,FORD,& VOLVO,& have negotiated £300 towards extras, I don’t think I would have another Ford,my mondeo is smart good but has some issues,Volvo have no V60 on scheme at present xc40 v40 far too small,I got carry wheelchair & mobility sometimes 2 , xc40 nice suv but not big enough, by 2021 I would hope Volvo see fit to place v60 on scheme,it’s been around for 4/5 years now,I’m talking about new larger chassis v60,the old one suffered liw sales ,TOO SMALL.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Had vwgolf 3 yrs ago from wolves no mats about 2litres fuel so returning it the same way previously  had renault capture free tank and flowers for the wife no doubt were i am goin next</p>

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    Picked up the latest car on the scheme last monday and the honda dealer had filled it up, also got £200 off the Ap so all in all very happy. 1st one i’ve got a full tank free in.

    usually it’s about £20 they put in and on one car i’m sure i had to pay for that on top of the ap.

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    a full tank of fuel, discount on the AP,  full set of mats,  3, free full valet vouchers,  a nice free branded gift (a huge Mercedes silver  clock with built in temperature and barometer, tickets for BTTC Brands Hatch incl. pit walk. from the dealer last year.


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    Dave G

    Hi @daveblue I had a VW Golf GT 1.6 factory ordered and the petrol light was on as I started the car, so the salesman came out for a quick drive with me to see if I am happy with it and told me to enter the petrol station of which he paid £20! Surprising move but cannot complain!

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    We’re on our third Motability car and have never had more than approx £10 worth of fuel in it on delivery.

    Current Motability car: Ford Kuga Vignale (2019-old shape) 1.5 petrol auto AWD. AP £2,395 + £199 for 4-way 80kg hoist.

    Previous Motability cars:
    2013-16 Ford Focus estate petrol auto. AP £95. No adaptations.
    2016-19 Vauxhal Zafira 1.4T petrol SE Auto. AP £795 inc. basic hoist.

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    The vehicle I have now got half a tank and flowers for wife. The previous vehicle from Arnold clark had to pay £20 on top of ap.was lucky if there was £5 put in.

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    Have always asked and got reasonable amount of fuel and mats in all 5 motability cars, three different makes/dealers.

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    Usually had 1/4 to 1/2 a tank in when I’ve either bought, leased or had a Motability car.

    Got a bit of a surprise today when I ordered the new Ateca, they said there would be an extra £20 to pay on top of the AP as they need to make sure there’s petrol in it for me when I drive it away!.

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    Only time I ever got a car with more than enough to extinguish the warning light was a BMW 1/2 tank and a decent set of mats

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    my previous and current cars are both mini’s a 3dr and now a countryman, stratstone mini chesterfield handed them over with about a third of a tank .


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    Usually get in and it’s reading empty, been a few nerve racking collections wondering if we’ll make it to the nearest petrol station.

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