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    How many of you have had a full tank of free fuel when you collected you cars as i have had some dealers do this and some the tank was on red i think that motability should really let us have that as it seems a wee bit mean.

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    you can get it but you need to pay for it

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    My first car (Vauxhall GTC 2.0 diesel) was handed over to me literally running on fumes.  I had been told it would have a full tank.  Other than the one 20 minute Test Drive of the GTC three months earlier I hadn’t driven at all since passing my Driving Test 4 months before, so DH drove me a across the road to the Trading Estate (more or less empty because it was a Saturday) to have a 10 MINUTE ‘refresher drive’ before setting off for home and THE CAR RAN OUT OF FUEL.  DH nursed it back across the road to the petrol station, lurching and kangaroo-hopping along,  and filled it up out of his own pocket.  Sure, one of us should have checked the Fuel Gauge, but we’d just been told it was full and I was excited to drive home in my very ‘own’ car for the first time.

    If we hadn’t gone for that quick tour of the Trading Estate I would have run out of fuel on the Basingstoke Ringroad.

    Second car (GTC 1.4 petrol) came with half a tank full.

    The current car (VW GT 1.5 petrol) with about two thirds of a tank full.

    Following this pattern, the next one could actually be full. 🙂

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    I got a full tank and a set of rubber mats when I picked up my Kodiaq.

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    I got 1/2 a tank some luxury mats and usb Lightning charge leads.
    plus a pair of dealer made personal plates they said they couldn’t transfer for me? Then forgot to charge me for them.

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    Clearly I need to learn to haggle for freebees!

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    My first motability car the ford focus titanium 1.5 TDCI came with a full tank of fuel.

    The BMW came with a good half tank of fuel.

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    I have had money off AP but never a full tank.

    Never thought about it until I joined this forum so will be asking for it next time.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    We got half price AP and about half a tank, can’t complain because i never asked for any fuel.

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    Got a full tank off Nissan, but no discount on a.p.  Got  £10 petrol in the Tiguan ,but £200 of a.p.

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    All our WAV conversions had a full take when they left for delivery to us but  living in Kent , two vans came from Scotland and two from Liverpool area 😉

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    I got a full tank, the iOS and Android VW cables , VW data plug & Teddy and some goodies that included – Shortbread & Irn Bru 🤣🤣

    I did return the favour and got the dealer a nice gift for him, something for his mrs and kid and some nice biscuits & Tunnocks Tea Cakes for the staff at the dealership

    ifs nice to be nice 👍🏻

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    Lol good to see some have had decent tanks  – tbh the most I’ve ever had on pick up is a quarter tank & usually leave dealership on fumes.

    ive never been given nothing else. I’m on my 7th Motability car

    8th time lucky lol 🤞🤞🤞

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    My Volvo XC60 was no-where near full when we got it – I seem to recall going to a petrol station about 2 miles from the dealer and putting nearly £60 in it.

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    Both my Leafs were fully charged when I picked them up 😂😂😂

    When my wife bought a used saab from Arnold Shark (😉🤫) they said it was policy to put £20 of fuel in it which we would pay for, not a problem I thought as we’d be buying fuel anyway and they’d give us a receipt for the fuel.

    Turns out they put the £20 of fuel in the day we signed for it so for the next week till we collected it it was our fuel that took it for its PDI, valet, MOT, test drives etc so by the time we collected it the next saturday it was back in the red again… 🙈   Worse though was they added the £20 to the finance so it cost us even more over the years 😖

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    I had all sorts of problems with my car order so much so that I consulted Motability who advised me to go and see the car and dealer on hand over day and if I wasn’t happy under no circumstances sign in with my PIN number.

    I wasn’t happy, didn’t use my PIN number, didn’t hand over the £1299 AP and walked away from the deal keeping Motability informed who agreed I did the right thing and extended the car I had.

    Two days later I had a phone call from the dealer saying he was willing to negotiate on the AP because the car had been registered and they would lose a substantial amount if they had to resell it.

    In the end they gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. They agreed to waive the £1299 AP which meant I paid nothing and they gave me a full tank of fuel. It was a deal we were both happy to accept.

    My advice to anyone is if you negotiate freebies and the dealers don’t fill up with a full tank of fuel, mats or whatever and break their promises don’t sign in with your PIN number until they do. It is a matter of principle. The car is already registered and they can’t afford not to make good their promises.

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    Picked up Skoda Superb nearly three years ago. Had to wait at showroom while Motability salesbod took car to service station to put in just about enough fuel to enable me to go to same service station and fill up. Silly. Brilliant car though. Nothing but praise for the Czech aircraft carrier!

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    Both my Motability cars were on or close to minimum fuel – out of dealership and straight to forecourt. The S-Max had a wee bit more, I think the dealers put enough in so that it didn’t scream “low fuel” on the dash when you drove off.

    I returned my previous motability car to them with it just above the redline too, so fair enough.

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    I forgot I also got a Vw branded bag with cleaning products in I’ve never used it and gave it to one of my sons.

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    My Seat dealer agreed to put a full tank in my Alhambra, which takes something like 72 litres, but only put 3/4 tank in, the salesman saying that was how much he personally got for the deal and he had to pay for the fuel himself.

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    half a tank of petrol and mats here

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    Looks like mine is coming with mats included and the nice rep at Robins & Day Sheffield (Nick Fitzgerald) is going to make sure I have plenty of fuel to get home. 😁

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    Just had an email from the dealer telling me not only that the car will be on fumes when collected, but they’re willing to put in £20 to get me home, and I can give them the £20 when I get there…

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    Colin – Is this picking up a new car?

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    Yes, returning my end of lease Volvo SX60 and collecting a new Tiguan R-Line

    "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."

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    Sent them an email back saying not to bother – there’s an Asda literally 2 miles away – if the car won’t make it that far, there’s something very wrong (and I’ve said as much in the email).

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