How many miles since covid struck.

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    Just wondering how many miles have people travelled since covid. I’ve had my new vehicle 4 months and only got 152 miles on clock due to lockdowns.

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    I picked mine up in August 2018, first service Aug 19, 9000 miles, 2nd service Aug 20, 14000. Present reading 16000 miles. Motability are gonna get a lot of low mileage cars back this year and next

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    Picked  up  new  car   18/6/ 2020   504 miles  on clock  so  far.

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    Picked up mine in penultimate week of March 2020 just a day or so before initial lockdown. Now got around`1,500 miles on dial. Sad!

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    Since march I probably covered under 60 miles. Been working from home and banned from going out much lol. Only been out 4 times.

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    7th dec 2020 – 1200miles

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    We picked up my sons car on 22/07/20 and we’ve done 4800 miles so far

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    I don’t know exactly. What I do know is that I last filled the tank just before Lockdown I at the end of March. I still have just over a 1/4 of a tank left.

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    1200 miles since march 2020 lock down

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    Last car Ford Focus Titanium 1.5 TDCI

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    Surely car standing a long time battery will go flat ?

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    I’ll have to check my details, but my car has just been collected for it’s MOT and is due to go back in a month. It’s only done 12.5k miles on it in three years.

    So yes, Motability will be getting lots of low mileage cars back I’d expect!

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    Collected X Trail August 2019, filled up 2x since pandemic and covered total of 4,500 miles 🙁

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    BTW a friend (also has an X Trail) had a problem where the car would not go more than 15 mph. Took it into the garage and the repair bill was £3,500, something to do with exhaust system not getting hot enough due to very few short trips. MB told him that if it happened again he would have to pay for it! Really???

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    Circa 60/70 miles since March.

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    Working from home since March ’20, so vastly reduced mileage, car was at 38,000 in March, now 41,500. Usually around 60,000 miles by this point, I usually use a tank of fuel a week, now its lasting 2 months or more.

    Will be home for at least another few months.

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    3691 miles since change of lease 18/06/20

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    About 250 miles since March and all outside the Lock-downs apart from the trip to and from the GP for my ‘flu jab.

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    Around 7,000 miles since March, 1,500 miles from March until the Alhambra went back 22nd July, 5,500 since in the EV.

    My main mileage months would usually be March/April & September/October, both periods seriously affected by covid in 2020.



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    Picked car up on 31/01/2020, just about to click over 10,000 miles, I still have to do regular 200 mile round trips to care for elderly relatives so lockdown hasn’t affected my mileage that much apart from very little local miles.

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    I keep an MPG mileage sheet and crunching the number of the miles I’ve covered so far since collecting my car to get an average per day and using that to project my mileage when the car goes back at the end of October this years tells me the car will have 15,357 miles on the clock when its returned.

    My usual return mileage for 3 years is on average about 18,000 > 19,000 miles so a saving of 4,000 miles on previous cars and a win, win for dealers or Motability.

    I’m only winning by not putting fuel in the car and I topped out the tank two weeks ago and if things stay as they are it will be way pass Easter when I need to fuel the car again.

    I could work out how many miles I’ve done since lock-down but we’ve been in and out of so many lock-downs plus restrictions its hard to pin down when I driving during a lock-down or when we were allowed out for the day.😁

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