How long should I wait.

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    Hi I ordered a c5 aircross flair no extras at end of January for April handover. I have had no contact from dealership other than 1 call from them after i had tried to contact them about a dozen times. All they can tell me is there is still no date available. How long should i wait I know i could try a different dealership but I ordered inQ1 and the AP has went up £700 on vehicle ordered as has many vehicles.

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    If its def the car you are set on, id keep waiting (but chasing every week) £700 is a lot extra to find if you dont need to.

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    Depends whether you’re desperate for the car or £700… 🤷‍♂️

    If you want the car phone around and get it… if you’d rather save £700 keep chasing them

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    Sounds like they have put you at the back of the queue.  Personalty i would ring around a few dealers and ask if they have one in stock or what the waiting time is for delivery.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>You only pay the AP that was valid at time of order did you get an order confirmation from the dealership and confirmation from mob ops that your application was accepted</p>
    If so it should state how much the AP is and STILL is

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    Yes got all confirmation and pin number from motability. I know i only pay the AP when ordered but if I cancel and find a different dealership I will have to pay the higher AP also read on another thread that someone waiting since December for a different vehicle was told by dealership if they cancelled they would be charged £2500.

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    They can’t charge you, if you’d paid a deposit for extras you could lose that but since you haven’t you’d be fine to tell them to stuff it

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    Just keep chasing them up

    Unless it’s a supply issue at the factory

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    Just been looking through the aircross forum and it seems like citroen are having problems with delivery across the board

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    Menorca Mike

    Time goes so fast

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    I waited 6 months for a Mercedes B class and ended up pulling out as the dealership thought maybe another 6 months but couldn’t even commit to that so I cancelled the order.

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    How can mobility allow this awful service, surely there should be tight guidelines imposed as most mobility customers should be treated as a priority by the dealers due to their disability and not at the back of the que!!

    I am sick to being treated like a second class citezen by dealerships tbh.


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    Carl the delays in delivery are for everyone not just motability customers.

    If it was me I’d have been ringing once a week for updates.

    I wouldn’t wait that long for a scheme car myself, unless it’s guaranteed on its way I’d be looking elsewhere.

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    Why should motability customers be treated as priority…. usually (unless it’s your first?) you have a fully functioning road legal car that you have no concerns about it dropping in value or if you scratch it before picking up a new car…. treated equally yes but not as a priority 👍

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    Philjb I agree with you, I certainly wouldn’t wait that long for a scheme car either.

    Rhodgie I see you point for existing members.  However, I am a new member and need a car desperately as my current car is on its last legs!   Also I attended my local bmw dealer, on their new car locator they had half a dozen series 2 grand coupes- when I enquired about getting one urgently, I was advised that they were not being released to mobility customers!!  This in my opinion is discriminatory!!  One would have to be ordered and delivery times are march 2021.

    People then suggest supply issues, but if I wanted the any vehicle on a private pcp or lease deal, the cars would be available immediately and in plentiful numbers!  Food fore thought.

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    72 dudes


    You first to asked about this on July 10.

    Many of us on here including me advised you to phone around other dealers for stock cars, or cancel the order and start again.

    Obviously you decided not to take this advice and are in the same position, and another month has passed.

    Only you can decide if you’re happy to wait for the car you’ve ordered to finally arrive or whether you should call their bluff, cancel the order and pay another £700 AP and re-order.

    But it sounds as if you need to get a bit more demanding and authoritative in your dealings. Have you escalated your concerns to the dealer principal or Motability?

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

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    Hi i replied on July 10th saying I’d give them another month just wanting views should I wait any longer.

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    Another month for the dealer to do what exactly. To tell you there is no build slot yet and thus no date or info on your order or handover date. How many more months are you to wait without any info on when it will arrive..

    You should of called MB a month ago. Other’s seem be having no real issues. It’s clear to me you want that exact car at the AP from jan and want people to tell you to wait forever for it.

    Call Mb tell them the issues and get them to contact whoever they have too, to sort out a date for handover or cancel it and get something else. Thats what I’d do.. It’s clear they giving you the run around for what ever reason that’s not your problem. Your not buying the car, MB are and you need to make MB aware of the situation. If the dealer is messing about they need know. Calling the dealer is getting you nowhere?

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    It sounds like the dealer doesn’t want you to have the vehicle at the lower AP, either they haven’t ordered it or they did but sold it to a private customer (this happened to me) and are just playing the ignoring game, call Motability and get them to demand a clear answer from the dealer!

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    At last just been on to dealership and are saying they expect delivery of vehicle on 21st September hope it’s been worth the wait. Thanks for the help.

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    72 dudes

    Good news Robert, the 6 weeks should fly by.

    Which engine/trim/colour have you gone for?

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    Blue hdi 130 engine. Flair in pearlesant white .They said it’s took so long as i ordered a diesel if I had ordered petrol they could have got it quicker. If they had informed me of that I’d have probably went for the petrol. The one good thing I’ll be getting the new 70plate then.

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    Good news at last

    Just been to talk to my dealership about plate transfer and then he said its there waiting for us to pick up

    Sold (fleet) on the windscreen

    Waiting waiting waiting etc

    September 7th  c’mon

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    72 dudes


    Great choice of colour and the engine should be really efficient too.

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