how long for derlivery of mokka e

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    Alan Whitaker

    Ordered 21 Sept 2021 when should I get delivery?


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    Ordered 21 Sept 2021 when should I get delivery?

    I think any answer people hereabouts could give would involve the question ‘How long is a piece of string?’.

    What you could try to do is keep in regular contact with your dealer – albeit take any forecast of delivery dates with a pinch of salt.

    Also sign upto any Vauxhall Mokka owner’s clubs/forums/facebook etc and see on there how long others are wating for your same vehicle.

    Also on Facebook follow some of the Motability related groups as they have known Motability dealers who occasionally post if they have such as cancelled vehicles with short lead times or even in stock.  I seem to recall a few months ago, one such dealer had a Mokka E available at short notice.

    I don’t really think there is much else you can do in the current situation with vehicle scarcity.

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    I am in the same boat as you ordered my Vivaro E life back in sept 2021 – spoken to the dealer a few weeks ago – he didn’t really give me any new news from when I ist ordered the car in Sept 2021.


    Im hoping that Ive got at lest another 3 months left to wait – thats me hoping 🙂


    has your dealer given you any updates since your order?

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    According to their website a mokka E is approx 14 weeks from point of order

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>ordered on the first of feb, was given our delivery date a week later as the 15th of june but said it would probably arrive sooner.</p>
    have they not even given you a delivery date yet after 5 months 🙄

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    I ordered my mokka sri premium ice on 6th September 21 and took delivery of it on 3rd march 22. Just keep ringing dealership once a week. Good luck 👍

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    I’ve mentioned this in another thread what I’ve read and found out that the private public sector is prioritised over motorbility


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    On the vauxhall site it gives you a build time that changes weekly but this is more for private sales than MB as I’ve discovered that Prirolity to private a business sales over MB sales

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    Paul Chalder Robinson

    Ordered Mokka E Sri 1st of February, I have sent emails to Vauxhalls Motability manager , he did not have the courtesy to reply, just had one of his plebs to direct me to their FAQs , tired of being fobbed off with the same old blurb, and I firmly believe that private customers and leasing companies are taking priority over Motability customers. Considering going to a dealership as a private customer and finding out what the delivery time will be.

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    I’m shocked you don’t have it yet.  I spec’d one up a few weeks ago and it said available in 14 weeks.  Sure that was a retail order in theory but should motability orders be any different?

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    I ordered a Mokka e Sri premium nav on 25 Aug 2021. Today, 38 weeks later it has finally got a chassis number registered so I assume it’s being built…ETA mid June now.

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    Ian Roberts

    Ordered mine on 21feb told end of may emailed a week or ago to find out what date it would be here no reply then called no replies eventually told it hadn’t even been ordered then I get email saying it would be mid June now I’m hoping they restore my faith & it turns up before…

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    if you ordered Sept 21 you should have taken delivery months ago.  i looked at the Mokka e back in Feb as an alternative and they were saying for commercial sales 13weeks .  that lead time has now increased to 6 months but back in 2021 surely it would have been the same or quicker than when i looked in Feb.

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    On the mokka face book pages and elswhere at least 24 weeks

    So may factors in place we ordered 1st week Jan was told Aug Now looking more like xmas atleast

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    New Mokka E s on the forecourt with delivery mileage, 22 reg with for sale signs on them, but if you’re disabled you can’t have one, it’s time Motability changed its terms and conditions and other requirements for Motability cars, as a temporary measure until we (the second class disabled people) are treated the same way as private customers, by dealerships that look at disabled customers as someone they have to put up with, the dealership’s that flaunt their huge banners telling the world about the awards they have “won” for service to the disabled people of the uk , helping them gain their independence, but only when they have a glut of cars that will not sell (for various reasons) a month before the new registration is always a good one.

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    The hollow post is from the Mokka Facebook group seems that all Vauxhall EV have been out back. Thinking of canceling go petrol


    Just been told my early January Ultimate Mokka E order that has been at event 25 for at least 4 weeks now, has had its ETA pushed into September (still no build date assigned).

    That is really quite irritating.

    UPDATE: Dealer says every single Electric they had on order (Mokka, Corsa and Vivaro) has seen it’s event codes roll back at least 1 step (or in most cases 2) this morning – mine has gone back to event 21.

    They say based on the fact this has happened on all of their orders they can only assume it’s happened to all Vauxhall Electric orders across the entire country this morning.

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