How long does it take?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi. Me and my partner are looking for our 1st motability car. We are only after a standard car with no added extras. Just as it comes.</p>
    A friend of ours waited 3 months for her motability car from Volvo but they did have heated seats, sunroof etc added to their car.

    We are wondering how long it would normally take to get an ‘off the shelf’ car? Dont really want to be waiting 3 months!

    Many thanks, Keith.

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    Just ordered our first mobility car and have been quoted 13 weeks we could of had a silver car probably that week but wanted a blue one. It depends what car your going for but dealer will let you know the waiting time roughly

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    I ordered my vauxhall grandland X three weeks ago, and have been told mid July , or a chance it might be a week or two sooner, but set my sights for the 15th of July, I’m fine with that, I was told if I was flexible with colour they may have had a stock one which would have only been a week or two, but me and my better half specifically want a black one, so it’s a factory build.

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    If you can get a car from dealer stock it can be quick, Keith. Worth looking at Motaclarity website. There are often discounts on stock cars from some dealers.

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    Thankyou all for your replies. Will have to see how it goes.

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    I needed my last car fast so choose off the shelf and it took two weeks from order to driving out of the showroom.

    That was one week getting the car from a stock holding in eastern England and once in Bristol another week to prepare the paperwork and install the adaptions.

    When ordering a stock car just make sure they have actually got one.

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    I had originally wanted the MG HS , so off I toddled to MG , I picked a black one they had in stock, to be called three days after to say it had gone but if I took a red one I’d have that one in ten days, again a phone call 7 days later to say that had gone, but if I took any colour they had they would find me another one, I gave up at that point as I had spotted the grandland and was fed up of being messed around (a lot more to that story) vauxhall did then tell me what I posted earlier above , but I’m happy to wait now, maybe next time I order in 3 years I might look around more for a stock car, I’m still very happy plodding around in my qashqui though.

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