How do the figures add up?

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      Some of the figures quoted are just plain ridiculous.

      An example –

      Dacia Sandero 0.9 Tce Comfort

      List price excluding VAT £7756

      Manufacturers discount say 15% £1163

      Net price £6593

      Services £250 x 3 £750

      Insurance 3 x £350 £1050

      Total cost £8393

      AP £0

      Weekly amount £57.50 x 156 £8970

      So even if the car was worthless after 3 years Motability will make a profit of £577

      Surely this is exploitation of disabled people.


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        Pops can’t you ban him he isn’t even on motability he called Winston everything before Christmas also moans about bhp etc

        Avatar photoMenorca Mike

          Elliot we have had it confirmed the posts were made by you why do you do it ?

          Avatar photoWinston

            It makes absolutely zero difference what he thinks about me or me choices

            but I fear that new visitors and some less active members to the site would be put/scared off by his constant belittling of Motability and all the cars available

            It would be like me joining a Rangers forum and constantly telling them how rubbish they are and ultimately telling the fans how stupid they were for supporting them

            now I might just have those thoughts and beliefs ? but why would I waste my time doing that?

            ( also I would need to go into hiding lol )


            Avatar photoMenorca Mike

              I agree Winston we don’t want billy on here


                He beings the forum down, it’s not as pleasant a place as it used to be unfortunately.

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