How do the figures add up?

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      Some of the figures quoted are just plain ridiculous.

      An example –

      Dacia Sandero 0.9 Tce Comfort

      List price excluding VAT £7756

      Manufacturers discount say 15% £1163

      Net price £6593

      Services £250 x 3 £750

      Insurance 3 x £350 £1050

      Total cost £8393

      AP £0

      Weekly amount £57.50 x 156 £8970

      So even if the car was worthless after 3 years Motability will make a profit of £577

      Surely this is exploitation of disabled people.


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      Avatar photoWinston

        He’s basically saying

        I ordered a kebab from this place , it took a long time to arrive – but the girl who delivered it was healthy , a babe , more like a  Donna Kebabe f**k sake

        but the chips were like dead kids fingers though


        Scottish patter is the best ??????????


          Sounds well worth 3 stars then. Ha ha

          Avatar photoWinston


            ive never ate a kebab in my life but I think I’d avoid it anyways ?

            Avatar photoAbercol

              Argh! Winston, you have not lived, till reeling, 4 sheets to the wind, kebab in hand, leaving a trail of salad in your wake as you traverse the strangely uneven pavement to your abode…

              I’ll be ordering a mixed kebab (lamb, chicken, doner, salad, chilli & garlic sauces) for dinner tonight, no alcohol required.

              In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

              Avatar photoWinston

                Oh I remember those days fondly ( well kinda ) thankfully good camera phones weren’t really invented back then!

                but My 4am cuisine was always Sausage Supper or Chips n Curry Sauce ???

                I did wake up one morning with a defrosted Artic Roll in jacket pocket and a lonely square sausage in the other one

                those were the days ?

                I’m a bit of a dreamer tbh, so I’ve never ate a kebab or pizza in my life either! Lol, but I know everyone else does

                So I hope u  the kebab later mate ??




                Avatar photoWinston

                  edit: I meant to type Freaky Eater ( not dreamer ffs lol )


                    Winston have you tried a fried mars bar? Got to love the Scottish diet along with your supper delicacies.


                      Been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but no. It’s pretty clear Elliot is a knob who seems to have some thing against Scottish people. So Elliot ‘away an bile yer heed’.


                        Has @elliot ever told us what wonderful car he drives that is superior to everyone of us having to endure an underpowered Motability car…….


                          Whoever said you pay your money and take your choice was so right .a friend of mine got a fiat 500 on motability and has never been happier,yes it’s not powerful but for her allowance all it has given her freedom and a life again after  thinking she would neither be well enough nor be able to afford to drive again and motability have enabled this ,

                          Avatar photoWinston

                            Who cares what he drives? A Ferrari? Nope! Lambo? Nope

                            a 4 series! Wow! There must be millions of kids with posters of them on their bedrooom walls

                            who cares what he says or the impact his bile has on members who save up for 3 years to get a car they love only for it to be deemed crap and unworthy of his scabby butt cheeks

                            he’s bad news and no doubt turning people away from commenting or asking genuine questions about cars for the fear of being ridiculed

                            stick a few photos up of your car and give us all the model and spec/options of it

                            so we can go through it with a fine tooth comb, pretending we are Jeremy Clarkson and tell you it’s crap

                            opinions are like bum holes! We all have one!

                            but most people have the class , dignity and humility to keep it to themselves if it’s only going to offend people

                            this loser, gets off on spouting it all over here

                            I couldn’t care less of he called me any name under the Sun or what’s his thoughts are on my car

                            but I fear it’s the members who are new or aren’t active that may be put off or feel intimated and embarrassed to ask questions about “less desirable” cars

                            which is a real shame



                              ???? well said winston, no one should be afraid of picking any car, we are all different and need and like different things!


                                Wow i thought it was just my nerves Elliot grated on lol


                                  I think a few on here owe me an apology seeing as this is the first time I’ve posted on here all day.

                                  Yet again someone thinks it’s funny to post under my name.


                                    Elliot, it’s not you they are upset with it’s the pleb who uses your name but hasn’t signed up for an account because if he did he couldn’t use the same name, just some small minded hole with nothing better to do now daddy has cut off his pocket money to play fortnite.

                                    Don’t take offence mate.


                                      Don’t tell me there are two of them ffs maybe the other Elliot bought motability’s money spinning Dacia. lol

                                      Avatar photoWinston

                                        Tomorrow there could be 3

                                        attack of the clones ?

                                        Avatar photoMenorca Mike

                                          Winston is it Billy Elliot who we all laughed at he wasn’t even on motability !

                                          Avatar photoWinston

                                            Billy, Missy, who knows what else mate? ?



                                              There are truly some bitter sad people on here.

                                              Get out and live your life rather than sit being miserable keyboard warriors.

                                              I think the owner of this site will confirm those posts were not made by me.

                                              Avatar photoPOPS

                                                Elliot, your posts tend to be more confrontational than other posters on this Forum. It’s okay to have an opposing view to nearly every other poster, but please try and post your views “respectfully”. This is not a platform for angry or aggressive posts, and a lot of your views seem to be designed to elicit a sharp response.

                                                We do not allow disrespectful posts on this site, so I’ve removed a few recent ones. Think about why you use this site and if your main reason is to run an anti Motability campaign then this is not the right place for you.

                                                It’s up to you.


                                                  Pops personally I don’t think being a moderator is for you, maybe you need to consider your position. Mods are supposed to be impartial, which I don’t think you are.

                                                  Read what I’ve said, somebody is posting under my name and making derogatory comments.

                                                  Avatar photoWinston

                                                    Elliot absolutely no one will wants you here!

                                                    Pops and the other Mods do a great job, spend a lot of their time and effort helping maintain the site , giving us all a platform to usually have a friendly chat and bit of banter – they show a lot more restraint than they really should when dealing with sad little men/women like you

                                                    you’ve never said anything positive about the scheme and choice of brand new stress free motoring cars it provides us all

                                                    And that’s what it’s all about

                                                    when people dig you up about it all you do is call people keyboard warriors

                                                    The only person who comes close to sounding like one is yourself

                                                    people love and cherish their cars on here, save hard and go without some of life’s luxuries in order to be able to afford the one they won’t

                                                    you’ve absolute no right to sit on your imaginary throne and belittle them and their choices , especially when lots of people have both mental & physical issues to deal with on a daily basis

                                                    you’re a classless little troll and the quicker you’re removed from here the quicker harmony will be restored

                                                    but until then just continue doing what you do if that gives you your little semi! knock yourself out Princess and keep playing the victim


                                                    Avatar photoPOPS

                                                      Elliot, do yourself a favour and log onto your profile, then read your “posts created” and your responses. You will notice that your posts are often anti Motability and you draw abrasive responses because of the challenging manner of some of your posts.

                                                      These posts are clearly yours Elliot (they are logged in under a blue Elliot account holders user name and cannot be blamed on an alter ego).

                                                      I started this Forum along with the site owner some years back and we have always insisted on respectful and non confrontational posting along with my fellow mods. If you don’t like the way I moderate then you can go  and find a more abrasive home for your many complaints, but if you wish to continue posting on this Forum you will need to obey the site posting rules.

                                                      I suggest you read them as a guide to acceptable posting.


                                                        Well said both, been a long time coming. Goodbye and good riddance Princess.

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