How are you Georgie?

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    Not heard from you Georgie in a wee while, hope you are ok and recovered from your recent illness.

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    Beat me to it, Brydo. Dear @Georgie haven’t heard from you of late. Suspect you’re still a bit crock. So {{{😷}}} Hoping you can read us here if not reply. Don’t fuss posting back until you’re better.

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    Well guess we read the

    -How the hell are you thread Georgie last posted😞

    Georgie certainly wasn’t very well at all, it’s to quiet here, Georgie I think it’s safe to say you’re being missed by us lot 🙁, I’ve even tried to keep Tharg’s love of books up to date,  (nowhere near your ability sorry)..

    However wait till you feel totally up to it before coming back, you know you will be bombarded with Hellos etc, from us lot 🥳😁🤗,

    Guess we must all just wait 😟😔…



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    Hello, guys!

    It’s me.  Just about.  More or less. 🙂

    Two weeks with gastritis is a whole load of ‘No fun’, I can tell you.  I shan’t go in to the details.

    It’s taking a bit longer to shake off than usual due to the compromised immune system (plus I’ve lost a few lymph nodes, too), but things are improving.  I had my first cup of tea in a fortnight yesterday and my first cup of 80% milk ‘coffee’ this morning.  Meals, albeit somewhat unexciting (I’m getting chicken fatigue), are now still only half the normal size, but that’s waaay better than the Porridge and water diet of last week.  Last night I polished off Chicken Korma with rice and a bit of naan bread, so I think I’ll survive. 😉

    I’ve been trying to drop a note for the last few days, but I still can’t focus for long and get tired easily (most of us have been there!), and things kind of slide . . . 

    To quote Nanny Slagg “I ebb and I flow”.

    Thanks to all of you for your concern (I’ve gone all gushy, now <snivel>) – but divvent ye worry, pets.

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    Georgie great news, mostly, it doesn’t sound much fun what you’ve been through but good to hear your on the mend.

    They say curry has therapeutic and general health benefits, well that’s what I tell the wife, so concentrate on them, with some Chinese food thrown in and you’ll be back on your feet, with red louis vuittons on, in no time.

    Seriously though great to have you back.

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    This might bring a grin, my last pike..

    👀 ready…

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    Welcome back, Georgie. The world is again a better and more amusing place now… 🙃

    Take it easy…

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    Why Brydo, you’re a mind reader.  I was dusting off the 4″ Louboutins only this afternoon. 🙂

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    I don’t know much about fishing, but isn’t that pike more of an axe?

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    4″  Louboutins? Blimey… I’ll bet the AP on them was a monster. Surprised they’ve even  on the scheme – far too fast (and loose?).

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    Lol tiny Jack pike, I didn’t even know it was on the the lure, feisty little one..


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    Brilliant Tharg lol.

    And Georgie you need to stop, all this talk of 4 inch high heels my – 0h – my.

    The next post will be from minorca mike you know what hes like lol.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    I’d better not mention the black string bikini, then.  Other than to say that I’ll never wear it again while driving the Louboutin, even if it does match my Team Louboutin ‘Racing Uggs’, because ones body sticks to the snake-skin seats in a most unpleasant way.

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    😊 (Daren’t say any more. The Morality Police would come for me!)

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    Love it Georgie.

    As tharg alluded to we are living in strange times where a bit of banter is frowned on, but you put a smile on my face so thanks.

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