How are you finding your XC40 PHEV Wigwam?

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    Please don’t say “no problem its sitting on the drive every morning” lol.

    Of course this open to other xc40 owners also.

    You’ve had your car for a while now so if you don’t mind me asking how has it been?

    Are there any things that have surprised or disssapointed?

    How have you found charging it?

    Are you getting the electric range you expected?

    Are there things that could be improved on?

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    Loving it. Very comfortable and easy to drive.  Having memory seats is a joy as MrsW and I have very different driving positions and previously we’ve had to compromise to save having to change too many settings.

    Climate control is the best I’ve experienced. Never need to touch it, except maybe once in a while turning the temp up or down one degree which a voice command does. Vents are in just the right places.

    Satnav isn’t as clever at finding places as the BMW one was but sending destinations from the app is better than the X1 and the colour display in front of the driver is great.

    People complain about the touch screen but there’s rarely any need to use it. Voice control or steering wheel buttons can do for audio, satnav and phone dialing.

    The camera sends  fake warnings of speed  signs and beeps needlessly on a few local roads but I’ve learnt to ignore them.  Again it’s not as good as the X1 but not an issue so much as a foible.

    I use the app tImer to charge at night although we are not yet on a cheap rate schedule. The charger is plugged in in the porch and the business end hangs on iron railings when not in use.

    On most days, our journeys are within the car’s battery range. Monday’s take it to the limit with multiple journeys ferrying about much of it in rush hour adding up to 23 miles. I usually manage it on battery only.  Other times on single journeys locally I can get 25 driving economically.

    Could be improved? Satnav, some voice control functions, Orange key limitations which dealers can now fix by reprogramming. There’s no warning if I drive off with the charger flap open.  The app could be better – to override the scheduled charging is a bit of a faf. That’s about it.

    if it was only my choice I’d prefer a slightly smaller and lower car, but it’s the easiest for MrsW to get in and out of and drive of any we considered.



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    Thats great wigwam thanks, you must be saving a lot in fuel doing most of your journeys on electric.

    Would you get a wall charger if moving to full BEV or just continue granny charging?

    I rarely use anything tech wise in ours, auto windscreen and lights on permanently, cruise control on occasions, using the reversing camera more often now and the sat nav very rarely.

    Our replacement PHEV was due in September, then October, November, December, January and now February. I am barely on speaking terms with the dealership.


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    Fuel gauge has been showing half a tank for weeks now…

    I have found having the PHEV has changed my habits. Used to be I would plan and save up local errands because of having sympathy for a petrol engine never warming up properly on short trips, and of course taking time to warm or cool the interior – not so much because of using fuel.  Now I’ll go short journeys knowing  no harm is being done to the mechanicals and because of the comfort factor of the climate control pushing out heat or cold before I even get onto the road.

    We do consider ourselves very lucky we were able to get our order in before chip shortages messed everything up, and also fortunate we had a very honest dealer who delivered what he promised and warned not to delay placing our order knowing what was to come.


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    Good real world feedback Wigwam, cheers. Have you done any long journeys in it yet? If so how did you find the ICE performance and mpg?

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    Yes, plenty of longish runs 100 miles or so Bandit, both cross country and motorway.

    The battery never really gets used up, there’s always some to boost acceleration, and regeneration puts it back of course.  Acceleration and flexibility is at least as good as our previous 2 litre petrol X1.

    With depleted battery, cross country runs typically 45-47 mpg, motorways 50-55 mpg according to the Driving Journal on the Volvo app.

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    Good numbers wigwam.

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    I just analysed a recent journey from Bournemouth to Byfleet and back which is 180 miles of mostly motorway or dual carriageway.

    Once out of the urban, about 5 miles, I told the car to save the battery, put the battery back in play as I headed into Byfleet and saved again on the return until I got near home.

    I tried to get back with zero battery range but in fact it showed 3 miles left. It’s hard to estimate because of gaining charge through regeneration.

    So, 181 miles, cruise control on 65 on the motorway and 59.1 mpg (plus the battery charge of course)

    There was a lot of traffic at the Surrey end which I will try to avoid next time and see if I can hit 60mpg!

    Not that I’m concerned too much about fuel consumption but it’s interesting to see what the XC40 PHEV will do.

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    Them’s decent figures indeed. You hear a lot about PHEV’s really getting clobbered on the mpg front once you have to use the ICE on it’s own for a big miles journey. Most of our journeys are local, apart from a few 200+ each way per year. Still undecided about PHEV or BEV, still got a year yet, plenty can change in that time!

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    There’s a lot of misunderstanding. The petrol engine of a PHEV is never used on its own any more than that of a non plug in hybrid.  There is always some battery capacity available to provide boost when needed and what is used up during acceleration or climbing hills is put back during decceleration or going down hills.


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    Any idea what setting cruise at 70 would do, or even a sneaky 75? 🙂

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    @wigwam Any idea what setting cruise at 70 would do, or even a sneaky 75? 🙂

    Ooh. 75. In the isle of man yes on certain roads.

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    @gary pretty impossible on the roads I travel. Too much traffic. 65 keeps me ahead of the lorries.

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    Farid Miah

    We have had our XC40 plug-in for just over 4 months and 2K miles and overall i’m pleased with it.

    The electric range is disappointing though, i’m getting no more than 21 miles around town on electric only. on a long run i have got 45mpg which isnt too bad, but i expected a bit better.

    The main negatives for me are the air-con system, my windows are constantly steaming up, and i have tried to play around with the settings, but its still poor.

    The brakes have a mind of their own and can be quite dangerous at times, worsed i have ever had actually.

    Also the seats are not the most comfortable, even my son complains of back ache in the rear seats.

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    If you use ‘pure’ mode, it turns down the climate control making it less effective at keeping the windscreen clear. For local driving, I use an ‘individual’ mode based on the pure mode but with the climate control set to normal.  The climate control is never moved from auto and 20°, with the fan at low. Occasionally we need to press the heated screen button to clear slight misting, which it does very quickly, and occasionally I’ve turned the fan up one step just for airflow.

    If your car is steaming up Farid, I’d look for another cause. Do you keep the Aircon on all the time?

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    Farid Miah

    Hi Wigwam

    I keep the aircon on all the time, but did not realise the CC was turned down in Pure mode so will have a look at how to set-up this individual mode.

    I also need to figure out how to hold the charge when driving on motorways.

    Did a hundred mile round trip to Cambridge today, M25, M11 then A14, and got 42mpg! need to go easy on the right pedal i think! Also I’ve noted at speeds of 80MPH the mpg drops significantly.

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    Farid, if you scroll the Sensus screen to the left you’ll see two icons Hold and Charge.  I don’t see much point in using Charge, but Hold will stop any more drain on the battery.

    You can usefully rearrange the screen icons, just by dragging them. I put the ones I use on the right hand edge.


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    Farid Miah

    Thanks for the tip Wigwam, very useful.

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    @wigwam @farid

    If you precondition the car does it reduce the range?

    I know it would if it wasn’t plugged in, but does it need to be charging to do it, or is simply plugging in enough?


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    As long as it’s plugged in, it will take power from your house supply so the range is unaffected.  Don’t expect it to make the car toasty though.  Only Volvo know what temperature they aim for but it’s not what you set on your climate control.  Also I understand it will decide whether the seat heaters and screen heater are turned on in advance depending on the outside temperature.

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    Thanks wigwam.

    That’s a bit disappointing 🙁 but I guess if it takes the edge of lf it’s still a bonus I don’t have in the current car

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    I’m only going by what I read, Gary. Haven’t had an early start on a cold morning yet. I will be doing just that on Thursday doing an airport run. So will see…

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