housing benefit to buy your house

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    so boris is reintroduce right to buy and allowing you to use housing benefit   is this just to save government money

    i have some questions

    so you buy your house at a discounted price you use housing benefit to get a mortgage

    do you still get housing benefit

    a few years ago government changed support for mortgage interest from benefit to a loan so is that getting scraped

    and can you get it in Scotland

    iv got lots more questions but any thoughts would be nice

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    From what I understood it is a mixture of different benefits not just housing that could be used to buy.

    I very much doubt if people used their benifits to buy they have claimed the said benifits and will not be entitled to double claim them.

    Which begs the question how are those on benifits going live and pay bills if the said benifits are used to pay a mortgage.

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    As far as I can make out martinod it does not apply to Scotland. It appears the Scottish Government is in control of “right to buy” in Scotland.

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