Honeymoon period over

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    I thought you might like to see the list we have sent to the service department prior to our vehicle being collected on Tuesday next When we will have had it for 20 days, I can’t show you the video as it’s too large to upload which is a pity as it clearly shows the movement particularly as we only filmed it on the smoothest road surface, sadly it was on the way to the spine clinic so really not a great experience for my wife. But anyone prepared to read the following I would appreciate your thought as we really are at a loss as to what to do. Motability are aware and helping us, but obviously Peugeot have to be given the opportunity to rectify the issues. Are biggest fear being that there is nothing wrong with it.

    ToThe Service Department
    Problems with Peugeot Traveller reg no YT71OLH
    I would firstly like to express my disappointment at needing to return this car within 3 weeks of collecting, although we were expecting the build quality to be inferior to our previous vehicle which was not a luxury marque and 20k cheaper we knew that much of the cost would be in the batteries, we do feel however that the issues far exceed what is acceptable with a new vehicle and this is a first for us, having never needed to return or discuss any issues with a new vehicle of which we have had many going back to 1981.
    I am sorry that this falls on the dealerships alone but Peugeot have absolutely no interest in customer service a trait that traverses the PSA group unfortunately as we already had a dealing with Vauxhall trying to gain info on our Vivaro order until we found this Peugeot at port without a name, thinking we had been extremely fortunate, but now not so sure.
    1) suspension : On collecting the vehicle from Doncaster on the 1st September it was immediately noticeable that the vehicle was rocking from front to back like a motion as if on a wave. Under normal circumstances I would have turned back and rejected the vehicle as it is neither like the vehicle we tested nor like the advertised luxury limousine style ride toted by Peugeot. However we had had the 3 rear seats removed and a large electric wheelchair with hoist had been fitted in boot, so as a driver my immediate reaction was to blame this and I continued with the 120 mile journey home. I then removed wheelchair and hoist only to find ride was unaffected. There is a constant lateral rocking and jumping of the vehicle almost like there are poor inadequate dampers fitted. Experimenting I found that if I moved the middle seats to the rear it was marginally improved but I have recorded a video clearly showing that the up and down motion is constant and even shows a relatively flat road surface, in fact it appears to ride pot holes quite well suggesting dampers rather than springs but I have ltd mechanical knowledge.
    2) Air Conditioning: This clearly does not work as has been confirmed by The RAC and Kwik Fit in fact it is marginally cooler when turned off than on. We did try heat and this is also an issue even without a/c and at about 22 degrees it shuts all front facing vents, I don’t know if this is normal or not so may be fine, I can find no reference to it in the on line book.
    3) Upgrades: I was surprised to receive a new vehicle requiring upgrades to both SatNav and Touch Screen, however I was even more surprised that these upgrades require a computer and USB to complete, something I haven’t had for a decade, so I would be grateful if you could complete these for me.
    4) Drivers Window: This has unfortunately become stuck at 3/4 down I have managed to fix that but if you open it fully you can clearly hear it grinding for the last 10%
    5) Alarm : for some reason the alarm has activated whilst in the vehicle on 5 occasions, plus when the doors have been opened it has also happened, however not for the last 4 days.
    6) Steering: There is a very slight pull to the near side very little but enough to notice.
    7) APP: I am surprised how ineffective the app is as it is plugged in using Apple play and yet the app rarely adds trips or mileage to the car most of the time it requires manual input of mileage
    and it has only recorded approx 3 hours of driving the other irritating issue is that you can select deferred charging to come on at a time suitable for low tariff electric but ridiculously it cannot be programmed to switch off.
    We are very pleased with the electric vehicle experience we are managing a much greater range than we had expected some of which could be down to items not working. We are just extremely dissatisfied with the cheap shoddy way it has been presented to us thus far. Certainly a stark contrast to the test drive and the vehicle brochure.

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    Oh dear that does not sound good at all, really gutted for you.

    Not wanting to make things sound worse but i had to reject my Peugeot 3008 SUV after just 9 months due to many electrical and mechanical failures, motability were brilliant i might add and im pretty sure they will be in your case should things not get sorted. Really hope this does not put you off another EV though, my heater and air con work flawlessly so that is really strange. I did suffer the dreaded window issue which according to the PUG forums seems to be a real problem for all models across the range. Im sure there are plenty of PUG owners who swear by the brand but it put me off for good.

    Really hope you get it sorted as you seemed over the moon when you got it

    Good Luck.

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    Stuart I can honestly say we are certainly not put off EV in fact if we can we would never drive another ice as we probably could not have afforded to test the Peugeot so thoroughly had it been an Ice vehicle. No we are 100% ev converted

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