Honda ENY1 Battery Fault

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      Picked up my new ENY1 on 18 June but after just 7 days a warning light came on after an overnight charge telling me there was a fault with the electrical system or charging system. The car was running fine and was charging ok (I had to go from Blackpool to Worcester the following day and the car drove fine) but I took it into the dealer for them to look at it. Unfortunately no obvious errors came up so they kept it but had no loan cars available so I was stuck at home.

      After 7 days and no nearer to resolving the fault I rang Motability to tell them what was going on and they very quickly sprung into action. Within 3 hours I had an MG4 delivered for my use so at least I’m now mobile again. As of last Friday the dealer has identified that the controller module, which costs a fortune, that sits on top of the main battery is the culprit and are still awaiting Honda UK to give the ok to replace.

      Not  a good advert for a new model and certainly takes the shine off the new car experience. Reading the comments on the Facebook group several other owners have had the same problem and the light either goes out after a while or they ignore it! Aside from that I really like the car so hopefully it will be resolved soon.

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        A few things to take from this, sometimes things break and that’s just the way of things. However the mark of a good company is what they do when that happens.

        Firstly no courtesy car, well that’s bollocks, now I haven’t looked into this but I’m sure that the agreement would mention this. The one phone call to MB ops and a couple of hours later there is a car at your house!

        Second, why does it take a week to diagnose the problem? They have all the software installed to tell them exactly what is wrong in an instant!

        Third, the car is 7 days old, why are they waiting for repair authorisation? Get on with it, it’s warranty covers it.

        Unless they don’t and the warranty is just an oil warranty,  unless?

        That tells us volumes about Honda and not in a good way.

        Definitely on my avoidance list now.

        Hopefully they will sort it out soon,  all the best and thank you for sharing.


            Bad luck on that one fella. I hope the car is back with you soon so don’t get too used to the MG!

            VW ID3 Max is my DD

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