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    Another compliance ev. Low range city car with lots of tech.

    But it’s cute!


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    Not a lot of car for a lot of AP

    130 ish range

    Minimal storage for some who needs to carry anything with them

    Might just be me but not a fan of small bevs

    Might suit others as we all have different needs


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    Not a lot of car for a lot of AP 130 ish range Minimal storage for some who needs to carry anything with them Might just be me but not a fan of small bevs Might suit others as we all have different needs

    Look at the positives though, the charge port is in the right place, at the front, high up.

    The wing mirrors won’t get knocked off in the City.

    You can cook your lunch in it.

    It’s very nerdy.


    OK, it has some downsides…


    Low range

    Doesn’t like being repeatedly charged on the same day



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    Good to see Motability expanding EV choice. That said, a range of just 125 miles is not terribly desirable. Also, shame it does not have a two-door version – much simpler for entry/exit in the disabled world – the cute design just begs for it!

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    Nice spot! This is going to be a very popular car, I know the range doesn’t seem like much but for inner city / town driving it’s great, I remember Matt Watson from carwow saying it’s one he will be getting. The more the choice the better and hopefully we see more soon

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    Still no medium size electric car for under 25s to drive. This really needs to be looked at

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    Guess I’m just old school

    I’ll grab my pipe and slippers and melt into the background 

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    not very big, huge ap. low range.

    its a no for me.

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    Good spot. I think this is a great looking little car. I could probably manage that range although I’d have to charge it more than once a week which isn’t what I’d like. Compared with other EV’s on the scheme I don’t think it looks particularly good value.
    However, I am pleased that’s it’s another new option and might be great for some people

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    The turning circle does it for me.

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    Should think they will be a very rare sight on the roads.

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    Good video review. One thing strikes, though, too many touch-screen bleepy flashy things. Have one in own car (Mini hatch) and turned it off. Found it too distracting – have to look at it seriously to find the right bit to touch. With a physical switch, once your hand learns where to find said switch, you do not need to take eyes off road. Would find that complicated array mind-numbing. With almost identical range and a quicker motor, the Mini electric would be my choice – it actually has some real proper switches.

    Nice printed brochure, Honda. Does the cute doxy come as standard or is she an extra?





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    From the front it reminds me of a small Austin Maxi.

    Disgusting AP.

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    I got interrupted watching this the otherday.

    My first ever car was a honda accord hatchback and i just got a civic. The hondae is being targeted as a purely city car as i think the range is not much at all and that is the idea. Pretty much like the old civic and it’s conception.

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    Lovely looking super mini, but real range figures are awful.

    At motor way speed the real range of this honda drops to 75 miles…. which is awful in my opinion.   Pottering around town it’s real range is around 116 which I guess is ok if you never go anywhere else.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>3k upfront??????? Not a chance</p>

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    Another triumph of form over function.

    I’m sure I read one review that reckoned they got 110 miles range.  In winter time that’s probably 80 ish.  Fine around town but not very realistic for a weekend away.

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    it looks great but too small for me

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    It’s expensive for a little city car, even allowing for the tech.

    A Vw up would be much more practical and almost as frugal.

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    I had an up as a courtesy car for my golf and i was not impressed at all. It reminded me of a fiat panda. I think the hondae is meant to be something very different to the norm of what others are doing.

    Reminds me a bit of the fiat 500 and for a small car it cost more than others around. I think it’s a pure city car if you going away for the weekend you’d just get a train or a plane.

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    £3K is very steep for a small car.  On the flip side, £3K for small, very nippy car with all the bells and whistles is quite reasonable.

    I like the VW Golf Mk1 styling.  Range is dire.  Less than 1 lap of the M25 before needing a charge is unacceptable from something so small although unsurprising for 1.5 tonnes of bleeding edge technology.  It weighs more than my Skoda Octavia 2.0 diesel with the same power output.

    I’d have one if I had a drive but I don’t like the idea of a trailing charge cable winding across the pavement.

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